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  1. Azazl187

    Cars for Sale section only for Members

    Hey all. Any specific reason why the cars for sale section can't be viewed by Guests and only members? Seems to narrow things down a little. Thanks
  2. Azazl187

    Blowing/Farting Exhaust

    Hey all, My M2 exhaust makes a blowing/farting sound when the car first starts up and it seems to get better but i can almost hear the sound bouncing off walls and stuff as i drive past with the window open. Ive tested for leaks by shoving a towel in the end and running the car. Im getting...
  3. Azazl187

    Snapped bonnet release handle

    Hey guys and girls, ive just snapped my bonnet release handle right off in the cabin.... obviously my hulk like power was too much for it to handle... :). Can i just replace it or do i need to do the whole dam cable and everything?.....
  4. Azazl187

    Bilstein B4s

    Hey guys. Have any of you had any experience with Bilstein B4 shocks? I need to replace my standard ones on the left side of the car and figured I may as well do them all. I cant justify 700 quid on decent coilovers as I don't track the car and won't buy cheap Chinese knockoffs. The same reason...
  5. Azazl187

    Squeaking coming from front of car/Engine bay

    Hey Guys and Girls, My EP3 seems to have developed an annoying squeak when the car or engine lurches slightly. For example, its worse in reverse. You know EP3s have a tendency to be a bit jolty in reverse and it can be hard to control the car to a steady speed, well when that jolty moment...
  6. Azazl187

    Invidia G200

    Hey guys, Anyone had one of the following? Any opinions? DB levels, performance? Ive been looking for something with that style of tip for ages and this seems perfect...
  7. Azazl187

    UV Protection for Headlights Needed

    Hi All, Ive just replaced my headlights and they look lovely and clear. I want them to stay this way for as long as possible so i have been looking for some decent headlight sealer that i can add to them to keep them this way but i cannot really find anything specifically for the job...
  8. Azazl187

    Need new pre facelift headlights

    Hi All, Ive wanted to buy new headlight for the car for a while now and the last MOT was the final straw as they will not adjust. Has anyone seen or used these before...
  9. Azazl187

    EP3 Taking 4 seconds to start

    Right then guys, I told you it wouldn't be long before I was back. Normally when I get in the car in the mornings it takes like a second for the car to start, you hear one or 2 chugs and then the engine runs. Just over the least week or so I have had to wait for about 4 seconds before...
  10. Azazl187

    Losing power after 10 minutes of driving

    Hi all, I have a strange issue where I seem to lose some mid range torque after about 10 minutes of driving. I tend to only do town driving so it's all stopping and starting, but one thing I've noticed is that when I start driving the acceleration seems sharp and responsive but as I drive this...
  11. Azazl187

    Replacement rocker cover seals

    Gentlemen. I've noticed a small amount of oil in the 4th spark plug cylinder and though further inspection I can see that there is a little oil around the O ring at the top. I have one of those annoying questions. I can buy the full set for 68 quid which are all genuine parts or I can buy some...
  12. Azazl187

    Valve Clearances EP3

    Hey All, So my EP3 has just cleared the 132k miles and im pretty sure that at certain RPMs i can just hear the tappy tap tap of the valves making me think that the clearances are out of line. It makes sense as the car has done quite alot of miles now. My question is how easy are these to...
  13. Azazl187

    Coil/spring sleeves

    Hi all, My apex springs are almost certainly pinging against themselves when being moved about while steering. The only thing I can think of to try and resolve the issue is to put some sleeves on them to stop the metal pinging. I can only seem to find some on eBay that don't look like I...
  14. Azazl187

    Random Tyre Question

    Hi Guys, I was having a discussion with some guys at work and we are split on whether having a tyre fitted to your car with a lower side wall than the manufacturer specify would invalidate your insurance. For example the Civic EP3 is specified as having a side wall of 45, would it be illegal...
  15. Azazl187

    Front suspension struts

    Hi all, My car has hit over the 130k mark and I think the front struts are eventually dying. I get a loud clunk from the strut when I turn left and right. I don't want over priced coilovers, just some oem ones would do just fine. I've been looking at Meyle and Bilston ones. Can anyone...
  16. Azazl187

    Fitting genuine idle pulley

    Hey all, I'm about to fit a replacement genuine idle pulley. Do I need to grease it or will it already be greased from the factory? Thanks
  17. Azazl187

    Hard Race or Genuine Honda drop links

    As the title says peeps, give me your opinions please.
  18. Azazl187

    Clunk after replacing Camber Arms Rear

    Hi Peeps, Ive just replaced my adjustable camber arms with a new set and now when i turn to the right and the weight is lifted up on the drivers side rear wheel i can hear a clunk coming from the suspension that side on the rear. If i then go over a bump in the road after that i hear another...
  19. Azazl187

