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  1. Oerlikon

    EML Flicker

    Update: I went back to Eurospec a few weeks back, & they reloaded my map back onto the KPro. They reckon the map I had on their was not the same one as they'd tuned. There was a whole bunch of stuff turned off apparently. Anyway the EML still comes on, although not as much as before. I'm...
  2. Oerlikon

    Need new pre facelift headlights

    I bought these 6 months ago, based on another member's recommendation. I've no regrets at all.
  3. Oerlikon

    Ep3 feels unsteady at high speeds

    How much did that cost?
  4. Oerlikon

    Supercharging fn2 type r

    Touch wood I haven't had any problems with my rotrex, although Ceri at Eurospec is on her 3rd or 4th :eek:
  5. Oerlikon

    Supercharging fn2 type r

    Heard of them, but never heard of anyone who runs their s/c kit. I think a lot of people on here run either rotrex or Jackson racing. What made you look at kraftwerks?
  6. Oerlikon

    tough decision fk2 or FK8

    Personally I can't split either based on looks. They are both outrageously in your face :twisted: & both insanely quick for a fwd hot hatch. If I was in your shoes I'd go for the latest fk8, as I think Honda improved on the performance even more.
  7. Oerlikon

    17" Wheels on FN2

  8. Oerlikon

    Brake Set-up for Track Days

    ^^The same DS2500, but for BBK) :mrgreen: I was hesitant based on my experience, but they were highly recommended for the BBK. I thought perhaps it might just have been a bad combination with the standard size stoptech slotted disks.
  9. Oerlikon

    17" Wheels on FN2

    You'd have more tyre sticking out over the rim. I suppose despite gaining more tread this might also mean more tyre flex, which could actually make the handling worse. Not sure if braking would be better in a straight line though?
  10. Oerlikon

    Brake Set-up for Track Days

    I could definitely recommend against DS2500 pads with stoptech slotted rotors on the front. After a few laps on these I would get really bad juddering under braking. In the end I had the front brakes replaced with stoptech BBK & Ferodo pads. Never regretted it. One of the best mods I've done...
  11. Oerlikon

    Cosmic Ep3 with 48 k and a few mods

    Hey :smt039 Interested to know what's your RPM at 70mph?
  12. Oerlikon

    Bulbs keep blowing - EP3

    I've had this problem on both my EP3's. Really annoying & £. I've noticed since having swapped the headlamps(due to condensation) with replacement items I brought off ebay I haven't had any more blown bulbs.
  13. Oerlikon

    17" Wheels on FN2

    No idea if they'll fit, but personally, I would't go more than 215/40 on the EP3 rims.
  14. Oerlikon

    EP3 Ep3 caliper colour

    Matte silver? Keep them looking more factory IMO.
  15. Oerlikon

    The Official Dyno Chart Thread - NO CHAT

    Model Of Car: EP3 CTR Year Of Car: 2004 Mileage Covered: 70000 Flywheel BHP: 314 Torque: 250 Dyno Manufacturer: Dyno Dynamics Modifications: Rotrex s/c, restrictor, cat back, K-Pro & other breathing mods
  16. Oerlikon

    FK8 Frankfurt Motor Show Tourer

    I like it a lot.
  17. Oerlikon

    Fuel economy/miles to a tank...?

    What MPG in your Type R What MPG are you getting in your Type R? I know there have been plenty of these threads in the past, but I'm pleased with the economy I managed to achieve recently in my EP3. I dared to squeeze 307 miles out of a full tank(50ltr). This works out nearly 28 mpg...
  18. Oerlikon

    Rear EP3 caliper problems!

    How much are the new calipers?
  19. Oerlikon

    Loose at high speed

    Never heard of those tyres before. Have you checked the tyre pressure in the rear tyres? Maybe the sidewalls are flexing.
  20. Oerlikon

    Where to get mapped - South East England

    Eurospec in Guildford. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Oerlikon

    Ep3 Na Modding questions

    Similar mods in my old EP3 minus the tb, but with TDi N cams. With a cat back it made 245 their dyno.
  22. Oerlikon

    blackrain's daily - nhb k24/k20 fn2

    Nice! I sometimes wonder if I should have gone the K24 mod instead myself.
  23. Oerlikon

