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  1. LeeH

    Mugen N One What are you thinking Mugen?
  2. LeeH

    Back to a Civic?

    I've got a hole in the garage that I'm going to fill in the next few weeks. FK2 or A45....:o
  3. LeeH

    DC2 DB8 DC5 Di Noc

    What do you think?
  4. LeeH

    Cardboard NSX
  5. LeeH

    Search Function

    Can you search for 2 words but make the results inclusive of both....if you know what I mean. On phpbb you put + or AND in front. Hope that makes sense:lol:
  6. LeeH

    DC2 DB8 DC5 Opinions wanted please!

    The teg is going into the spray shop this winter to get a few dings, scratches etc done so I was thinking...... Do I get the middle of the spoiler (FD2 style) and rear diffuser vinyl wrapped black while its in there?? I think it would look uber :cool:l but opinions would be great. Thanks Lee
  7. LeeH

    Why is ** censored?

    4 in Roman Numerals but VI is OK Strange :confused:
  8. LeeH

    Dyson Detail

    I'm bad but this................:rolleyes:
  9. LeeH

    This weekends mods......Oil catch, H brace, BC condenser....

    I've done a couple already and I've got a couple to do Sunday 8) I've just fitted my BC condenser and a custom made oil catch tank. A friend at work made up the catch tank so if anybody is interested drop me a PM as he is selling them @ £60 each inc postage. I have a H brace and...
  10. LeeH

    Gave the DC5 the full monty today - Picture Heavy!

    Exterior Paint -Meguiars Shampoo plus -Meguiars DCAP by the PC -Chemical Guys EZ Glaze by the PC -Chemical Guys Jetseal 109 by hand, ClearCote foam pads. -Meguiars Last Touch Wheels -Meguiars Wheel Brightener -Meguiars Shampoo plus -CG Jetseal 109 -Meguiars All Season Dressing Calipers...
  11. LeeH

    KPRO Help - Turning on launch control.

    I know how to do it on the software but how do you mod the existing map in the ECU. Paul never turned it on unfortunately. Cheers Lee
  12. LeeH

    DRE shift light

    Do we have any traders that sells these with a possible discount? Ta Lee
  13. LeeH

    DC2 DB8 DC5 What next..

    It seems to me I'll have to spend some serious cash for the next stage on my DC5. The Toda Cams are 2k all in with all the bits and bobs. I really wanted to stay NA but I can import a JRSC for £1600 and have a mechie mate fit it. Any views, opinions, options?:confused:
  14. LeeH

    DC2 DB8 DC5 Off to TDi Monday

    :D Lets have a sweep stake, closest guess wins and I'll personally paypal the winner 25p:rolleyes: BC Race Spec Mani 4-2 2-1 BC Spec IV Gruppe M RBC intake Mani Hondata Gasket KPRO Spoon Socks 245 maybe??
  15. LeeH

    LeeH's DC5 at long last!! inc mods.

    :arrow: Fusi Powergetter cat-back :arrow: Clifford 650 :arrow: Gruppe M is on and OE scuttle Modded. :arrow: Beatrush rear 'C' pillar bar and front strut. :arrow: Spoon Reservoir covers, oil cap, rad cap. :arrow: Spoon magnetic sump plugs :arrow: Spoon gear knob and trim...
  16. LeeH

    Which Header??? DC5

    I've got a second hand Spoon 2-1 to fit to when I have the KPRO mapped but I'm thinking of going the full hog. So, do I keep the Spoon 2-1 andsave myself a few quid or go to a full mani? I'm looking at these 2 from Unit 8 at the mo. OR
  17. LeeH

    Copy and Paste

    I cannot seem to be able to get the Copy and Paste option up when I right click. Its the same on eBay too so I don't know if its my browser or not. Any Ideas. Lee
  18. LeeH

    DC5 De Cat

    Is a decat available for the DC 5 or do you have to get a mani? Cheers Lee:D
  19. LeeH

    My DC5 has left Japan

  20. LeeH

    'How To' Mod your OEM scuttle for the Gruppe M

    This Mod allows you to retain your OEM scuttle instead of the crappy shiny one you get in the Gruppe M kit. Also it allows you to open your bonnet without taking your scoop off and gets rid of the rattles. Any Question just post them on this thread. Lee Basic Tools Required 1. Gruppe M 2...
  21. LeeH

    Earthing Kit

    This is for the benifit for the people who have bought an earthing kit but cannot open the MS office word file. Grounding Kit Fitting Instructions Tools Required 10mm spanner 10mm socket and ratchet Side cutters / snips Tips -Do not cable tie up anything until you...
  22. LeeH

    Apexi Hayabusa - FITTED

    Repaired, polished and fitted 8) :twisted:
  23. LeeH

    My BMC has broke it :-(

    Fitted my BMC today and it cut out when I gave it some gas. It will not start any more. I have checked all electrical connections around the filter but to no joy. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Any comments would be appreciated. TT
  24. LeeH

    HID conversion ***Face Lifts Only***

    Face lift CTR HID H1 Conversion. Due to the H1 lamps in the facelift model but H4 retaining spring on the back of the projectors, fitting is not a straight forward plug and play. So please read on. What is required? 1. Conversion kit available from The guy is...
  25. LeeH

    tommyturbo's / 8)