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    Suits' Nissan 370Z

    So yes, after owning two Honda's since 2006 and Honda not being able to offer me anything to satisfy my needs, I've moved to Nissan. I first saw one of these at the Nissan Promotion stand at Le Mans 24hrs 2009, straight away, I liked it. **This is the exact car and the photo I took all those...
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    No Claims Bonus Expiry ???

    Can anyone give me any hard facts on NCB and if they expire at all ?? I've had a look about but tend to get differing, inaccurate information. This is the thing, someone told me a while ago that if you don't have a valid insurance policy on a car for more than two years you will lose any...
  3. Suits

    What be this ?? Never Seen This Before.....

    This has got Beardardo written all over it IMO, taking away dem tokens.
  4. Suits

    Battery Terminals. OMG FFS.

    Right I'm super pi$$ed, I'm a mushroom cloud laying mother at the minute. I will explain, quickly. I have a JDM S2000, I needed a new battery, I ordered one, wrong one was sent, tried to explain they had made a mistake, they wouldn't have it, whatever, I pay extra to exchange the battery for...
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    New rules for SORN vehicles.

    New guidelines have been issued to Magistrates today on how to deal with vehicals off road but not SORN'ed I thought it may be of interest to anyone who "lays up" their cars for the winter (me) and the insurance expires in this period. The only issue this will cause is if people, leave their...
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    Changes to the MOT in 2011.

    Check these out, so people with cheap HID kits beware. Full details here.
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    Cleaning an aftermarket filter.

    For most of us that run an aftermarket intake system cleaning an aftermarket filter is a must, as unlike an OEM airbox our elements are considerably more expensive. The option of cleaning our filters is much more appealing than buying a new one. As in this case my S2000 Mugen element is around...
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    Forum Shoutbox.

    Something I have seen on other Forums is a type of 'Shoutbox' that sits on the main Forum Index page and allows user to just type something and post it in the box, could be anything, from weather, mood, or just basic announcements. Kind of like a status update thing. It displays only the...
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    How to paint your brake calipers.

    There are lots of ways to do this, but it often crops up as a how to do it, or what's the best way. This is the way I have done it on two separate occasions and I have been pleased with the results on both occasions. Things I used; Axle stands 1/2" paint brush Lining brush Folia-Tec kit...
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    **Spotted elsewhere** JDM Red Recaro's

    Mod's - If this isnt allowed please remove. Spotted these on PH's, they look a little grubby but tend to come up very well after some TLC. Bit of a bargain IMO.
  11. Suits

    Gruppe 'M Instructions (Free To A Good Home)

    Found these while sorting through some paper work. I was going to through them out, but if someone wants them, ill post them too them for free (work post). I know there is a scan in of them on the forum, but for those perfectionists out there these will be a cool addition to their vehicle...
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    Suits' JDM S2000

    Right, just picked up my new '99 JDM Honda S2000. I had viewed a few S2000's, but a JDM, having the extra BHP and torque over a UKDM was my first choice. I read the normal advert, 'perfect example', (lardy da) and proceeded to arrange a viewing after the epic TRO meet in Norwich. The car...
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    Disappearing posts in threads.

    I have noticed on a few occasions now that certain posts are dropping off threads. Is there a new delete button available to us users, so that we can delete our own posts? Or is it that Moderators are deleting posts due to language, style or irrelevance? I have no problem with this, as its...
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    New smilie.

    Any chance this can be added to the list please, I find it most enjoyable. I think he is supposed to be singing.