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    fn2 type r dead key

    hi guys my wifes 2009 civic type r has one working key and one that doeant work,its been sat in a drawer for 2 years so guessing its a dead battery. can i just replace the battery and it will work or will it need re-coding? also whilst im doing it i would like to change the battery in the...

    jump starting another car from civic type r fn2

    hi peeps i need to jump start my jeep grand cherokee from my mrs civic type r fn2, is there a certain way to do it so i dont fry the ecu/key? from what i have read it should be.... red lead to jeep 1st then to honda black lead from honda to bracket/bolt in jeep engine bay keys from both cars...

    oil grade for fn2 type r with 44k on clock

    im sorry if this has been asked many times in the past, honda garage are telling me its 0w30 or 0w20 yet cox's service pack contains 5w40 its just a road car with no track work, its a 2009 model with 44k on it many thanks matt is this ok for it...

    brake fluid/clutch fluid type r fn2

    hey guys is the brake fluid and clutch fluid the same in the fn2 type r? is it all in the same reservoir? how much would be needed to do a full flush?

    Jump starting fn2 type r help please

    Hey guys My partner parked her civic type r up yesterday and now today it wont start so need to jump it. Is there a particular sequence I need to follow or any do's and dont's? It's a 2009 plate Thanks

    honda approved used car warranty-transferable?

    hi we are about to put my mrs 2009 civic type r gt up for sale, we bought it in april this year from a honda dealership in london and it came with 2 years honda warranty so roughly 18 months remaining. the car has covered around 42k in total. can we transfer the remaining warranty to the...

    honda service plan.....worth it or not?

    so my mrs has a 2009 civic type r with 41k on the clock. it has 2 years warranty with honda. she covers around 4k per year. during a recent visit to honda to have some warranty work done they have offered us a service plan until 2021, it works out about £5 per week. anybody else have...

    2009 type r fn2 clutch fluid change

    we have been advised to have the clutch fluid changed on my mrs civic type r 2009 fn2. im guessing its brake fluid aswell so thats a bonus. how much will it need and whats the best stuff for it? the car is a daily driver on 41k thanks

    playing music from samsung galaxy s7 in 2009 fn2 type r

    hi my mrs would like to play music from her s7 in her 2009 type r, it has the aux/usb in the centre console. how do we do it?
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    tinting the windows on a fn2 type r

    so I rang a few local places to get a quote on tinting the windows on my mrs fn2 type r (59 plate) and ive been told that the lower part of the rear screen under the spoiler is plastic and cannot be done. is this correct? would look a little daft half black half clear in my opinion
  11. MR ANGRY

    fn2 civic type r a little too quiet

    so I have just picked up a 2009 type r in silver from a Honda dealership in London for my mrs. on the drive home I was a little miffed that there wasn't much noise from the exhaust,i remember when I had my ep3 that in standard form they sound pretty meaty. she doesn't want it mega loud...
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    these lines any good peeps?

    just come across these,ive heard bad things about the hel/goodrich ones so am interested in knowing what these are like
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    my wipers are gash........which new ones to buy

    need new wipers on my facelift type r which ones would be a good buy and will actually wipe not smear
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    anybody used this guy for discs?

    need to replace my front discs and pads so looking at various options on discs,im going use delphi pads but not sure on discs,was thinking black diamond/ebc/tarox but they are quite pricey so while looking i found these...
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    dc5 brembo's on an ep3 type r

    some have come up for sale and i want them,they have s2000 discs but do i need spacers? my car is on 7.5j rota torque alloys 17"
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    want louder exhaust but no rasp

    i have an ep3 type r running standard cat and b-pipe and a magnex 5" slash cut backbox,its a really nice beefy deep bass sound but its not quite loud enough,if i put a unsilenced b-pipe will it result in that horrible raspy sound most tuned hondas have,i know a few people on here like the raspy...
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    gearbox bolts

    the bolts that go all round the gear box on an ep3 type r............are they all the same length?
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    pulleys/belts/tensioners etc

    what pulleys/belts etc would need replacing on a facelift ep3 type r my car has a whinning sound when revved,also i know the timing chain should last the life of the car but is there any tensioners that need replacing? can someone list me all the pulleys and rough prices please my car has...
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    crush ring gasket........what size

    i have a standard b-pipe mated to a magnex backbox,we fitted the backbox with loads of exhaust paste but its blowing already (i knew it would) i need one of those crush ring gaskets but what size do i need? cheers its an ep3 type r
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    my cosmic grey build thread

    thought it best to start a thread to update on a regular basis instead of starting loads of little threads-so here goes car-2004 ep3 type r in cosmic grey-76k-standard when brought 8 weeks ago apart from an earthing kit,always has and will be ran on v-power things i have done so far...
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    tegiwa and magnex fitted........