    Best Inlet Manifold for Ep3

    I have an RRC manifold on my EP3. It will require modification to the front cross member to fit it.
  24. Oerlikon

    FK2 Braided lines

    I wouldn't have thought you'd needed them on an FK2. The brakes are pretty impressive as is?
  25. Oerlikon

    Engine Carbon Clean

    Sounds dubious. I'd be very suspicious.
  26. Oerlikon


    Hey :smt039:
  27. Oerlikon

    215/40/17 tyres on CTR

    (If I can drag up yet another old thread) Is anyone currently running 215/40/R17 on the standard EP3 rim? What's your experience been compared to the standard size tyre? Anyone have any recent pics?
  28. Oerlikon

    O/S Headlight condensating on the inside

    Twice I've had this problem. I even replaced one with a brand new genuine Honda headlamp unit, only to have the exact same problem less than a year later. P*ssed off, & following advice from another thread, I replaced both N/S & O/S with some headlamps I brought from eBay...
  29. Oerlikon

    EML Flicker

    Yes I have a KPro. My mechanic, plugged into the computer today. It came up with two fault codes - 22 Excessive change of the vehicle speed sensor signal & 23 - A problem with the engine speed circuit. Scratching our heads on these so far. Any ideas?
  30. Oerlikon

    EML Flicker

    Sorry to drag up an old thread but I seem to have this problem as well now. The EML will flicker right around VTEC, which for me is currently around 3,500RPM. It flickers if I stay at this engine speed, but as I raise or reduce the revs the light will stay off. The engine doesn't hesitate or...
  31. Oerlikon

    3 inch exhaust with n/a set up

    I'd imagine their would be a fair amount of drone?
  32. Oerlikon

    Clutch Vibration

    Put up with it, until I brought another EP3 :smt004
  33. Oerlikon

    EP3 Trip to the Nurburgring

    Previously i've stayed at Hotel Burgstube in Nurburg village. It's run by an expat Brit. From experience, I'd also recommend a Stoptech big brake kit. It made a huge difference on my second trip.
  34. Oerlikon

    Anyone know much about these?

    Is there that much of a performance difference between the RBC & RRC?
  35. Oerlikon

    Clutch Vibration

    I had this exact same issue on my old Ep3 with an Exedy clutch. Never figured out what it was. Would be interested to know.
  36. Oerlikon

    bonnet release handle

    Both of my EP3's have done this now. Seems to be a common fault. :|
  37. Oerlikon

    My first ever Type R

    What a great experience that must have been. Some nice pics too!
  38. Oerlikon

    Which clutch kit for a supercharged FN2?

    As PM'd, I recently dyno'd at Eurospec. With a restricter fitted & cat back exhaust it made 320bhp & 250 ft-lb of torque. BHP wise that is a lot less than the kit is capable of, but this is my daily driver so I wanted to try & keep it somewhat reliable. I'd say the only issue I have with the...
  39. Oerlikon

    Which clutch kit for a supercharged FN2?

    s/c EP3, but I've just got an Exedy stage 1 clutch. It seems to have been up to the task so far. I've put nearly nearly 25,000 miles on this clutch now.
  40. Oerlikon

    Vibration/knocking when braking

    I had vibration or juddering under braking in my old DC2. This is way back though. I had the front disks skimmed & it mostly fixed the problem. I don't think anywhere does this now though?
  41. Oerlikon

    EP3 Civic EP3 Exhaust Went Quiet Overnight

    Someone hasn't shoved part of a vegetable up there ;) /jokes
  42. Oerlikon

    How accurate is your speedo?

    Using a SatNav & speedometer app on my phone I recently discovered my EP3's speedo might be out by quite a bit. At and indicated 70mph on the speedo, my SatNav was showing 66mph, & likewise 50mph the app was showing 45mph :eek:. I was surprised, that's nearly out 10%. Anyone else notice this...
  43. Oerlikon


    Mint EP3 you've got there. :smt023
  44. Oerlikon

    EP3 Changing the final drive ratio

    There is the downside to having higher gearing too.
  45. Oerlikon

    EP3 what's the best mods to do on a civic type r ep3?

    The best mods I've done are LSD & big brake kit.
  46. Oerlikon

    EP3 Wrap instead of paint?

