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    When's the Swindon factory close and might we see a Type R 'Final edition' special?

    Been pondering this for a while. Our FK8 is a brilliant car and the only thing I would chop it in for is a runout/end of the line special edition. Does anyone know when the factory is set to close next year and if there is any chance at all we may see something special from Honda?
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    FK8 Anybody with an FK8 own or owned a Nissan GT-R?

    I am hoping we have a few owners of the GT-R on the forum. I am thinking about an MY17 onwards GTR as a second car, while I love almost everything about the GT-R I have a niggling doubt over the car losing the buzz after a while. In my mind the Type R and GT-R make for a kind of best of both...
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    FK8 New member and soon to be R owner

    Morning forum, I have lurked for several months now absorbing a lot of great info while thinking about a Type R. Realising I need a CTR in my life we will soon be buying an FK8 after going through the FK2 vs FK8 debate like many on here. Just looking at new vs used at the moment. As a...