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  1. Loxy

    Loxy's Type R #6

    Just marking a spot...
  2. Loxy

    Hello and Welcome to AIB Insurance

    Please say Hello and Welcome to our latest Forum Insurance Broker, AIB Insurance. :smt006
  3. Loxy

    Unincorporated Association

    Good morning, As many of you know, this site and social media presence is a club run for the members. As of today ( 22nd January 2018 ) any revenue made by the club in terms of fees it recovers from partners and companies that support us by registering as Traders on the Site and on our Social...
  4. Loxy

    Civic 8G/9G/10G and CR-V Option Connectors - Hardwiring for Dashcams etc.

    Honda Civic 8G (2006-2012), 9G (2012-2017) Including Face Lift & FK2 Type R and CRV (2012+), Civic 10G (2017+) Including FK8 Type R Interior Fuse Box Option Connector Rick has agreed to start supplying the option connectors with his footwell kits to make them plug and play. The upshot from...
  5. Loxy

    A New Events Organiser

    I hope you will all join me in welcoming simon25 into the role of Event Organiser! Simon has been quietly helping us out at events like JAE for years, so this was a very easy decision by the Moderator team. Congrats Simon! :smt023
  6. Loxy

    DC2 DB8 DC5 Buyer's guide on the Integra DC2 for Retro Japanese magazine

    This message dropped into the admin mailbox today. If you have any information, post up in the thread. :smt023
  7. Loxy

    10th Gen (2017) Civic to be 4WD? 9th Gen CTR to continue to 2018.
  8. Loxy

    FK2 FK2 recall on the cards?

    Trouble at t'mill. Looks like a wiring issue recall may be on the cards. Thread on CTRO: Issue post: From some digging I've done. Quite a modified car: I'd guess...
  9. Loxy

    FN2 electric window reset procedure

    May as well be listed on here too as more FN2 owners are coning onto the forums.
  10. Loxy

    FK2 FK2 Track Day Discussion

    New thread to keep this out of the general "New Type R" discussion thread. The idea is to: Post up what track days you are going on Post up any track day mods or prep you have done Post up any issues or observations during or after the day Ask any questions of the seasoned veterans etc. I...
  11. Loxy

    FK2 Remus FK2 Exhaust

    70mm diameter, but Valvetronic. We may have a winner people...,%202015-&mod=Civic%20%28FK2%29%2012-&man=Honda
  12. Loxy

    10th Generation Civic "Concept" breaks cover

    This is what the future of the Civic should look like. By the fact is looks very similar to the US coupe and sedan, it is a good bet that this is pretty accurate. Video is from Geneva press kit...
  13. Loxy

    FK2 Mugen FK2
  14. Loxy

    9G Civic Honda Access Boot Tray 08U45-TV0-600

    Not at all a How-To Guide, however these are the instructions for fitting the Honda Access boot tray. I mean, really?! I had to post them... :) Part number: 08U45-TV0-600 Instructions:
  15. Loxy

    9G CTR Honda Access Sill Plates 08F05-TV8-600A

    Not so much a How-To Guide, however these are the instructions for fitting the Honda Access sill plates. Useful if you are contemplating buying them, then at least you know what is involved. Part number: 08F05-TV8-600A Instructions: Et voilà:
  16. Loxy

    S2000 & NSX The Smoking Tyre S2000 - Spunky Canyon Rd, One Take
  17. Loxy

    FK2 Best Motoring FK2 Touge
  18. Loxy

    Loxy's Type R #5 - Milano Red FK2 GT

    Picking it up next Saturday all being well. I am happy the saga of replacing the CW is finally over. Rather aptly this is the exact same first FK2 that I drove 14 weeks ago and what started it all off in putting the idea in my head of selling the CW FN2 and ordering an FK2. Milano GT...
  19. Loxy

    1.0 Litre Turbo engines break cover - The Future is boosted! Discuss...
  20. Loxy

    Loxy's Estoril Blue F20 M135i LCI - Another car that never was

    Aye well, thought I'd better start this thread rather than clogging up the New CTR thread. Delivery estimated for 20th December. Happy Christmas to me! Options list here:
  21. Loxy

