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  1. Flashy

    Fwd traction in 300bhp cars

    How does the fk2 and fk8 cope with the power being fwd? My TT (fwd) has F1 asy5 tyres and struggles to get the power down. It does have 303lbft of torque and only weighs 1280kg so I can see why it would spin up so easily. I can do some mods to help it but wondered how the stock Rs cope in the...
  2. Flashy

    Creaking Bushes - recommendations

    Hi all, My suspension is creaking at the rear and I think I'm going to give everything a good spray. Am I right in thinking silicone spray is good for rubber bushings? If so, which type? Ta.
  3. Flashy

    Flashy's Ibis White Audi Mk2 TT 2.0tfsi valvelift

    Had the car 3 months now and have only done 1k in it due to the lockdown. I bought some 18 inch alloys to replace the oem 17s. 2kg a corner lighter plus a new set of f1 asy 5. Changed the chrome details to gloss black. Just ordered a thicker Whiteline rarb, should help handling immensely.
  4. Flashy

    EP3 Best place to advertise a modded ep3?

    I know mods aren't going to be popular with everyone but I'll be leaving all of mine on the car, so where's the best place to advertise my ep3? Particularly if I want to sell to an enthusiast? Ta.
  5. Flashy

    Overlapping insurance

    Got my eye on another car but would still have mine to sell as any PX offers are likely to be low. How do I go about running the new car but keeping the ep3 insured until I sell it? I don't want to SORN either car.
  6. Flashy

    Which induction set up for RRC manifold?

    Does anyone have experience of which induction set up works best with the RRC manifold on a k20? Or RBC as they are pretty similar. I have the teg m on at the moment but have a 3" injen sat in the garage. I ran the injen on the oem prb manifold but haven't run it yet on the rrc. Just wondering...
  7. Flashy

    Ep3 tyres 215/45/17

    I have 215/45 tyres on my rota alloys as the wheel width is 7.5 inches compared to 7 inch oem. This the tyre wall thickness is nearly 5mm more than oem. I ran ad08r yokos but now have Michelin ps4 on the fronts, and I find the cornering is not quite as firm as the ad08r. I need two new rears...
  8. Flashy

    Insuring a JDM Type R

    Can anyone comment on insuring a JDM import type r, is it generally more expensive? Anything to bear in mind when insuring one?
  9. Flashy

    Heat reflective paint for inlet manifold

    Been thinking about painting the rrc manifold before fitment next week. Can anyone recommend a high temp paint that will help keep the manifold cooler?
  10. Flashy

    EP3 Ep3 for sale

    Anyone's on here?
  11. Flashy

    RRC manifold, which thermal gasket?

    I need to buy a thermal manifold gasket (manifold to head) for an rrc going onto an ep3. There seems to be a few to choose from, what I mean by that is that some have additional holes in the gasket, and some have no additional holes. Looking at the oem prb the extra hole on the head side is in...
  12. Flashy

    M2 intake manifold for ep3

    Has anyone installed one of these? Does the one for the ep3 come with the water port housing on the right hand side?
  13. Flashy

    Shocks to suit eibach pro kit on my ep3

    Looking to get my eibach pro kit on the car which will drop it front 15 rear 20. Want to refresh the shocks at the same time, can anyone suggest a decent brand to use? Want something that is as good or better than oem but without a hefty price tag. Cheers.
  14. Flashy

    Honda FRV

    Does any own or previously owned one who can share their experiences of them, looking at the 1.8 i-vtec. Ta.
  15. Flashy

    EP3 Battery

    The stock battery is something like 48ah and 420cca or thereabouts. My ep3 currently has a battery with 45ah and 330cca. I'm looking at a 40ah Varta battery with 330cca to replace mine. It's slightly smaller in size which is a good thing, would the 40ah cause any issues? As far as I'm aware it's...
  16. Flashy

    EP3 Any other power mods worth doing?

