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    HSD Coilovers

    For Nissans people swear by the but after fitting them to a DC5 I’d say avoid. The HSDs are really poor quality and for the rears you have to take them off the car to adjust the height.
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    DC5 front toe issue after lowering.

    Why do you say that?
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    DC5 front toe issue after lowering.

    I wouldn’t buy them personally but it was their choice.
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    DC5 front toe issue after lowering.

    Asking for a friend of mine who has a Facelift DC5. They have fitted HSD coilovers and decided to get the hardrace inverted tie rod ends. The trouble is now to get anywhere close to the required toe there is only about 7mm of thread into the tie rod end. Obviously this is far from ideal...
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    Type R Owners INSURANCE scheme with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

    I have just renewed my EP3 cover with yourselves and my Mrs has just swapped her FN2 cover to you as well. Very happy with the service. She is only 26 and saved over £200 with yourselves so can't argue with that.
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    tripometer reset button

    Mine does the same when it is cold and damp. I suspect it is probably the contact is a bit gunked up. Once the heater has been on for a while and it is warm it seems to work better.
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    Change front brake pads on a CTR.

    When they are worn out LOL. Sorry couldn't resist. If you look at the pads in the callipers you can see the material left (look through the wheel and if you look at the metal "fingers" on the caliber you can see the pad. Discs generally change every other set of pads (as thats about how...
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    coolant question?

    It is around 2 1/2 litres to fill the system for a change, 3.5 if it is totally dry (as in new engine build) from memory.
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    Lowering springs ruining the car?

    A car will only "hop" if the dampers are not up to the job so what you have said in "The issues that I had are not shock related" is in fact exact WHAT it is. Your right in the springs are to highly rated but only for the standard shocks. Run them with uprated dampers and they would have been...
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    Mugen spoiler

    The fiberworx one is excellent. I have one on mine and the fit is great and the finish of the spoiler is very good.
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    What car soap/shampoo do you use?

    As above Dodo juice sour power is great for between waxes. a 500ml bottle lasts about a year of washing every other week (and weekly in the winter) and it works really well.
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    Chris' Cosmic Grey Premier Edition

    Nice looking car you have there. I think I spotted it at Beaulieu the other weekend. I have the 04 cosmic that was there with the mugen rear wing and the bronze Rota alloys.
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    TGS Motorsport

    As said TGM are excellent. Tom and all the guys are really nice as well. It's the only place I trust with mine.
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    Ep3 sloppy gearstick.

    As Lewis has said the problem is the shifter itself. Either replace it with a honda replacement ( which costs about £140) or the buddy club one ( around £170) which also shortens the shift
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    will 5x114 alloys fit honda

    stock offset is et45. what you will need on aftermarket wheels will depend on the width you go for. the wider you go the lower offset you will want so as they clear the suspension parts etc but to wide and to low offset and you will need arch work.
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    Idle Problem

    It must be the time of year for it (or all the rain). Mine did the same thing but after being stood for a week (it is driven every day normally). I gave it a good motorway run and it sorted itself out.
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    DIY: HID Install EP3

    NYA please show me where it states that they are illegal NOW. Unless I have missed it the MOT guidance hasn't changed in the past 12 months and they have never been illegal. All it says is that IF fitted the self levelling and headlight washers must work. but if it isn't fitted (and there are...
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    Which dual action polisher to go for?

    I have been using the exact same one for about 3 years now (and I swapped the cable for a longer one which is a very easy swap) and get very good results using sonus pads and a mix or sonus and Dodo juice products.
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    Ep3 sloppy gearstick.

    It isn't normal no but it does happen. As the plastic parts in the gear stick wear they allow play which then allows the gear stick to move (both side to side and front to back) when in gear. Mine has been like it for well over a year now but is only about 10-15 mm either way. The only real...
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    Spark plug gap

    You have answered your question yourself there. With the type of plug you have you CANNOT adjust the gap safely as you will damage the plug. They are pre gapped during production so just bung them in. The older type plugs with a copper electrode can be gapped however.
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    Lime prime on a light cutting pad using a DA is a dream to use. I used a Sonus pad (can't remember what colour it is but it is the light cut one) and lime prime on my Cosmic EP3 and it removed all the very minor swirls which the car had first time. I then used the sonus sealant and other than...
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    Unusual Aux belt activity?

