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  1. TarmacNymph

    Bit of an odd one, centre console fitment.

    Just a quick confirmation if I may, would a preface JDM centre console fit into a facelift UKDM dash? There is one up for grabs and I was thinking of getting it flocked, but only if I can be sure that it will fit. (Wanting to keep my OEM one as it is as it's in really good condition and won't...
  2. TarmacNymph

    Top mounts buggered, I now have three options, HELP/ ADVICE please

    Basic gist is, I popped my car over to Eurospec yesterday to investigate a knocking noise that has been getting progressively worse over the past few months, but much more noticeable and frequently after going over a cattle grid too fast about 4/5 weeks ago. Turns out my top mounts are shot and...
  3. TarmacNymph

    Possible oil leak....? TIA

    Hey guys, wonder if anyone would have an answer for me before I ring Honda. Basically I paid for them to change my rocker cover over and since then I have been getting a build up of something predominantly in one corner (see below). Also, when I drive for about half an hour or during a spirited...
  4. TarmacNymph

    Quite a few things gone wrong, please help..

    Now these issues have been coming and going for about 6 weeks, but now seem to be happening almsot every time I get behind the wheel and it's starting to worry me. First it started with a knocking sound coming from both front suspensions, but more noticeable from the passenger side, when I...
  5. TarmacNymph

    Help required, Honda part numbers please!

    Hi guys (and girls if you read this), I have tried in vain to search for what I'm looking for as know I have read a few threads with what I'm looking for but I cannot for the life of me remember which ones :? and when I type "DC5 pedals" into the search option I just get pages and pages anything...
  6. TarmacNymph

    K20 FTW.. Essentially, more JDM than a Tsunami

    Car was purchased the during April 2009, and then sold in June 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed making it my own, and most would agree that it become one of the most notorious EP3's in the UK. And because I had too much time on my hands (and liking the idea after seeing it in another thread), I have...