    Clunk/Knock sound coming from front right when braking

    Hi All, When i apply my brakes and just before i come to a stop i get a clunk like metal hitting metal coming from the front right wheel, like it it is coming from the brake area. It doesn't happen at high speeds and doesnt always happen when i come to a stop but does most of the time. I can...
  20. Azazl187

    Flashing Battery dash light on start up

    Hi all, I noticed today that when I started up the car the battery light on the dashboard flashed a few times and then stayed off. Is this anything to worry about?
  21. Azazl187

    Diag Error P1298 and P0325

    Hi All, The engine light came on around 4 weeks ago and the diag codes showed up as P1298 (part number #38255-S5A-003) ELD over load voltage and P0325 which is the knock sensor. I cleared the code and then yesterday they both came back. I have ordered up a knock sensor which wasn't cheap and...
  22. Azazl187

    Intermittent rattle from front drivers side

    02 plate EP3 that has done 130k. As title says, I'm getting an intermittent rattle coming from the front drivers side that I can hear when the car is driving forward. It can be at any speed. It sounds a bit like the front drop links have gone, they are only a year old but I replaced them anyway...
  23. Azazl187

    Knocking K20 Engine

    Hi all, My mate has picked up an EP3 type R 53 plate cheap but it has a top engine knock.Please follow this link to have a look and listen
  24. Azazl187

    Baffles gone, need replacment

    HI Peeps, The baffles have gone in my OEM exhaust so i get some nasty noises out of it at around 3500 revs. I am looking for a new replacement that will link up with a sportex unsilenced b pipe and i came across these two below. I want to keep the OEM look but want something new and not pay...
  25. Azazl187

    Clunk when steering left or right

    Hi all, when I am doing low speeds and I steer left or right I can hear a clunking sound coming from the suspension struts, it is especially loud when I am stationery. I took out the complete strut and sprayed the hell out of them with lube and put them back in. The noise went away for a few...
  26. Azazl187

    Large amount of condensation inside

    Hi I have recently experienced a large about of condensation on the inside of my windscreen and rear windows over the last few months. Its at a point where drips start to roll down the inside of the window. It is worse at the front than the back. Any ideas peeps? Thanks
  27. Azazl187

    Jumpy at low revs in 1st and 2nd gear

    Hi Guys and Gals, My EP3 is extremely jumpy in 1st or second gear when i try to cruise at low speeds. Do you have any idea why this could be? She has done 127k now so is getting a little old and im guessing something needs to be reset/cleaned or replaced? It like she is on kangaroo juice...
  28. Azazl187

    sea foam. does it work?

    Has anyone tried this stuff and is it worth using it on a car that has done over 100k? Thanks
  29. Azazl187

    Will EP3 wheels fit on Accord 2004

    Hey guys. The title says it all really. I'm selling a spare set of wheels to someone but we are worried about the OEM ep3 wheels replacing his 16s on the Accord 2004. From what I can tell it should be ok
  30. Azazl187

    30mm Hub centric wheel spacer size

    Hi All, I am looking to get some 30mm spacers guys. What size a`m i looking at in diameter and centre? Thanks
  31. Azazl187

    Lower Front Arm Bushes

    Hi All, I need to replace my lower front arm bushes as a result of my MOT yesterday. Are they easy to fit and how much do they cost. I called my local stockiest and they dont even stock them! My car is lowered 30mm with FSRU so if OEMs are not man enough please say so. Ive done the usual...
  32. Azazl187

    Fuel Gauge and Temp Gauge bulb dead

    Hi all I got in my car today to find that the Led or leds behind my Fuel and Temp Gauge was out. is this a fuse issue or is the Led dead? Is it more than 1 led and if it is an Led how much of a pain is it to remove the heads up display and replace them? Does a how to exist? Cheers
  33. Azazl187

    120K service due

    Hi All, I am about to service my car at 120 K and was wondering on Spark plugs and anything else i might need to consider when doing the service. Iridium Spark plugs or will normal ones do? What about transmission oil? I know what needs to be replaced from the service book but i just want to...
  34. Azazl187

    Do I need to worry about these?

    Take a look at these guys. Do I need to replace and if so what are they called and how much are they? Thanks
  35. Azazl187

    New Back Box for Unsilenced B pipe

    Hi All, I am looking for a new back box that i can just add to my sportex unsilenced b pipe. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I dont want anything too loud but louder than the OEM box.... These look interesting...
  36. Azazl187

    Modding OEM ECU

    Hey All, Ive been toying with the idea of getting a K100 or K Pro ECU for a while now and always been put off by the little gains for alot of money e.g about 50 quid per BHP. Now ive spoken to one of my Mech mates about this and he is positive that one of his close friends is able to mod the...
  37. Azazl187

    Rusted out Mani heat shield

    Hi All, I have had a bit of a rattling going on from the engine bay for a little while now and popped the car up on the ramp to find that the lower part of the manifold heat shield has completed rusted out. I went about undoing the top 2 bolts and removed the heat shield completely. My...
  38. Azazl187

    OBD II compliant

    Hi All, Quick question - Is my 02 EP3 OBD 2 compliant? Thanks
  39. Azazl187

    Mugen Front Splitter. What do you think?

