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  1. CR54WDS

    Can't help but notice....

    Hi, I can't help but notice, the new site banner at the top is missing something, the best ever TYPE R (IMHO) ;) , so is this an over site by admin ? I refer of course to the EP3 ....
  2. CR54WDS

    SNAPPED DRIVESHAFT EP3 - Anyone used www.jandrcvjoints for driveshafts?

    Hi, anyone ... Quality, fitment, durability & price of J & R? I need a left driveshaft as mine has snapped, rusted through on the harmonic balancer (collects water and as a result rusts the shaft), although it is 18yrs old. I would prefer Honda OEM, but they're mega money, Tegiwa do a...
  3. CR54WDS

    Oil Pressure gauge

    I'm gonna fit an oil pressure gauge any recommendations on what make to fit? Does anyone make a combined oil pressure & oil temperature gauge?
  4. CR54WDS

    Facelift EP3 electric window problem....

    Hi, my facelift EP3 has a really strange fault, Firstly the drivers window doesn't auto open or close and.... it is live or works 24/7 with or without the keys in? Swapped the whole driver side switch assembly, but still the same? Any ideas? Ps I've tried reprogramming, but to no avail.
  5. CR54WDS

    Castle Combe, Monday 8th June 2020

    Anyone booked on this trackday?
  6. CR54WDS

    Waxoyl cavity advice

    Hi, I going to Waxoyl inside the chassis of my EP3, what did you use, Waxoyl or Testroseal or another? I don't have a compressor in my garage, so I have to use a hand pump type (as shown below with a long flexible hose to insert) what do you use?, would you recommend it?, I was going to use...
  7. CR54WDS

    Recommendation please Clay Bars

    Well, I seem to have a lot of time on my hands at the moment, so I thought I'd clay bar the R, so any recommendation, but its got to be available online... Thanks :D
  8. CR54WDS

    Made me smile...

    Stolen from another site!
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    what is the paint code/colour for this....

    Hi, does anyone know the paint code or colour for the coil pack/spark plug cover on a K20 engine, can it be purchased online anywhere? [/URL][/IMG]
  10. CR54WDS

    Loose gear linkage EP3? I may have found a cheap fix ?

    Hi, getting on with the shell swap and now on to the gear linkage which has Tegiwa bushes on both ends (gearbox & lever), whilst removing the said bushing in the car, I notice that the polythene ball and socket are slack and worn (120K) , the only fix is to buy a new one from Honda a new OEM...
  11. CR54WDS

    Rust inhibitor

    Have you used it, what do you recommend? Thanks :)
  12. CR54WDS

    SN52WWF re-shell project

    After checking the chassis, it's time to call it a day on my 52 plate, Milano pink, CAT C, EP3, I've spent several hundreds on welding the chassis over the last 2-3 years (downside of buying a Scotland registered car I'm told?) and it needs a whole lot more to pass the MOT, so it's re-shell...
  13. CR54WDS

    EP3 suspension bush, part number?

    Hi, anyone know the if this bush is available separately and the part number?
  14. CR54WDS

    FN2 - what to look for when buying...

    Gents as above, any info on what to look for when buying.... Details are :- 07 plate GT model 114 K Full service history - not Honda though.
  15. CR54WDS

    Rusty chassis bar alongside the rack EP3

    Hi, can anyone tell the name for this stabilizer bar between either side of the car on an EP3, it is at the back of the engine near the rack, mine is rusted to fook, and need to replace it, also any tips on how to remove it, the bolts look very rusty. I'm thinking new OEM replacement? CR54WDS
  16. CR54WDS

    Europeam cover for over 15 yers car - Recommendations

    I am taking the EP3 to Spa, The Ring & Bilster Berg soon and need to get some breakdown/recovery sorted... So any recomendations or ones to avoid ?
  17. CR54WDS

    NGK ifr7g-11ks spark plugs for K20

    Gents, looking for a good price for the above, any suggestions, below advert on fleabay look too cheap...
  18. CR54WDS

    EP2 & EP3 swap reshell/blown/donor EP3

    Hi, my 52 plate EP3 is looking very faded (Milano pink) , a bit rusty and car park dents here and there, so I'm looking to reshell it, into a newer EP3 2005/06, maybe with a blow engine or has been used as a donor car — but they're really had to find, So plan B is, there are lots of low price...
  19. CR54WDS

    Anyone had experience using these or advice/guidance for EP3

    Bumper quick release, as like most EP3 front bumpers the locating tag has torn..
  20. CR54WDS

    EP3 bonnet catch mechanism

    Hi, I think the cable has become disconnected at the bonnet catch end, so I cant open the bonnet, cable at bonnet pull moves OK at the handle end but it feels like there is nothing on the end. Anybody had similar problem or any ideas how to get the bonnet open :(:(:( I did think I'll take the...
  21. CR54WDS

    Does this normally light up? EP3

    Before I pull the dashboard apart, does the door mirror adjustment switch/adjuster normally light up ?
  22. CR54WDS

    Brake cooling/duct kit EP3

    Hi, those who track their EP3's may be able to help, what brake cooling do you use on your EP3? Any info Gents?
  23. CR54WDS

    EML faulty knock sensor

    Ah so that's why the EML was on all the way back from Spa.... It came apart as I tried to unplug it - honest :lol:
  24. CR54WDS

    HID kit recomendations for an EP3

    Gents, as above anyone fitted a kit & recommendations? Thanks CR54WDS
  25. CR54WDS

    The Nurburgring Nordschleife and Spa Francorchamps last weekend

    Great weekend at The Nurburgring Nordschleife and Spa Francorchamps, really good to put names to faces and their cars..... (some pics not good quality :()
  26. CR54WDS

    New motor & luvin it...........