    I know it's an age old question but are there any other power mods worth doing if I don't want to decat the car? I've done 2.5" catback and tegiwa induction kit with k100. Currently at 215bhp and 155lbft. I like the idea of an RBC but am not sure what difference it will make without...
  17. Flashy

    Valve cover breather filter

    Is anyone running one of these filters? Any issues? Looking to possibly velocity stack the teg m intake.
  18. Flashy

    Squeaky exhaust hangers

    After having a new b pipe installed, the back box is slightly further back by about an inch. One of the rubber exhaust hangers behind the bumper occasionally rubs against the underside of the boot. This makes an awful noise inside the car. I've tried gluing some rubber pipe in between the hanger...
  19. Flashy

    Key fob playing up

    I had the battery out for several hours today and now the key fob remote is not working properly. I have to use the key to unlock and lock the car, no alarm going off. What's happened? Do I need to rematch the fob to the car by doing the ignition on, press lock and repeat process?
  20. Flashy

    Ep3 front splitter options

    Thanks to some piece of **** truck mudflap or something similar I have a split splitter :) I'm not the biggest fan of the facelift front splitter so am thinking of an aftermarket one. I see there's Mugen, Airwalker, and some others. Anyone have something a bit different fitted? Pics would be...
  21. Flashy

    Ep3 exhaust options

    So, my power issue appears to be down to the exhaust. Looking for the best option that is not noisy, give decent gains (have no baffle restriction), a 2.5" and not expensive. I've considered 3 options so far... Keep the 5zigen back box but get a 2.5" straight through pipe (imagine that might...
  22. Flashy

    Pcv valve testing on ep3

    Hi folks, I replaced the pcv valve on my ep3 over a year ago as the oil was fouling the intake pipe quite badly. Since then there has been zero fouling but I would have expected some. Is there a test you can do to find out if it's functioning correctly? On the fn2 it was quite a simple test of...
  23. Flashy

    EP3 Ep3 down on power, what to do next?

    My ep3 is down on power between 15 and 20 bhp between 7 and 8k rpm, and around 5 to 10bhp down around 4 to 5k rpm. The car is being helpful and showing no codes The car is not misfiring, stuttering or feeling sluggish. It's had a new timing chain, tensioners and guides, a remap so all fueling...
  24. Flashy

    EP3 spark plugs a little too white?

    Trying to locate the reason for my car being about 10% down on power so I took the plugs out. They are fairly white which indicates the engine running too hot or too lean. Is it worth me changing to a different heat range? Anything else I could investigate if it's running too hot?
  25. Flashy

    K100 launch control

    I have launch control on the car but I have not used it yet. Simple question, how do I use it? Is it a case of being at standstill, depress clutch stick it in first and squeeze the revs up to the limit for launch? I've read stuff about putting the a/c switch on?
  26. Flashy

    Oem cat replacement ep3

    I'm not looking for a race header or Dc5 header, can anyone recommend a cat to replace my oem one? I'd prefer not to get a second hand oem one. I believe an aftermarket cat has to be euro type approved.
  27. Flashy

    K20 oil filter removal question

    I've changed oil and filter a few times on my Ep3 but have a question. Can you change the filter without draining the oil? Basically, does the oil sit below the filter level in the sump?
  28. Flashy

    Eibach pro kit E10-40-001-01-22 for the ep3

    Probably been asked a million times but I cannot find a definitive answer. Do the above springs drop an ep3 F 20mm R 15mm or 30mm Front an Rear? I always thought the sportline were 30 all round but I'm getting both answers for the pro kit.
  29. Flashy

    EP3 Vibration around 2500rpm

    I'm getting a touching exhaust type vibration that I am 99% sure isn't the exhaust. I've moved the exhaust by hand and it doesn't easily touch any part of the car. The back box is fairly close to the bumper but not close enough to cause a vibration. Would knock if anything. The vibration is...
  30. Flashy

    Vibra Technics drivers upper engine mount

    Is anyone running one of these? As far as I'm aware there is a competition version and a fast road version, can anyone review the fast road version? Ta.
  31. Flashy

    Upgrading from a JDM rarb

    Worth doing or stick with what I've got? Mulling over going for a 24mm rarb.
  32. Flashy

    Ep3 intake air temperature

    Drove back from the gym last night and decided to plug my obd2 in to take a look at things. One thing that stood out was the high IAT, it was 33c (91f) and I had only been static on the drive for less than five minutes. I'm running a tegiwa m with silicone intake pipe. Sound normal or could the...
  33. Flashy

    Replacing Lower Control Arms - EP3

    If I replace the LCA's on the EP3 I'm assuming I will not need to have the alignment done again as they are a fixed length? Also, does anyone know the torque setting? Ta.
  34. Flashy

    EP3 Modification choice Ep3

    I have a Tegiwa engine torque damper and an Ultra Racing front strut brace. I can't really use them together but I also can't decide which I prefer to run. The cornering without the brace is definitely a bit softer, and running without the ETD gives a bit more wheel hop. Which should I chose to use?
  35. Flashy

    Dipped headlight connectors EP3

    I'm having a bit of an issue with the offside connector that clips onto the bulb holder of the dipped headlight bulb. It seems to be working it's way loose causing the bulb to go out. I pushed it back on firmly yesterday but this morning it happened again, anyone had a similar issue? Any fixes...
  36. Flashy

    Vtec solenoid gasket

    Anyone changed theirs? It looks a pain to get at but it's only 3 bolts and a couple of connectors.
  37. Flashy

    Ep3 speaker upgrade recommendations

    Changed my head unit and want to upgrade the front speakers to start with. Any speaker recommendations from anyone who has done this?
  38. Flashy

    Double din for the ep3?

