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  1. Scottish Type-R

    EP3 OEM Exhaust gasket

    Hi Guys, I have had a look on lings honda just for the diagrams of the OEM exhaust. I am not putting my Mugen system on till January at TDi North. But my old pre-chamber gasket has gone on the OEM exhaust and it is blowing a little. I ordered up the part as the one in the diagram. Please see...
  2. Scottish Type-R

    Premier Edition Recaro Seat cleaning.

    Hi All, Sorry if this has already been covered. I have Woolite and a steam cleaner. But I was wondering what other EP3 prem owners have used to get these cleaned. thanks STR
  3. Scottish Type-R

    TYPE-R Carbon Effect door Sills EP3

    Hi All, There is a guy on CTRO forum. I know CivicChick and N77 have a set of these on their EP3s I have contacted the guy to get some made. Not sure if he does them for the other Type-Rs but you could ask him. He is taking orders over at CTRO if you are interested. £33 delivered. Link to...
  4. Scottish Type-R

    Elite Custom Exhausts in Ayr

    Hi Any of the Scottish based lot used this company? I was thinking of custom built as my current OEM Honda exhaust is on its way out nearly. It is the original that came with the car. Not bad for 9 years. Lol Thanks
  5. Scottish Type-R

    Main console Fan/ heater controls and surrounds.

    Hi All, Looks like my fan speed surround on my EP3 hasn't been fitted back properly. How do you get the fan dial off to get to the facia part to push the surround back in? I will go and get pics in a moment.
  6. Scottish Type-R

    Magna Volt for an EP3.

    :D Hi Guys, More of a joke but do you remember the Magnavolt advert in the beginning of Robocop 2?.. MagnaVolt.... It won't run down your battery. Can't see that passing UK law or EU law for that matter.
  7. Scottish Type-R

    Scottish Type-R's NHB 06 Premier Edition EP3

    Hi All, I have been on the site since April so I thought would start my car thread. :) I have had my Type R for nearly a year. (Sorry but being old does has it advantages ......Standard type-R fully Comp £235) :) - How times and insurance rates have changed.. lol £565 with all mods declared and...
  8. Scottish Type-R

    KPro4 for my standard Type-R

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this has already been covered. :) I have been thinking of KPro4ing my standard PE Ep3 CTR. And was just wondering your experiences and advice on having this done. I would be looking at booking in to TDi North to get this done anyway. I haven't got any other mods planned...