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  1. Mark Bevan

    Donington 18th Feb

    Any one booked? - Circuit Days event.
  2. Mark Bevan

    hesitation from start-up

    Hi All. I have recently re-commissioned my car after a 15 month period. I have changed the air control valve (new Honda). Every now and then the car will not accelerate properly from a cold start and sometimes the engine warning light will come on - then after a while go off. I have...
  3. Mark Bevan

    Passenger seat removal

    Hi, Can anyone go thro. the best way to safely remove the passenger seat please? :lol: Regards, Mark.
  4. Mark Bevan

    Interior roof light

    Hi All, Hope you are all well. The interior roof mounted light has never worked since I have had the car. There do not look to be any instructions in the manual and no holes in it to pry it off to check the bulb. Can anyone help please? Regards, Mark.
  5. Mark Bevan

    Rear suspension rebuild

    Hi All, I am re-assembling my rear suspension. I have had the main parts plastic coated and I have lost the marks to align the push in inserts into the large bush (the ones closest to the front of the car) to get them flat to the body. Can anyone help please? I am replacing with OEM bushes...
  6. Mark Bevan

    Fitting rear bushes

    Hi All, L have lost the photos/marks for installing new OEM bushes into the rear suspension arm. Poly bushes don't need to be specific I'm told but the OEM type do. Can anyone help please? Regards, Mark.
  7. Mark Bevan

    Rear lower control arm - socket required to remove the 3 bolts.

    Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction to purchase the socket needed to remove the 3 bolts please? :D Regards, Mark.
  8. Mark Bevan

    2003 ep3 self cancelling indicators - not self cancelling any more

    Has anyone had/resolved this problem please? :) I have to manually turn the indicators off. I need to get this sorted. Does anyone have any experience of this lease that they can share? Regards, Mark.
  9. Mark Bevan

    2003 EP3 new brake calipers - paint?

    Hi All, I will be replacing my calipers with OEM Nissin (rear at least). They come with a bright anodized (I think) finish - so I'm looking to paint them red. Can anyone let me know the best way/paint to DIY please. Anyone know the RAL colour? Regards, Mark.
  10. Mark Bevan

    Code reader for 2003 EP3

    Hi All. My engine light has come on and I have tried to find out how to get the information on how to go about getting the code read myself. I must be looking in the wrong places as I can't find a scrap about. I am trying to find out if a loop can be used between 4-9 on the OBD connector...
  11. Mark Bevan

    225 45 17 tyres

    Just fitted the above - does the pressure differ from using 205 45 17 please? Also, the drivers side front tyre rubs on the plastic wheel arch when braking around a bend and go over a bump. It did not do this with 205's.:(
  12. Mark Bevan

    Wheel inserts

    I have had my wheels refurbed in gunmetal grey and I have sprayed the centre caps the same colour. Does anyone know how the original H was applied please?
  13. Mark Bevan

    EP3 front fog lights wanted

    Hi All, I'm on the look-out for some front fog lights please - must be in very good condition. Contact me on Regards, Mark.
  14. Mark Bevan

    Insurance quotes

    Hi All, I have just purchased my first civic type R. A 2003 without A/C. I contacted several ins companies direct and they quoted me £800 + which were stupid prices even though I do not have any NCB.mad::mad: In frustration I went on Go Compare and got a quote of £192.50 from Esure...