    I would say switch the engine on and standing on the drivers side with the bonnet open look down at the belt. where the belt runs round you will see the tensioner pulley. Watch as it run rounds and look if it seems to "wobble" on its mounting. If it does grab the wd40 and just aim a bit at...
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    Surprising facelift steering knock.

    I get exactly the same. TBH I have just learnt to live with it.
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    FRSU owners, I have a question for you...

    Even at the stock ride height the difference is worlds apart. TGM did mine for me (am still planning to get coilovers for mine at some point) and even on the road it is better. get it near a track and the difference is clear to see. The turn in is sharper, you can feel there is more grip and...
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    dodo juice?

    I use a lot of DoDo juices products and have been very impressed. Using the lime prime polish by machine is amazing. Has left all of the sonus stuff I had redundant for all but the worst of swirls.
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    When does an ep3 really run out of fuel

    Well if its anything like the EK civics (found a figure in the manual for the girlfriends car) then when the light comes on you have 7 litres left. when it gets to 0 on the gauge you have 3 litres left. so on that basis if you got the pump as it runs out anything from 45- 70 miles should be...
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    Ep3 sloppy gearstick.

    I have been told the same thing about the shifter bushes (as in the ones at the gearbox end) and been told if you have play in the cables then it can actually make it worse as it "tightens" everything up and so can make it more stiff going into gear and increase the rate of wear in both the...
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    M.O.T failed today.

    EPS is simply a case of they have left it running with no movement of the steering for long enough (think it is 10 minutes but might even be 20) that the system thinks there is a fault. As said car off and back on turns the light out as does moving the steering i think.
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    boot wont open

    Thanks for this Thread guys. Just had this happen to me, hands full with shopping, unlock the boot grab handle and as i did accidental pressed the fob again. boot locked and jammed= lots of swearing. All sorted now.
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    Wind deflectors for ep3?

    I have had the Climair ones for about 2 years now on mine. the only thing I would say is that over time they do become a little bit more loose in the window frame (just a very slight rattle when the window is fully down, still no chance of them falling out). I would certainly recommend them.
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    Mapping question

    The standard car does it as well. You can get to almost 7000rpm on part throttle before the vtec changes over. As said it all works on the manifold absolute pressure or MAP sensor.
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    Loud creak and gearbox warranty work

    No it should be the same oil IE MTF3. Rear diff oil will be far to thick i would have thought.
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    Ultrasonic Sensors?

    It is above the rear seats on the roof lining sort of oval shaped. The sensor is crap though. doesn't seem to work at all well for anything in the front of the car.
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    Very noobish question.

    Looking good. That is a nice depth of shine you have got there
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    "ceramic" oil additive

    A Guy I know who worked for Castrol once told me that all these additives do more harm than good. The oil companies spend millions of pounds developing the formula of oils to give a specific result. by adding other chemicals they often "compete" with the oil itself for the space to bond to the...
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    Very noobish question.

    Tom if you get stuck or need any tips I am local to you and always happy to lend a hand. Word of warning though the whole detailing thing becomes addictive.
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    Fujitsubo RM01A vs TODA Cat-Back

    I have the RM01A on mine and I have to say it is probably the nicest exhaust i have found. It is just loud enough to be sporty without attracting unwanted attention and the fit and finish is amazing.
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    TDi-North car goes 9.7 on a RWYB track!!!

    that is extremely impressive.
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    Alpine ida wont turn on..

    Glad you got it sorted. Agreed it is a PITA that they don't connect them But i think it is because they are designed to work with the equaliser and that running off the power also.
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    Alpine ida wont turn on..

    couple of things. Firstly on the wiring loom for the unit to the iso connectors there is a red and a yellow lead. these have bullet connectors in them which need connecting together (they are always supplied not connected). If you have connected these then have a look at the inline fuse. it...
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    Hankook Ventus V12 Evo K110

    I have just fitted them on mine as i wasnt prepared to pay £170 per tyre for another lot of the michelin PS2s that i have had on for a while now which are a million times better than pretty much anything else tried in the wet. I have to say for a tyre half the price they are fantastic in the dry...
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    Type R Owners INSURANCE scheme with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

    Afraid it is the case regardless of if you fit the criteria stated. I only have cosmetic mods and an exhaust at the moment, have 10 years no claims bonus, and a clean licence but still got the "you must be 30 or over answer". Thanks Tim for clarifying the situation and i fully understand...
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    Type R Owners INSURANCE scheme with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

