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  • iam looking to buy either a bmw 325 or 330 but with high mileage on automatic transmission i wanted to know if u knew the cost of replacing the automatic gears box
    heyy, just wondered if you owned a bmw 325, was reading your convo with ep2sport.
    i am thinking about getting a 330 but just wanted to know about your experience of BMW 3 series. i ask because it will be my first car and debating between that and the CTR. i drove a normal civic the other day and it felt very cheap and i think bmw must be a more solid car no?
    OMG I need a faster car i got beat today by a new shape 1.9cdti astra!! Evo's are good but the MPG is not so good lol.
    where abouts are you from then mate?? im in southampton
    very nice. what made you change to the type r?? I would love one but cant afford the insurance which is a shame as they are good looking cars!
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