    I'm looking at putting a double din in my Ep3, but I need to ask a couple of questions for those with a bit more knowledge of the subject. Are all double dins a standard size? Basically, how do I find out which ones are compatible with my car? Are they plug and play or will I need something...
  39. Flashy

    Bargain ITG Maxogen on Gumtree in Brizzle

    Anyone after a decent induction kit for a bargain price, there's an ITG in Bristol for £125 (gumtree)
  40. Flashy

    EP3 First grand on mods, what now?

    I planned to spend up to a grand on mods to get the car somewhere better, I may have blown that already. What should I do next? So far....... Rota Boost alloys AD08r tyres Stoptech front pads, Brembo rears JDM rarb, polybushed front and rear arbs Meyle HD droplinks Camber bolts and...
  41. Flashy

    Hardrace track rod ends

    I'm looking at getting the frsu done but have noticed the driver's side tie rod has a little play and a small click, this is me leaning in and pulling at the tie rod. My thoughts are to get the rod ends replaced when the camber bolts are replaced. Looking at the hardrace ones, anyone done this...
  42. Flashy

    Frsu on a non lowered car

    Been thinking about getting the frsu done but not lowering the car. I have camber bolts and arms. Still worth it on stock springs? Trying to get the wandering steering reduced.
  43. Flashy

    Aluminium hub centric spigot rings

    I'm after some of these to replace the plastic ones I have on the car. I need 73.1 to 64.1 but cannot seem to find a UK supplier. Anyone got any pointers? Ta
  44. Flashy

    DC5 header and cat on an ep3?

    Has anyone put a DC5 exhaust manifold and cat onto an ep3? Worth doing? Straight fit?
  45. Flashy

    K100 remap, what's the minimum I should do?

    I'm looking to take the car to TDI or Eurospec to get a K100 fitted and mapped. I don't want to decat, so what mods should I consider before taking the plunge? At the moment I have a 76mm Injen CAI fitted with the option of sticking a 6 inch Hybrid Racing velocity stack and filter on the end...
  46. Flashy

    EP3 Vtec

    Got the car back to oem regarding the airbox, except for an ITG profilter. Revs pull all the way up to the limit but there is no pronounced vtec kick, something is happening as the revs pick up quicker over 6000 rpm. Oil is at max, only changed it 2.5k miles ago. Don't think I have a vtc...
  47. Flashy

    Dc5 buyers guide

    I've searched and I can't find one, is there a guide for anyone interested in a DC5?
  48. Flashy

    Hamp shortie oil filter

    Anyone tried one of these? Worth getting?
  49. Flashy

    EP3 Supercharged Ep3

    Has anyone got experience of one? Weighing up where I want to go with the car, would like to know what sort of mpg to expect, any potential running issues etc? Comments welcome :)
  50. Flashy

    K100 supply, fit and remap service

    I'm considering getting this done as I'm missing the lower vtec point like I had done on the Fn2. I see TDI North and Eurospec 2000 offer the supply, fit and remap service but neither are that close. Although Guildford is closer at 69 miles. Is there any closer option for me in Swindon. It's a...
  51. Flashy


    Does anyone run spacers on just the front or rear of their car? Been thinking of getting some 3mm or 5mm spacers just for the rears to bring them out a little.
  52. Flashy

    Velocity stack and filter

    Thinking of getting this set up for my Ep3, anyone done similar? How did it perform?
  53. Flashy

    Are these oem?

