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  1. chrisr111

    FK8 ktuner ECU flash Chris.
  2. chrisr111

    FK8 Flashpro Chris.
  3. chrisr111

    FK8 RC20GT

    新型CIVIC TYPE Rの走行性能を更に極限まで高めるべく空力性能・動力性能・冷却性能の向上を図り、走行性能・デザインを磨き上げたMUGEN RC20GT CIVIC TYPE R Concept 。走りと機能を追求し無限がCIVIC TYPE Rにかける想いをカタチにしたコンセプトモデル。 MUGEN RC 20 GT CIVIC TYPE R Concept which aimed to improve aerodynamic performance, power performance, and cooling performance to enhance the...
  4. chrisr111

    Mugen RR

    I'm thinking about advertising my RR for sale again shortly, hopefully I will not be plagued by timewasters, which was the reason why I withdrew it from sale the last time. What do forum members think is a realistic price for it? I am not desparate to sell, but I have quite a few cars and...