    Hey peeps, what do you think of the Mugen Front Splitter? Taking the old one off was a complete bugger but if anyone would like to do the same an needs advice then let me know :)
  40. Azazl187

    Invidia N1 Stainless Steel Exhaust System Civic Type R EP3 02-06 Titanium Tip

    Hi All, Please take a look at this link - I dont seem to be able to find much on the internet about this brand or particular exhaust system but love the look of it. Can anyone...
  41. Azazl187

    Need 4 new tyres

    Well what do you think guys? I can only spend 250 tops and will fit and balance them myself...
  42. Azazl187

    Pressure Washer Power

    Im looking to get a pressure washer for cleaning my car and i have seen nightmare reports of people stripping clear coat off their paintwork. What should i be looking out for in regards to power here guys? I want something to strip the dirt but not the paint. I also want it to clear the alloy...
  43. Azazl187

    Rear Tow Hook

    Hi Guys, Any advice on fitting one of these. Mine will be simply for show and will never be used to tow anything as i know that the EP3 will simply break if it tows anything. Thanks
  44. Azazl187

    Headlight adjuster.

    Hi Guys, Ive just fitted some second hand headlights and i think the motor may well have gone in the replacement drivers side head light. Yes i know i should have checked before i fitted them but is there a manual way i can adjust them? Sometimes you have those adjusters with the teeth on...
  45. Azazl187

    Water Transfer Printing - Hydrographics OMG guys have you seen this?! The possibility's are endless!!
  46. Azazl187


    Hi Guys, Whats going to be the best way for me to get these scratches out? Will T Cut be man enough for the job? Ideas are greatly received.... Thanks
  47. Azazl187

    Best Tyres Sub 80 quid

    HI Guys, Can anyone recommend tyres for less than 80 quid each? Thanks
  48. Azazl187

    resprayed rocker cover.

    Hey guys. I want to get my rocker cover resprayed with a particular design. Ive heard about being able to order them and then you send your one back. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  49. Azazl187

    2 sets of wheels and making a decision on colour

    Hey peeps. I have been lucky enough to pick up some OEM alloys from 100 quid so now i have 2 sets. One is OEM and one is Silver. I was thinking of getting one set gloss black and one set bronze...... What do you lot think?
  50. Azazl187

    Air intake Piping

    Hi Guys, I have a K&N style long pipe open filter in the engine bay that replaces the OEM air box. I would like to run a cold air feed to it using some piping that i have ordered. I was thinking of...
  51. Azazl187


    Hi Guys, Ill be servicing my EP3 next weekend. The list of Jobs will be - Replace Oil Filter Replace Fuel Filter Replace Oil Replace Air Filters Check Brake wear and Tyre Wear Replace Gearbox Fluid/Oil Is there anything else i need to take a look at while i have it on the ramp and i am...
  52. Azazl187


    Just been looking into getting one of these from Ebay guys. What are your thoughts? I understand that there will be the general 'it will destroy your engine' 'fuel consumption is really high' answers but if i could get constructive feedback that would help greatly. Thanks
  53. Azazl187

    What do i do with this seat! :( ......

    Hey guys, im hoping you can help me with this issue. It appears that the material at the back of the seat is starting to come away. Pic below. Superglue maybe? I don't obviously want to recover the seat.
  54. Azazl187

    Back Box doughnut Gasket size

    Hi guys, I will need to replace my b pipe to back box gasket on my EP3. What size do i need to get? (i did look but couldnt find a definitive answer)
  55. Azazl187

    4" Exhaust

    Hey guys. Ive got a 2.5" unsilenced sports b pipe on my car with a standard back box. I am about to buy a 4" back box to replace the OEM one. Will this be too loud do you think?? Thanks
  56. Azazl187

    opinions please Hi all. Can you take a quick squint at this and let me know what you think? It seems fair enough to me.....
  57. Azazl187

    Cracked Wing Mirror Cover

    Guys please help!! Someone just smashed into my wing mirror on a narrow road and the plastic cover is cracked across the bottom, not happy to say the least. The guy was going at some speed to and it was my right of way, but hey ho its done now. Where can i get another one peeps and how much...
  58. Azazl187

    ordered wrong camber bolts

    Hi guys. I think I've ordered the wrong front camber bolts. There say 06 on against them. I have an EP3 02. Do you think they will fit? Cheers
  59. Azazl187

    LED Brake lights

    Hi Peeps, ive just ordered some 60 led brake lights to replace the normal bulbs. Has anyone had experience with these before? Uploaded with
  60. Azazl187

    Chassis Bracing

    Can anyone recommend some chassis bracer's for the front and back of my car? Please provide make and models if its possible guys and gals :)
  61. Azazl187

    Red locking wheel nuts

    Hey all, does anyone know where i can get some Red wheel nuts with a locking wheel nut included?
  62. Azazl187

    30mm APEX springs, nothing else.....