    FK2 AutoExpress gets the three EUDM Civics together
  22. Loxy

    FK2 CBR1000RR Fireblade vs New Civic Type R Enjoy. :)
  23. Loxy

    Loxy's Type R #5 - '65 BSB FK2 GT - The car that never was

    Marking a place.
  24. Loxy

    FK2 Win the new Civic Type R Details on the site:
  25. Loxy

    DC2 DB8 DC5 DC2/DC5 required

    This dropped into the admin mailbox today.
  26. Loxy

    Honda UK Manufacturing (Swindon) to become Global Production Hub

    Great news for HUM! They are to become the global production hub for the 5 door Civic! Keeping it in the UK, good on Honda. :smt023...
  27. Loxy

    Loxy's Type R #4

    Just marking a spot... Deposit left and all that.
  28. Loxy


    I've been asked about this recently so I'm reviving an old thread as a new one under my name as I hold the coffers these keys. This is from the original thread, originally by Chris, but I've changed it to avoid confusion.
  29. Loxy

    FK2 New Forum section for the 2015 Type R

    New section created, 2015 related information and chat here:
  30. Loxy

    FK2 #HondaRedline promo for the New 2015 Civic Type R

    If you haven't seen this already, Honda is running a social media exercise in self promoting the run up to Geneva. Sign up, post or tweet pics of Type Rs and get points to unlock snippets of the new Type R and milestones along the Type R journey. Here is mine/the forums's page: Click me! Sign...
  31. Loxy

    Bit of a move around of the Insurance Section

    Evening peeps. I've had a bit of a reorganisation of the Insurance section, which used to just be included in the "Deals for Wheels" section of the forum. I've now split it out into its own section with sub-forums for each of the registered Forum Insurers. This will allow them to start new...
  32. Loxy

    Honda's new HR-V is in the running for the What Car? Reader Award for 2015

    Honda's new HR-V is in the running for the What Car? Reader Award for 2015 Lend ‪Honda your support by voting here:
  33. Loxy

    The New HR-V concept
  34. Loxy

    Return of the Footwell Lighting Kits!

    I've been in touch with RickHondaR and arranged to start selling his LED Footwell Lighting Kits on the forum again. Rick can do these kits for the following models: EP3, DC5, CRZ, FN2, FD2 and all FN/FK 8th gen Civics, all 9th gen Civics 2009-2014 Jazz 2nd Gen GE8, 2006-2018 CR-V MK3 & MK4...
  35. Loxy

    Forum Discount at

    I've been in discussion with and have managed to secure a discount for forum members! This will initially be 2%, which lets be honest is a good amount when you are spending hundreds at a time. :) To receive the discount, use this link (so that it can be tracked and discount...
  36. Loxy

    DC2 DB8 DC5 Hammond on the DC2

    I don't think this is repost.
  37. Loxy

    Loxy's Vivid Blue Pearl FD2 Civic Type R

    Just marking a place.
  38. Loxy

    Loxy's Plasma Blue WRX STi Saloon

    Picking this up hopefully, the day after the FN2 has had all of its parts stripped, so the 23rd of May. Part Exchanging the FN2 for it. (Dealer photos) Arrived in Bradford (yes, Bradford) at a rather plush Lexus dealership at 10:15 having been told the night before by the salesman...
  39. Loxy

    EP3/FN2 service schedule

    The question keeps popping up, so here is the service schedule for the 8th gen taken out of the service book. It includes Type R (FN2) and the service items and intervals are identical for the EP3.
  40. Loxy

    FN2 J.A.S. Motorsport FN2

    Just found this after some late night browsing and thought it might have been of interest to some people. :D Not very exciting really, first start after a rebuild. Link to a page full of pictures was in the description...
  41. Loxy

    FN2 Buying guide/check list for the FN2 Civic Type R

    A bit of this is borrowed from the EP3 buying guide as a lot of it carries over. I've edited out bits that don't apply to the FN2 and added bits that do. Engine & Drivetrain: Waterpump and belts seem ok? Check oil (& cap), coolant, other fluids for levels/condition Which oil is in the car ran...