    Personally, I'd save up for a complete respray. I don't much like the wrapped look tbh.
  47. Oerlikon

    EP3 Changing the final drive ratio

    I kind of regret doing the 5.1 in my EP3. Don't think I really need it now with the s/c. Before with N/A was fine.
  48. Oerlikon

    EP3 Civic EP3 Exhaust Went Quiet Overnight

    The cat would be my first thought too. Have you shined a torch into the exhaust pipe?
  49. Oerlikon

    Pillar gauges

    Eurospec are based in Guildford. They've done a lot of work for me & I could therefore recommend them. Ask for Ceri or Ben. I'm in the market for a dash mounted pod + gauges myself.
  50. Oerlikon

    Pillar gauges

    Have you tried Tegiwa's site? They do discount codes for TRO forum members. Where about's are you?
  51. Oerlikon

    What oil for a track day

    Is it an idea to change the oil before & or after a track day?
  52. Oerlikon

    Engine bay cleaning

    I had the engine bay on my EP3 professionally cleaned recently. It's looking a lot better, but there is still baked on grime or oxidisation on parts of the engine, metal & plastic bits in the engine bay. I figure I'll have to use a bit of elbow grease to shift this, but was wondering what to...
  53. Oerlikon

    New look forum graphics - buy them here!

    PM sent.
  54. Oerlikon

    Cam cover powder coating

    One more thumbs up for Spooner. Well pleased with my cam cover restoration.
  55. Oerlikon

    EP3 Factory side skirt Type R stickers?

    Ordered & bookmarked :)
  56. Oerlikon

    EP3 Factory side skirt Type R stickers?

    It seems Honda don't sell these any longer. Any idea where I can get the original Honda factory 'Type R' side skirt stickers from? Else, has anyone brought the OEM replacement stickers on eBay? Are they quality?
  57. Oerlikon


    I had a the same problem. Ended up replacing the rubber track as it had become deformed over time. Try greasing it first?
  58. Oerlikon

    What wheels are these?

  59. Oerlikon

    Mav3r's NHB EP3

    Those seats :smt023:
  60. Oerlikon

    EP3 Quiet exhaust options...

    No complaints with Fujitsubo RM-01A. It's not that loud & doesn't drone at all IMO.
  61. Oerlikon

    Pitted Camshafts

    I could have some TDI North cams coming up for sale soon.
  62. Oerlikon

    EP3 Quiet exhaust options...

    I have a Fujitsubo RM01A. It's not too loud & doesn't drone really.
  63. Oerlikon

    S2000 & NSX NSX Type R Feature - Torque GT

    Great video. NSX-R is my dream car. If I hit the Euro lottery it would be mine. :mrgreen:
  64. Oerlikon

    Michelin pilots 4

    I've had pilot sport 4's on my EP3 for a month now. I used to buy nothing but Bridgestones, but now I'm a Michelin man =).
  65. Oerlikon

    Timing chain day.

    Quality. Good to see there are other members that still tinker around with engines.
  66. Oerlikon

    Ep3 brake rattle

    Brake pad shims missing?
  67. Oerlikon

    Good engine rebuild?

    I've been making inquiries for a K20a rebuild with forged bits myself. I've previously used & would recommend either Eurospec in Surrey, or TDi North in Cheshire. Both seem a bit reluctant to quote me a price-range though. Business must good.
  68. Oerlikon

    Quaife LSD

    Only Championship white FN2s & the Mugen specials come with LSD?
  69. Oerlikon

    Can a supercharged ep3 pass its MOT?

    I've got Rotrex s/c & run a piper high flow cat + fujitsubo. The car passed it's first MOT emissions, but I caned the snot out of it to get the cat nice & hot so it did pass =)
  70. Oerlikon

    Quaife LSD

    One of the best mods you can do for your Civic. You'll gain more traction in/ out of corners, & especially in the wet. Absolutely no complaints with Quaife LSD.
  71. Oerlikon

    Rotrex sport supercharger

    From the official Rotrex Maintenance leaflet "The oil filter change interval of the Rotrex C-range superchargers is 80,000 km / 50,000 miles or two years, which ever comes first" I've put nearly 8,000 miles on mine since it was fitted. I haven't had to top up the oil yet. Haven't (touch wood)...
  72. Oerlikon