    Hey all! I've got some apex 30mm lowering springs for my EP 3. All I want to do is take out the old springs and replace with these. No Frsu as I can't afford it. Has anyone else done this and if so does it ruin the ride? Am I likely to drive the car into a wall because the handling has become...
  63. Azazl187

    Panel Dent :(

    HI Guys, i went to my car this morning only to find a very noticeable dent in the side panel of my civic. Its the panel after the drivers door as you move towards the back of the car. Its around an inch in circumference and looks like a depression hit. There are not marks or scratches at all...
  64. Azazl187

    Interior Light 02 Plate

    Hi All. My interior light does not come on when i open the door. Is this normal for an 02 EP3? The lights switch on when i press them.....
  65. Azazl187

    White wheels

    HI Guys. I am seriously thinking about spraying my wheels white. I have just had them sand blasted and coated silver with a lacquer and they look too ordinary........ basically the same as everyone else. What do you lot think about white wheels on a NHB Type R? Could I do it myself or is...
  66. Azazl187

    Replacement Air Filter

    OK. Ill get straight to the point. I dont want to cut apart my OEM air filter box and i want a new one that will increase performance. I don't want to spend over 100 pounds. Suggestions please peeps!?
  67. Azazl187

    EP3 Number Plate question

    Hey guys. Hope your all loving your type Rs as much as i am. I am looking to personalise my number plate. I own a 2002 EP3 and my first name is Calvin and ive seen the perfect plates for it. They read as 'EP03 CAL' but people have told me i cant use it because it makes my car look younger...
  68. Azazl187

    Key Fob range and reliability

    Hi Folks. I have and 02 Plate EP3 and the key fod is shocking. I literally have to be inside the car for it to work. It used to work from around 6 feet away but i dropped it yesterday and now i have to press it about 10x for the car to lock or unlock. Has anyone else experienced this issue...
  69. Azazl187

    Exhaust Sound

    What's the cheapest way to change the sound of my OEM exhaust? Without obviously drilling holes in the bugger lol. I'd like to make it sound deeper and louder if possible. Would a different air filter change the sound?
  70. Azazl187

    Sourcing Fast Road Setup.

    Hi All, I have some APEX 30mm springs for the front and back of my EP3. I want to fit them but i dont really have clue as to where i can souce the extra equipment for the FRSU or even if i have to. If i do have to get extra bits than just the spring where can i get them from? How hard is it...
  71. Azazl187

    HID low beam, Halogen high beam.

    Hi all. I have just fitted some HIDs to the car but I'm a little confused by the high beam. When I flick it on it just doesn't seem very bright. When I look at the way I have fitted them the halogen part is on the outside of the HID. Is this right. Should I swap them around to the inside? Is...
  72. Azazl187

    Taking a few chuggs to start

    Hi all. Sometimes when i start my EP3 it takes alot longer that it should to fire up. It chuggs several times, maybe 4-5 seconds before starting but always does. What do you lot think it could be. Do i need new spark plugs?
  73. Azazl187

    My pride and joy EP3 2002

    Hi All, I picked up this at the beginning of April 2012. I have since had all the wheels sand blasted and powder coated. Polished up the gear knob, put LEDs in the rear number plate lights and side lights. Ill be upgrading the headlights to HID next month and I have cleaned the living hell...
  74. Azazl187

    Rear Spoiler LED bulbs

    Hi Guys, I want to change the bulbs in the rear brake light spoiler for LED bulbs. Can you please recommend the size and type I need please? Thanks
  75. Azazl187

    Potential engine problem

    Hi. Another potential dumb question from me. I have noticed over the last week that when hitting around 80mph the sound of the car seems to get much deeper and it kind of thuds down the road, this thudding sort of shakes the car as well. I have only had the car about a month but I do not...
  76. Azazl187

    Engine Red Paint Colour

    Hi Peeps, I am not sure this is the right place to ask this question but what red colour is the red bit on top of my Vtec engine? The paint is peeling off slightly in one corner and i would like to touch it up with some Hammorite or something. Thanks
  77. Azazl187

    Changing headlight bulbs. Pitfalls

    Hi all, i have ordered some Xenon Ultima H4 headlight bulbs and will look to replace them when I get back from work tonight. I can see from the manual and replacing previous bulbs on other cars that it is pretty straight forward. Do you experienced lot know of anything i should look out for or...