    Well they wont be insuring anyone under 30 from about 2 weeks ago according to the guy i spoke to being told it was their underwritters had tightened up a lot. They were happy to insure me at 27 when i was insured with them the first time around. I fail to see how my "attitude" has any...
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    Type R Owners INSURANCE scheme with CHRIS KNOTT :: 0800 917 2274

    What a complete waste of space these guys are. Not only did they fail to give me a better quote than the other club insurer last year but they sent me a letter inviting me to ring them for a quote as i approach renewal this month only to be told that unless your OVER 30 then they will NOT...
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    Service cost.

    Not if your an enthusiast. If i saw a type R with a full honda service history and one with a full specialist history (ie tgm, tdi etc) then i would go for the one with the specialist history. I have seen what the spanner monkeys at main dealers do to customers cars
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    electric windows

    Hold the button down and go all the way down only releasing when it stops then do the same going up and hey presto it will work again
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    DAB car radio

    Having tried a car with DAB i wouldn't waste my money at the moment. Unlike FM where you get the white noise slightly but can still get a signal with DAB it is all or nothing and in a moving car, mostly nothing (and before anyone says it this did have a specialist DAB antenna fitted). The...
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    Full Beams/Fog Light Bulbs to Compliment HIDs

    Which bulbs did you go for in the end? I went for the Philips blue vision ones as they got a good write up by people with hids but all i can say is none of them could see obviously as they are still far to yellow and the light from them is worse than standard ones compared to the Hids in the...
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    Normal headlight help. . . upgrade

    You could also try a company called car mods shop (google them and it takes you to their site). It is the company who supply hidsforus and were very helpful when i had a problem with mine (i had a blub blow the moment i put them in) and actually delt with the returns for me. As said you...
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    Normal headlight help. . . upgrade

    It will take H1 for the dipped beam and HB3 bulbs for the main beam. The HB3 has a plastic 90 degree right angle to the connector on it. I used uprated Osram Nightbreaker bulbs in mine for over a year and was very pleased with them. Still not as good as HIDs but were a good middle step...
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    Ferodo DS2500

    The squeeling is less down to how they are fitted and more down to how they are bedded in. If you follow the routine of 15-20 runs from 60 down to about 30 mph using around 1/3 to 1/2 brake pressure (which gets the discs and the pads very very hot indeed, almost to hot you would think and...
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    How to change you spark plugs, EP3 & DC5

    ALso I wouldn't be putting a set of feeler guages anywhere need the plugs for the CTR. The electrode is far far to thin to be gapping a plug like that hence why they come pre gapped from manufacturing.
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    Cleaning a carbon bonnet

    When you say TLC is it just dull or is it actually cloudy or chipped
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    New 2012 Honda Civic spy photos/chat

    Agree with what said above it is either that it is a new platform dressed in the old body (if they were just at the handling stage of a new platform it would make sense not to show the new car whole) or as said it is a test mule for a new engine or component.
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    Tegiwa? Gruppe m replica

    Ummm so the Gruppe M isnt in fact manufacturered in China, no of course it isnt. And when it was £300 odd quid as suggested that was 129000 yen as it was heavily discounted. So does this not suggest that for 192000 yen they are in fact making a massive profit on each unit, at least 63000 yen...
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    Tegiwa? Gruppe m replica

    Well with the pictures and write ups I have seen so far there hasnt been a bad word said about it. I mean look at this way rota wheels are all fakes using lower grade materials than the original (so i am told) unyet no one knocks them for being "cheap alternatives that will not end well" so...
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    Tyre Prices???

    Never heard of falcons and TBH they sound like a remould (no reason for that other than it is the kind of name remould companies use). Your right in that toyos dont last very well, i struggled to get more than 8k miles out of them when i had them on my previous EP3. Same goes for yoko pradas...
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    Steering Shake Normal?