    EP3 Another ep3 off the road for good

    Oh yeah, of course :oops:
  73. Oerlikon

    EP3 Another ep3 off the road for good

    That looks like some sort of cooler in front of the radiator?
  74. Oerlikon

    EP3 EP3 Blowing bulbs

    ^^Is that what you are using? I was going to pop into my local dealership & pick up a couple of Honda supplied bulbs. ^^Those appear to be an OEM replacement, made in Deutschland.
  75. Oerlikon

    Autoglym deep shine polish and ultimate wax I would recommended for black cars

    I'd recommend Autoglym also. Takes forever, but it brings the factory wheels up really good too.
  76. Oerlikon

    EP3 EP3 Blowing bulbs

    The bulbs are from Halfords own brand.
  77. Oerlikon

    EP3 EP3 Blowing bulbs

    I have a mildly annoying problem in that the dipped head light bulbs in my EP3 are frequently failing. What seems like every 3-4 months. Sometimes it's the left, sometimes the right, it's quite random. They are a right pain to take out & replace. I had this happen with my previous EP3 as...
  78. Oerlikon

    EP3 spraying rear lights

    Is this legal? I would think it would make your car a cop magnet anyway.
  79. Oerlikon

    EP3 HELP!!! (Bodywork)

    My bonet doesnt sit flush either & I need to get it sorted. I've only just put it back on though. It had been lent up against a wall for a while. Be good to know once you get it fixed.
  80. Oerlikon

    Ted's track day EP3

    @ 3:10 "I'm going for second." :lol:
  81. Oerlikon

    10th Gen (2017) Civic to be 4WD?

    The new Megane RS is rumoured to be be 4WD also.
  82. Oerlikon

    DC2 DB8 DC5 New here DC5 owner from Cumbria

    Nice DC5 in black. Looks quite factory.
  83. Oerlikon

    Renouf's NHB EP3 building into track/fast road car

    Rocker cover looks good :smt023 I want to have mine done. How did you do this?
  84. Oerlikon

    Common Civic EP3 Faults

    I've had the plastic bonnet release catch break twice on me now. This is in two different EP3's.
  85. Oerlikon

    I'm back again - got something on order!

    Nice S2K. What didn't you like about the Corsa VXR?
  86. Oerlikon

    Time for new tyres

    Were those R45 or R40?
  87. Oerlikon

    FN2 Sports Cat Advice

    Piper is just about the only one I could find (I have an EP3 though). All I can say is it does the job to get through an MOT - I'll just mention I have to get the exhaust & cat very hot right before the emissions test on my car though. It has quietened the exhaust down a lot too.
  88. Oerlikon

    Time for new tyres

    I think I'll be replacing my PS3's with Pilot Sport 4's in a few months.
  89. Oerlikon

    EP3 Just won this on ebay..

    I'm getting ready to flog my CAI on eBay soon. Hope I get more than that for it :)
  90. Oerlikon

    K20 oil catch can advantages?

    I'll just ask if there is much benefit adding an external oil coiler for a s/c K20a? For track days & the occasional trip to the 'ring.
  91. Oerlikon

    which coilovers

    Two thumbs up for Meister R's here.
  92. Oerlikon

    Top speed what have people hit in Ep3 Type Rs i'm curious?

    ^^140 mph with my old EP3 on the Autobahn, also on the way to the ring =)
  93. Oerlikon

    Carbon wrapping centre console

    There was an episode of Wheeler Dealers where they had some interior parts professionally carbon wrapped for what seemed not too much money.
  94. Oerlikon

    Insurance for supercharged CTR

    I'll just add I recently changed my insurance with a-plan. s/c EP3 & other mods for ~£900 full comprehensive. If may recommend speaking to Henry & the Thatcham branch.
  95. Oerlikon

    Front Pads - Ferodo DS2500 V Project MU HC 800

    Previously used DS2500 with StopTech Groovesport disks. Not sure if it was the disks or pads, or a bad combination but I got really bad brake juddering after 2 laps of the Nurburgring. Since upgraded the front brakes with StopTech 4-pots & Ferodo DS2500 pads & it hasn't been an issue since...
  96. Oerlikon

    Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40

    No complaints with Shell Helix. It's now £17.59 at euro with promo MIDMONTH20.
  97. Oerlikon

    Won't make this mistake again

    Just requested a quote. They have 03... numbers on their home page now it seems.