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    FK2 Oil still looking black after service..

    Took it in for it's 1st service at Honda this morning. They apparently did the oil and filter and a health check so when I got home I checked the oil level for peace of mind and noticed it still looks as dirty as it did yesterday.. I'm pretty sure that it was golden for the 1st few months...
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    EP3 Changing the A/C pressure switch

    Does anybody know if i need to get the a/c gas taken out before i take change the pressure switch? It hisses a little when i unscrew it but i don't know if it has a valve in. If i unscrew it a few turns and push it in it hisses louder which makes me wonder if theres a valve in :confused:
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    EP3 Does anybody know where i can get the plug for air con pressure switch?

    Hi all, I'm after the grey plug that plugs into the pressure switch.. The one i have has been wet and corroded. I have tried to get the pin terminals but no joy and have tried Honda for a new plug but they want me to replace the wiring loome :rolleyes:
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    EP3 Testing air con pump through relay socket??

    Hi, Does anybody know if its possible to send 12v with my power probe through the relay socket down to the compressor? I'm having a vacuum and recharge done tomorrow and i just want to check that the compressor actually works as it hasn't been used for years.. I know it doesn't kick in...
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    EP3 Ep3 clutch problems after 20k..

    The time has come to sort out the missus' ep3.. The 1st job is the clutch. I had it done when she got the car as the biting point was low and felt really heavy. That was a 50000 miles so it must have been hammered. Anyway i went out in it last weekend and noticed it felt the same as it did...
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    Air Con Repair in North West?

    Does anybody know of any places in the North West that could diagnose a fault on my air conditioning? Had it re gassed and still does not seem to kick the compressor in so could do with expert eyes.. Thanks
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    Problem selecting gears when upto temp..

    Hi, I have a 2004 ep3 type r with 50k on and when I bought it it had a very low biting point and was hard to select gears. I replaced the clutch and it still doesn't feel right. It's fine when the engine is cold but once it's been running for 10-15 mins it refuses to go into 1st or 2nd...
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    Noisy DC Sports JDM Manifold?

    :( Ive just bought a DC Sports fannymould which cost 400.00, got it fitted along with a decat, and it now sounds really blowy, or tappy if you like, not likin it at all!! Is it meant to sound like this or not?? My cars been in and out of garages all weekend to check for...