    I always thought oem were Sachs.
  54. Flashy

    Living with a 30mm drop - Ep3

    My next mod is likely to be springs, camber arms and bolts with frsu. Mulling over the 20/15 drop or the abp 30mm drop on eibachs. Anyone with the 30mm drop care to share their experiences? I dropped my Fn2 15mm and with the milltek it would occasionally scrape the larger speed humps, the front...
  55. Flashy

    Wandering ep3

    I know our roads are crap but the car has become a bit "wandering", kind of tram lining when driving under normal conditions, the steering is pants. Put it hard into a corner and it's very stable. I've got 215/45/17 AD08r on 7.5j rims with the same offset as oem and a JDM rarb. Other than that a...
  56. Flashy

    Throttle position sensor

    How do I get this off? Fixing looks unusual.
  57. Flashy

    Car idle hunting

    I took the itg maxogen off recently and went back to oem airbox. Tonight I put the Apexi power intake on, the car is lively with it on and it sounds great. I took the car out for a test drive and noticed when I stopped at a roundabout that the idle revs were fluctuating between 1200 and 1800rpm...
  58. Flashy

    Anyone put bonnet vents on?

    I've got my old bonnet in the garage and because I can't give it away I've been thinking about sticking some RS bonnet vents on it. Just trying to work out where on the bonnet to put them
  59. Flashy

    K100 chip question

    If I bought a second hand ecu that had a K100 chip, can I remove the chip and plug it into my ecu? Is it plug and play?
  60. Flashy

    Ep3 cpl k100 with reflash

    For the mods I have I'm seriously considering driving to Cpl and getting the k100 with reflash installed, £435 seems good value. If I mod further then I will get a remap done. Does anyone know what features you get with this?
  61. Flashy

    Brake pads for the ep3

    The brakes have never been the best bit of owning 3 type r's. The brake fade was noticeable the other day when I had to drop the speed quickly. I have done nothing to the brakes since buying the car and took a look to see what pads were on it. Apec on the front and Borg and Beck on the rears...
  62. Flashy

    Ep3 front brace

    I've got a front strut brace, recently it's been off whilst I took the rocker cover off. I put it back on and although the car corners a bit more go kart like, I feel the car is pulling left and right on poor road surfaces. I'm not sure if it's the brace, my semi slicks getting tram lined or if...
  63. Flashy

    Oem Fn2 and Ep3 wheel nuts

    I have two sets of oem wheel nuts, both ball seated but the Fn2 ones are slightly taller. Should both be interchangeable between the Fn2 and ep3?
  64. Flashy

    Itg maxogen or aem cai

    I have the ITG on at the moment with a fog scoop caf, is it worth me swapping it out for the aem cai which I have in the garage?
  65. Flashy

    EP3 How much torque for this?

    I'm sure I read somewhere that cylinder head/rocker cover bolts should be torqued to 22nm, can anyone confirm? It's the bolt highlighted (the fixing into the cylinder head not the rocker cover end) Ta.
  66. Flashy

    Ep3 swapping rear lights to pre facelift

    I quite like the idea of putting pre facelift tail lights on my premier. I've seen the how to thread where it mentions having to use a different plug connector for the reverse light bulb. If I get some pre facelift lights without the connector plugs where can I get them from? I thought it would...
  67. Flashy

    Ep3 dipped beam bulbs

    I'm after some white light headlight bulbs for my Ep3, any recommendations? Ta
  68. Flashy

    EP3 Bolt thread size?

    Does anyone know the thread size for the hole in front of the passenger front wheel arch lining? The one that you would bolt a cai to? Thanks
  69. Flashy

    Optimum tyre pressure for AD08r

    Just wondering if anyone knew the answer to this? They have quite a stiff sidewall and I run 33psi fronts and 31psi rears. Too high/low or just right?
  70. Flashy

    Square number plates

    Always like the way they look on the ep3. Is there any rules /law against changing from traditional plates to the JDM look?
  71. Flashy

    Led sidelight bulbs recommendations

    Thinking of getting some led sidelight bulbs for the ep3, has anyone changed theirs without issue? Recommendations? Ta
  72. Flashy

    Ep3 engine/gearbox mount question

    I've got the upper gearbox polybush inserts and fancy fitting them this weekend. Is there any reason not to fit these without fitting the engine mounts? I
  73. Flashy

    Clutch change

    Decided I need to get the clutch changed. Had a labour quote of £300 all in if I supply the parts. Honda specialist too. Is that a good price? Does it need a Honda specialist or will any generic clutch place do?
  74. Flashy

    Bonnet options for Ep3

    My bonnet has a minor dent but is also a bit scratched. Got some wrap but after feeling the amount of heat in the engine bay I'm considering venting options. I had a carbon fibre vented bonnet on my Fn2 but I don't fancy spending hundreds going down that route. Can you buy a venting kit to fit...
  75. Flashy

    Swapping my b pipe

    Got an m2 b pipe to put on, is my cat going to be destroyed trying to get the old one off?
  76. Flashy

    EP3 Absolute bargain!