    Swapped the blue oval for a German whip... Full fat
  27. CR54WDS

    Carbon fibre door cards & rear cards for EP3

    Hi, can anyone recommend manufacturers of carbon fibre panels? cheers....
  28. CR54WDS

    Castle Coombe lap in the track slag

    Harry’s lap timer oops YouTube link feel off? Sorry about the poor quality, it seems to have lost it in translation to you tube... :(
  29. CR54WDS

    Clutch & Diff @ TGM

    Just booked in for a clutch & Diff at TGM....
  30. CR54WDS

    Flywheel tolerances EP3 (prefacelift)

    Anyone know the tolerances for an EP3 flywheel, so I can get mine checked before I replace the clutch? Crowds
  31. CR54WDS

    EP3 CAT - 2002

    Just a quick question, how much is a serviceable but not the best in the world EP3 cat worth? Off of my 2002 EP3 This is not for sale - just an inquiry... crowds
  32. CR54WDS

    EP3 side skirt fixing clips....

    Hi, anyone know the Honda part numbers, which ones they are and how many & type? I've got to remove a side skirt to get some welding done (rusty on inner sill near outrigger :() So any guidance please regarding clips? ;) crowds
  33. CR54WDS

    New AD08's and refurbed rims

    Just had the rims powder coated and got an amazing bargain on the Yoko AD08'S, (215/40/17) (£80 + 14.99 fitting each) not done many miles yet but they feel good.:lol::lol: crowds [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG]
  34. CR54WDS

    What parts to buy in the US?

    Hi, I'm going to visit the West Coast of America later this year and thought maybe I ought to pick up some parts whilst I'm there :lol::lol::lol:, so I'm looking for suggestions coil-overs - Tein? Roll centre adjuster? But remember I've got to pay for excess baggage on the airplane crowds
  35. CR54WDS

    looking for a fit an oil cooler "how to guide" is there one?

    Hi, is there an "how to fit an oil cooler" ? Crowds
  36. CR54WDS

    4th & 5th March - Rawmotorsport track day - Castle Coombe

    I'll be there in the CTR, anyone else going?:) crowds
  37. CR54WDS


    Hi, I have a 2002 EP3, cold idle is about 2500-2000 which is good, once warmed up is 850 rpm - so fine, but which sensor does the ECU use to know when the engine is warmed up and thus revert to the correct tick over ? I'm sure someone will know? cheer crowds
  38. CR54WDS

    Leak in the boot....

    Any common place to look ? I've got a puddle in the spare wheel well :( as yet I've not checked anywhere yet but some help or pointers would be appreciated !:lol: crowds
  39. CR54WDS

    Spa last week

  40. CR54WDS

    Squeaky steering column EP3

    Hi, I've got a nylon bearing type squeak in the steering column, not all the time, any ideas? ( litre o fWD40 on order !) crowds
  41. CR54WDS

    Poor Hand brake? top tip from a honda technician..... it worked for me :-)

    I work above a Honda dealer and have got friendly with the technicians, I ask whats wrong with my EP3's handbrake, new discs & pad still pants, he said they are not the best but try this..... Release the adjustment completely on the handbrake cables inside the the car and jump up & down on the...
  42. CR54WDS

    Ferodo ds 2500, EP3 front.

    Hi, anyone bought any lately, what is the best price/place to get them? cheers crowds
  43. CR54WDS

    Caliper Paint - any recommendations

    Hi, as above, any good results anyone? Let me know please :) crowds
  44. CR54WDS

    Throttle position sensor TPS (EP3)

    Hi, I need a new TPS, anyone bought one, can recommend a good make/good supplier not a dodgy Ebay jobby.....:rolleyes: cheers crowds:)
  45. CR54WDS

    SRS light on

    Hi,I unplugged the SRS module at the front passenger side today to do some cleaning and now I've plugged it back in and the SRS light won't go out. ( think I turned the ignition on whilst it was unplugged) Does it need resetting? any ideas? crowds
  46. CR54WDS

    EP3 body panels info please

    Hi, sadly I just rear ended someone in my EP3, so I need rad, bonnet, wing (n/s) bumper, landing panel, Headlamp grill and various ancillaries .... can anyone tell me which body panels are the same off of other models i.e. EP1 & EP2, I guess the bumper is specific to the EP3? many thanks crowds54
  47. CR54WDS

    This is why you should........................AUX/SERPENTINE BELT

    This is why you should take the aux/serpentine belt off and check it and not on the car.... . Crowds
  48. CR54WDS

    EP2 standard radio............

    Hi, is there a plug on the rear of my standard EP3 radio for a CD disk player on the back? can I fit a lead to take a 3.5mm jack plug i.e like a 5 pin din or similar? cheers crowds
  49. CR54WDS

    TEGIWA EP3/DC5 Steering Rack Riser Bracket

    Hi, how easy is the above to fit, I have lowered my EP3 on eibachs about 20/25 mm do I need it? crowds
  50. CR54WDS

    Rear Upper Strut Brace Bar for EP3

    Hi, any ideas where I can get one, I would put it in wanted but I can't post there yet :-( crowds
  51. CR54WDS

    What brakes do you use & recommend?

    Hi, I've got an EP3 lowered, running Federal RS-R's, and use it on track and road, I need new front pads & disks (currently standard) look for a well priced upgrade....... I was thinking good quality standard disks with Ferodo 2500? what do you use? crowds
  52. CR54WDS

    Milano Red (pink) owners

    Just bought a EP3 Milano red or should I say its a bit pink, so what have you used to get it back to red, can you recommend a cutting compound to use or a body shop in Hampshire that'll fix it many thanks :) crowds
  53. CR54WDS

    Best price for these.... Federal 595 RS-R 215/40 R17

    Hi, anyone got a better price for the above Best I can find is £83.09 at tyreleader crowds