    had these fitted today,well chuffed and loving the mad sound the 2 give off :D
  22. MR ANGRY

    new clutch yesterday...............

    well i had my new clutch yesterday with new gear oil hoping it would make the gear change alot smoother and stop me having to fight to get it into 1st/out of reverse and it has,im really really chuffed with it the gear change now is super slick its like a new car,no more notchiness at all just...
  23. MR ANGRY

    cleaning up an exhaust

    just brought myself a 5" magnex jap-can backbox and from the pics it looks like in needs a damn good clean/polish before i fit it,whats the best method and best stuff to do it as i have never done it before cheers
  24. MR ANGRY

    replacing front lights

    basically ive brought some uprated bulbs (main,dipped,side and bumper fogs) ive just spoke to my mate he reckons the bumper will have to come off and headlights out job??? is this correct? seems a bit overkill just for a few bulbs i have the use of a ramp if that helps me change any
  25. MR ANGRY

    gearbox oil question

    as you might be aware im having a clutch fitted soon and i will need some new gear oil so..... -is there a cheaper but just as good equivalent as honda's mtf3 and where do i get it from? -if not wheres the cheapest place to get 3L of honda's mtf3 gear oil? i thankyouplease
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    best place to get a clutch from

    i was originally going take my car to abp for a clutch change but ive rang my mate and he will do it for £100 if i get the clutch,ive seen tegiwa sell genuine honda 3 piece clutch kits has anyone brought 1 from them? any other good suggestions where to get one from? i dont mind mail order or i...
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    slight engine ticking noise

    my 04 ep3 type r has a slight ticking/tapping noise when revs build up,it has 76200 on the clock has just had an oil/filter change (10w40 fully synthetic about 300 miles ago) but has not had the 75k valve clearance done it will be having the valve clearance done in 4 weeks when it goes to abp...
  28. MR ANGRY

    anyone local want to fit these for me? if i buy these does somebody local-ish to me fancy doing me a huge favour and fit them for me? obviously i will pay you for your time,either i...
  29. MR ANGRY

    poor vision at night

    Hi folks has anybody else noticed how poor the lights are on ep3's just come back from cinema and could hardly see a thing.can i fit hid lights as somebody says its an mot fail but I gotta do something about it
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    what RON is texaco super unleaded

    as above i need to know asap as i cant find any info anywhere
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    anybody fitted these?

    as title,if you have did you get good results?
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    is my exhaust standard?

    as title,somebody thinks it could be a magnex one but im unsure,it sounds a bit fruity not loud just nice
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    my cosmic ep3

    only 2 pics as the bloody batteries died in my camera,its pretty much mint all round just needs the rattly heatshields looking at and i want to change the water pump as i think its still on the original one,its just turned 75k and runs very very well,i dropped the oil last week so thats all good...
  34. MR ANGRY

    detailing advice please

    right then over the easter holiday im gonna be giving the type r a proper damn good clean,ive always just washed cars then polished em ive never done a full on detail and im loving the type r so wanna treat her treat me as a noob on this please what do i need (cloths,wax,polish,clay etc etc)...
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    induction kit

    ive read thru the posts on here but cant find anything about the pipercross venom or viper closed air induction kits i cant justify spending £300+ on a tegiwa one so was wondering about these anybody know if they are anygood or not...
  36. MR ANGRY

    upgrading my exhaust

    was gonna go for a hks hi-power 409 system but its a bit pricey,looked at cobra systems from exhaustsuk but it sounds like a wet fart then just come accross this...
  37. MR ANGRY

    heat shield rattle

    i have this at low revs.........can i remove the heat shield without any effects or does it need fixing? im having a hks hi-power 409 exhaust fitted in a few weeks so can rip it off then
  38. MR ANGRY

    gear change problem

    im finding the type r a brilliant car apart from the gear change,some times its fine sometimes its a bitch? is this a common problem? when going into 1st sometimes i have to put the clutch done twice for it to engage? would uprated gearbox mounts help? or a short shifter kit? there is no...
  39. MR ANGRY

    few little niggles

    as you may be aware i got my 1st tpe r yesterday,a 04 facelift in cosmic grey but its got a few little niggles that i need to get sorted 1-should both footwells light up red cos only the passenger side does at the min 2-the drivers side headlight does not work (sidelight and full beam work ok)...