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  1. Mark Type R

    370z Nismo

    So I’ve finally but the bullet and traded my FK2 in for the 370z Nismo. I’m over the moon with it. Apprehensive but loving it. It’s a 2019 with 2k miles
  2. Mark Type R

    My FK2

    So as most of you know I now have Dotty's FK2. What started off as a comment on twitter about buying his car if I could get a buyer for mine has turned into a reality. Crazy how in 2 weeks I sold my FD and now have this when I had no intentions of doing either :lol: So here it is I...
  3. Mark Type R

    Strange occurrence

    Was having a look at what size my Weds were and on the back is the details. It says 5x100 but after measuring they definitely are 5x114.3. Even on the WedsSports page, the only wheels in 17x8 are 114.3. Any ideas?
  4. Mark Type R

    FD2 Rear speaker connections

    Dafuq are these? Im used to the 2 wired with the pins jobbie. Do these just need chopping off and connection or can i buy speakers to fit? Cheers
  5. Mark Type R

    My 2008 Honda Civic Type R FD2

    Its been a long process with lots of changes along the way but ive finally bought a car She's a 2008 with 57k miles and a grade 4. Im not sure on mods apart from the wheels and gauge on the dash but its with the agent on Monday for pics etc. I asked Andy at 200bhpcars to originally...
  6. Mark Type R

    Sam's Dodge Journey RT

    Its big, has a 2.0 VW engine and more gadgets you can shake a stick at. Its also an Auto which is everything she was looking for. She drives it like the Evo, I usually see 4x4's sat in the slowly lane chugging along. Not Sam, if she carries on the Lotto won't be the only thing having a roll over.
  7. Mark Type R

    Sam's Accord Type R

    So as you may know, Sam (the wife) bought Walkden's ATR. After coming from 2 Evo's i was worried she wouldn't enjoy it as she is used to high power figures and the feel of Turbo. I can safely say she is loving every minute of it, even though she's got get used to thrashing a car now to get the...
  8. Mark Type R

    My S15

    Ive decided to start my own thread in the members car area. Its less cluttered than the other thread and i can add mods etc. So this is how it looked when i picked it up. Something new to me Brace in the boot and plastic cover for dead bodies Hidden AMP Its the...
  9. Mark Type R

    Gruppe M Guru's Assemble

    Im going to fit my GM but im not sure what to do with a pipe. Ive asked the seller and he said it goes to the rocker cover where the breather pipe is and you just block up the OEM hole. Then i found a picture of his car's engine bay This is mine Looks totally different? Should i just cap...
  10. Mark Type R

    Alfa Romeo 156 of win

    Just awesome
  11. Mark Type R

    FD2 Mugen RR FD2

    I think this is ruined!
  12. Mark Type R

    Which tyres for my Evo

    If you had a choice of Dunlop sport max Yokohama advan Toyo t1 sport Uniroyal Which would you go for Sam has Advan on her Evo and they are good but I've been told the Toyo's are better? I've got Falken on the rear of my Evo and they've got to go, drifting around a roundabout is...
  13. Mark Type R

    My Evo X SST FQ300

    So, I've finally got one. Full mitsi service history, 34k miles. Just awesome! She's not perfect, the side skirts have lots of stone chips and there's a fag burn on the rear seat. The paint needs a bit of work but I'll get all this sorted. The price I knocked the guy down to was too...
  14. Mark Type R

    Which Amp

    Guys and girls Can someone give me an idea which amp i need to run this sub? Any on here? Thanks
  15. Mark Type R

    What do you think of this stereo? Im looking to upgrade my stereo, what do you think of this one above? I am also considering the similar one to what Dotty has. This one:- What do you think? Thanks
  16. Mark Type R

    Sam's (the wife) Focus ST

    Well she finally did it, she's recently moved jobs and the first question to the employer was "Do you mind what car i get"? To which he replied no :cool: Ive had a quick blast tonight and its lovely, like a fast arm chair. Its totally opposite to the Teg and i can see it has its benefits over...
  17. Mark Type R

    Tanabe Springs

    Are they any good? What is the ride like compared to OEM? Thanks
  18. Mark Type R

    Water repellent spray

    Is there a product you can buy that you can spray on your car after you've washed it to remove the water (without the use of chamois or blades)? Cheers
  19. Mark Type R

    Rear light PITA

    The rear lights on the right side have decided to play up, Its where the fog light mod has been put in. Its played up before but after a wiggle they were alright. A bloke at work stopped me today to tell me i had a bulb out but when i got home i managed to get it working, only to find out the...
  20. Mark Type R

    What to do?

    Sam (the wife) has rang ABP today and asked them for another quote on my next service which is due. It will be £347 for a big service but that is for a 6 year old car, ABP did say that i could have a little service to reflect my miles - £150 as my car has done 46,000 miles. So do i go for...
  21. Mark Type R

    Performance Direct

    Just had a quote from them for £589! Sky was £606 for renewal but i cant afford pay out in one lump sum or 3 lump sums Adrian Flux was over £900 :lol::lol::lol: Noel Dazely TBC
  22. Mark Type R

    Small problem

    My brother has a Civic (bog standard one in EP shape) and on his way back from Blackpool his engine light came on. He checked the oil and there was none on the dip stick, so he filled it up. The engine light is still on, does it need resetting or is his car bollo**ed? Any advice would be...
  23. Mark Type R

    Stupid question?

    A lad at work has a sports cat and a Supersprint backbox for his EP3. They were on when he bought the car and his missus made him remove them as they were too loud :lol: Question is, will they fit the DC5? Im guessing no but im interested as he's selling both for £100 :D
  24. Mark Type R

    Quick Help

    Can anyone tell me the speaker wire colours for the DC5? Ive done a search and found a post by Funky thats empty? Im in the middle of changing my speakers and im not sure which is which? On driver side ive got Grey & red Yellow & green, not sure on passenger as i haven't started it yet. Any...
  25. Mark Type R

    DC2 DB8 DC5 Something new

    I had an incident a week or two ago where my mobile phone car charger disassembled itself into my 12v point. As i tried to remove the bits and pieces, it sparked as i took them out. Tonight on the way home i tried to charge my phone up but to no avail, i quickly realised the fuse had gone. A...
  26. Mark Type R

    DC2 DB8 DC5 Bulbs

    Ive done a search and all i could find was information about CTR bulbs. What bulbs do i need for my DC5? Side reapeaters - Are they 501's? Hi-D's - Which ones and how much!! Any help would be appreciated, Thanks I know this is a FAQ but ive looked and i cant see anything?
  27. Mark Type R

    Problem found

    Ive been trying to clean my wheels and ive been having real trouble. Well i cleaned them today and used a toothbrush until they were clean as i could get them. I have patches on the wheel that are rough and the dirt is sticking to it like glue. Is it new or refurb alloy time?
  28. Mark Type R

    DC2 DB8 DC5 Quick one for DC5 owners

    Is it the EP3 side repeaters that fit the DC5? Cheers
  29. Mark Type R

    Need advice

    Need some help, well a lad on another forum does. He's respraying his car and he's going for CW but he want a Honda gunmetal colour for his wheels. Does anyone know the colour code or colour name for it? Thanks
  30. Mark Type R

    My DC5

    She's standard at the min but im hoping this thread will change over my ownership. When i first got her With the number plate change Its a start but I need get some better pics.