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  1. Red-Shed-Type-R

    FN2 Wheels refresh in black or gun metal, what to do with hubcap?

    Hello, Wheels on my car are due a refresh, they came fairly badly curbed and there are bubbles starting to appear. Given mine goes on the track allot and are semi permanently covered in black break dust, thinking of going a dark colour, but not sure how to deal with the hub caps. Mine didn't...
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    Any reason not to buy Tegiwa wheel spacers over Eibachs, bit cheaper and appear to be made of same material.
  3. Red-Shed-Type-R

    EP3 FN2 bouncing and bobbing at the front after coil/o and FRS

    Evening, My car now has replacement polly bushes all around, BC racing coil overs, and had the FRS geometry done by Grinspeed. Also has the M Factory LSD. It's got lots of grip and great balance, but at the moment the front bounces around a lot, which detracts from the rest of the cars...
  4. Red-Shed-Type-R

    Sourcing a TDI North FN2 Exhaust?

    Hello, As some of you may know my car is getting new engine and gearbox, it's also getting inlet/exhaust manifolds, and the ECUTEK map re-run at TDI, plan was also to get their 3" exhaust as it doesn't breach track sound limits. However, they've sold out and won't have new stock when I'm...
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    FN2 Baffled sump, worth the investment?

    Interested to hear from people who have tracked (or raced) FN2's with or without baffled sumps. For those that don't know, high speed driving, particularly on track can cause oil surge/starvation in hard cornering and heavy braking zones, as oil shifts to one side of the sump under strong...
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    FN2 I broke my FN2 today :(

    Been having trouble getting into 3rd/4th on downshift when hot and under load. Today something went quite wrong when I put it into 3rd. After I got towed back to paddock it spilled all the engine oil out. Starter motor could not...
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    FN2 Connecting Go-Pro so you can see the driver (FN2)

    Hello, I've got a Go-Pro-7 to film track days. I've got a large sucker pad, which will go on the windscreen and show a Bonet down view, which is OK, but I think track videos are much more interesting if you can see driver, but it ideally needs to be fairly close up. Any suggestions on...
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    AutoGlyn Headlight lens restoration, anyone done it? Video looks easy enough, just a bit worried the pad for the drill is quite wide and will be going over the lights and onto the masked off bodywork. Guess just have to put lots of layers of tape on?
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    FN2 Help me get my knob polished...

    ...sorry, cheesy title. Just replaced my gaitor with a Honda original part, not a dodgy fake suede one from eBay. was going to get a new knob because mines scratched up, but after seeing this would quite like to fix. Video says 8th gen...