    Be quick..
  77. Flashy

    Ep3 fog scoops

    Looking into getting some fog scoops to replace the blanks that are there, one of mine flaps anyway. Can anyone recommend a product with good fitment?
  78. Flashy

    EP3 EP3 gear shifter bush kit - HELP :(

    I'm after the gear shifter bushing kit that goes at the gearbox end, I know that Tegiwa, Acuity, Hybrid Racing make them but are there any other brands for the EP3? Also, I have enquired about the Tegiwa one and they appear out of stock at most places. Can anyone recommend a part and supplier as...
  79. Flashy

    EP3 Sloppy gear shift

    I have a short shifter on the car which is an improvement, but the knob when in any gear can move an inch either side of centre. What's the best solution? Looking at the revo complete short shifter, being new I'd imagine the feel would be tight. The other option is to get something like k-tune...
  80. Flashy

    Quick wheel nut question

    I've bought some Gunmetal Rota Boost alloys which will require tapered nuts. I have had aluminium nuts in the past but would rather use steel nuts this time. Are steel nuts and alloys compatible? Any recommendations for nuts? Ta.
  81. Flashy

    Ep3 b pipe query

    I've got an oem exhaust at the moment but the b pipe is pretty rusty and I want to swap it out for a 2" to 2.5" resonated pipe. I have a J's racing b pipe 60mm in the garage but it doesn't have the short pipe after the flange that connects to the back box. I also have a Fujitsubo RM01A back box...
  82. Flashy

    Front upper strut bar for Ep3

    Question for those who have fitted one... Has is helped give better steering feedback and feel? Considering one now that I have the JDM rarb. Ta.
  83. Flashy

    Lambda Sensor

    How can you tell if it's knackered? I'm down to 25mpg and voltage is reading 0.1v on idle (lean) which is causing the ecu to add fuel.
  84. Flashy

    EP3 upper gearbox mount insert

    I have the polybush for the upper gearbox mount, are there any issues if I just fit this insert alone? i.e. if I don't add the front and rear engine inserts?
  85. Flashy

    EP3 front ARB question

    Can the front arb be swapped out without having to drop/move the cat?
  86. Flashy

    Clutch bleeding

    Been a bit of a disaster trying to bleed the clutch and replace with fresh DOT 4 fluid. Firstly the eezibleed I bought doesn't have a cap to fit the reservoir, secondly I tried to bleed the old fashioned way and couldn't get at the bleed nipple. Led underneath the car and struggled to get my...
  87. Flashy

    Gearbox breather cover thing?

    My Ep3 is missing the gearbox breather cover that sits in front of the gear linkage. Does anyone know where I can pick one up or have the part number to hand so I can at least know what I am asking for? :D Ta.
  88. Flashy

    Polybush kits

    Anyone know of any good offers on these for my Ep3? Got both arbs sorted, but looking at doing the front lower arms. Ta.
  89. Flashy

    Strut brace that clears Tegiwa

    Can anyone suggest a front strut brace that will clear a Tegiwa induction kit?
  90. Flashy

    Ep3 aftermarket cat choice

    The J's racing b pipe has been sat in my garage alongside the fujitsubo back box for over a month now and I want to get it fitted. The cat looks a bit rusty and tatty, I don't really want to bolt the stainless b pipe to it. I've seen aftermarket cats from the likes of React, has anyone had an...
  91. Flashy

    EP3 arb bush brackets and bolts

    I have recently ordered some Superpro arb bushes as my oem are looking a bit tired. The brackets and bolts are a bit rusty so I want to replace them too, trouble is I cannot find any online. Anyone give me a pointer? :confused: Thanks.
  92. Flashy

    Fitting a 2.5" B-pipe

    Hi all, checked my exhaust yesterday and will be replacing the b pipe with a Js racing 60rs. My oem b pipe is rusting around the bolts where the flange connects to the back box, and the flange plates don't appear to be touching, is there some sort of donut gasket there? Anyway just after some...
  93. Flashy

    How do I log in if I've forgotten my password

    The question is in the title. I've got auto log in on my phone but I've forgotten my password if I want to log in on my computer. Help :)
  94. Flashy

    EP3 Flashy's CG EP3 premier

    Hi all, I'm pretty sure I used to be a member on here back in 2010 when I last had an ep3. Well, I've recently bought another and am currently selling my modded Fn2. I recognise some names on here from civinfo :D My last prem went unmodded but this one will be changed. I don't want to change...