    It sounds to me like the front wheels may be very slightly out of balance. Mine was like that when i bought it. Had yokos on the front and the original bridgestones on the rear and when i went on the first track day with it there was a noticable shake above 90mph. Chucked them on my mates...
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    wheels without centre caps

    Ok so going on from the Volks CE28N thread I really like the works CR kai wheels but the lack of centre caps just puts me off a little. Not for the look but as i do 25k miles+ a year in every weather could the lack of centre caps speed up of cause any damage to the hubs? Or am i just worrying...
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    fujisubo rm01a

    I second that. Give James a shout. If your prepared to wait a little longer then doing it via their container service makes it a slightly easier price to pay.
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    New to honda and i need help

    As said the Fujitsubo RM-01A is the exhaust of choice. As for the intake is worth keeping an eye on the tewega gruppeM copy as it is less than half the price of the real one and so far is looking very good. I am sure some will disagree but paying over £800 for something if it can be matched...
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    Drilling Carbon Fibre

    Also when i have drilled it i have always put masking tap over the area i was going to drill. Was told it would help stop the coating from chipping and also helps stop the drill slipping. Not sure how much truth was in it but i didnt have any problems.
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    Ferodo ds2500 and goodridge hoses

    Yeah your bedding in was fine. Mine were very very hot and a slight haze coming off them when i had finished. I would say that if the pedal goes soft when the car is started then it is something up with the master cylinder on the brakes rahter than the pads or the rest of the braking system...
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    My Swedish Cosmic EP3 *Big update*

    Very nice indeed. Have you had a chance to fit the Exhaust mounts yet? I would be interested to know what difference they make as i have been looking at them for mine which is the same exhaust as yours.
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    Ferodo ds2500 and goodridge hoses

    Type R magik you said you been bedding them in for 30 miles, i take it you havent followed or were unaware of the bedding in procedure for DS2500s?? They are not like other pads which you need to go gentle on for the first 100 miles these need to exact opposite and the bedding in is done very...
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    Window Tinting in the UK

    As said the law is 75% light through on the windscreen, 70% on the front side windows and no set limit on the rear sides and rear screen. The EP3 is tinted to 25% on ALL windows so you can get away with 5% extra on the fronts if you can find somewhere that does it.
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    Any Volk CE28N copies out there?

    Well if the work emotions came with a centre cap then they would be perfect. Just dont like them without.
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    Any Volk CE28N copies out there?

    So James for a similar price to those what is the lightest in a 7x17 (or 7.5x17)?
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    Any Volk CE28N copies out there?

    So the Rota's ones are actually lighter (by 100g)?? how can that be?
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    Any Volk CE28N copies out there?

    James what are these like for weight??
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    Wait wtf... Old Civic SR

    Yeah was the D16Z6 for SOHC vtec if i remember rightly. Thing is it was designed as an economy engine rather than performance.
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    When to replace rubber due to age?

    Hippy get them changed ASAP. Honestly it is really not worth risking it. Tyres like all rubber parts have a service/ shelf life. If they are 15 years old then chances are they are more than past their best. The slits (i take it by this you mean there are cracked and crazed all over) are a...
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    Which exhaust for sound and performance

    mAKE THAT +2.
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    Is it the battery?

    Sounds to me very much like a failing battery. They are never the same when they have been run flat either and chances are that will have finished it off. I would go as far as saying it is likely to struggle to start the car in the morning. For 40 odd quid i would get it changed before it lets...
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    Improving MPG

    That will explain it then. For short trips (ie when the engine is still warming up) the car uses much more fuel as it needs a over rich mixture to keep the engine running. Hence why when you first start the car in the morning the exhaust stinks of fuel (a sweet sticky type smell). As for...
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    Battery issues

    Nope battery is Knackered. It is classic dead battery syndrome. Get the battery changed.
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    Ever notice the rain pouring onto your electric window switch. EP3.

    There not from ebay and neither are the ***** but the climair ones are a fantastic alternative to JDM ones and i personally think they look better.
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    Binding brakes

    Seems to happen when it is cold/damp a lot. If your at all worried then park with it in gear and leave the handbrake off.
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    Jazz Washer Jets - FITTED !!!!

    Nope i test drove one (our local honda dealer invites us every year to a lunch do where you can test drive any of the range) and found that they had changed back to the 2 spray style. I happened to mention it to one of the sales guys and he joked that all of the ones he had sold had the jets...
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    Hid Ballast

    For those with hid kits fitted (and if any of those have kits from Hids4us) is it normal for the ballasts to hum (like an electrical hum) during use? I have recently got a 6000k kit from them and when i fitted it the other day. Unfortunately One of the bulbs failed on me almost instantly but...
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    fujitsubo RM-01A with stock cat problems

    Pointman as you look from the back of the car the Bolt should be on the left hand side of the rear box. It has vastly improved the problem but not 100% cured it. The exhaust still catches on some speed bumps and very occasionally does knock still very lightly. Having said that it is the best...
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    fujitsubo RM-01A with stock cat problems

    Ok well just to update am rather embarrassed. after looking at a few pics of them fitted i noticed that out of 5 pics of the back box i found 4 had the mount fitted one way round (with the bolt on the band on the passenger side of the back box) and one had it on the other side. The one on the...
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    fujitsubo RM-01A with stock cat problems

    Yeah it does seem strange. Only thing i did wonder is if there was a slight change/ difference with the facelift (as i take it yours has always been on prefacelift cars Dotty)
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    Engine warning light

    The car is "safe" to drive but there is a possibility that it could be running lean which in the long term could be doing damage. Chances are he has gained nothing either as without a remap you cannot take advantage of a decat. The light has illuminated simply to tell him there is a defect...
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    fujitsubo RM-01A with stock cat problems

    Chers James your a star. I will order them very shortly.
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    k and n typhoon on rolling road

    This argument will go on until the end of time as both camps (ie those for heat soak and those against) both feel very strongly about their argument. The thing is look at it this way. Regardless of the bonnet being up or down the fan is there for one reason and one reason only. to provide...
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    fujitsubo RM-01A with stock cat problems

    Cheers James. Can you get both as i can only find the back box mounts on the site.
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    fujitsubo RM-01A with stock cat problems

    For those who have this exhaust can anyone help. We fitted mine thursday and have a couple of problems. Firstly (and the most annoying) for some reason where the pipe goes over the rear suspension arms it is fouling the anti roll bar. Not to the point when it is causing damage but gives a...
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    Jazz Washer Jets - FITTED !!!!

    I did mine recently. ordered from lings honda online (cost me just over £19 delivered) and they arrived 2 days later. hardest bit was getting the hose off the old ones but then it was just a case of squueze the lugs underneath and the old ones pop out. Swap the rubber washer over to the jazz...
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    bonnet release handle

    Well mine didn't feel stiff to pull but i know what you mean. It isn't until you get it off the car you realise how bad they are. Honestly for the sake of an hour or so and some hard work (unless you follow the honda method of taking the bumper off and half the car to pieces) i would change it.
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    The Best Sparkplugs to get???

    They are NGK as standard with Honda branding on them. There is a group buy on "the other forum" which does them for 38 quid for 4 i think.
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    bonnet release handle

    Yeah Crumb. the problem is the cable takes a few twists and turns getting from the inside to the engine bay and over time it becomes stiff. When we finally got around to changing it the cable was so stiff it wouldn't budge in the outer pulling it by hand. Replaced it and touch wood so far so...
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    New look forum graphics - buy them here!

    He has been very busy recently and has had a few problems in his home life. Maybe try his website (type skewer into google) and try his number on there if you need them quickly.
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    New look forum graphics

    He has been very busy recently and has had a few problems in his home life. Maybe try his website (type skewer into google) and try his number on there if you need them quickly.
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    exhaust gaskets?

    My RM-01A came with the gaskets for the exhaust (so you should only need the manifold ones) and being the same make i would have thought yours is the same
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    MTF 2 is "semi synthetic" MTF3 is "fully synthetic". I am not sure if you can still get mtf 2 though
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    leather gear gaiter (EP3)

    I fitted mine yesterday (alcantara) and actually think it looks much better. The rubber boot looks very very very cheap and really doesn't suit the sporty image of the car IMHO. The last time i saw something of that poor quality was in a hyundry accent. Yes the fabric folds up when you...
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    flat battery & hid kit

    Yeah thats the one. I paid slightly less than that but then i did get it at trade price (one advantage of having family in the trade). Is certainly much better on the cold mornings now.
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    Yeah nothing wrong with the halfords one. i think it is the HB063 you need for the EP3. They give the longest warranty of any company on their batteries.
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    As R20190 has said the standard honda battery is not all that (in fact it is crap, hence why it is considerably cheaper than anywhere else). I have just had to replace mine (had similar symptoms to just before the battery failed on my last EP3 of being reluctant to start in the morning...