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  1. AIB Insurance

    Fog light protectors for sale 8G/9G/10G - FN2/FK2/FK8

    AIB Insurance Celebrate our 30th Birthday! Just a big thank you to all club members and those viewers for supporting our business for more than 30 years now (yes, I’m a day late posting as it was our 30th birthday yesterday). From our humble beginnings as part of the British Hang Gliding and...
  2. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance - Thank You!

    We would just like to thank all our clients and those that have approached us for quotations for another exceptional year of growth. We are proud of our relationships with various clubs, and we are very proud of our reputation. We would like to offer a huge thank you to both clubs and members...
  3. AIB Insurance

    The Concorde Club Classic Car Show

    Afternoon folks, Have a read about our day at the Concorde Club Classic Car Show, we had great fun! https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/the-concorde-club-classic-car-show Have a good week! AIB Insurance 02380 268351 https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/
  4. AIB Insurance

    Welcome back to our wonderful Leah!

    Good Morning, Just a quick note to let all forum members know that the wonderful Leah in our sales department is back from maternity leave. Hoorah! She's been with us for years and years and is looking forward to speaking to you all as and when your Type R's need insuring. Don't forget, we...
  5. AIB Insurance

    AIB insurance

    It’s National Best friend day today and we’ve got lots of love in the office! Our real love is our clubs and members who are kind enough to call us for insurance! If you want to see our loved up team today visit or if you need insurance please call 02380268351 or visit www.AIB-insurance.co.uk
  6. AIB Insurance

    AIB’s Keeping the Radfords Roaming

    AIB’s pleased to say we insure the Youtube family, the Roaming Radfords, on their journeys through Europe. Not only do they have specialist cover on their motorhome but also breakdown covering them for Europe and the UK so they can roam happy. To find out more on their story go to...
  7. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance Have Moved!

    Afternoon folks, Just a quick note to say we have now moved into a new, swanky office! Read more here: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news...ew-headquartes Our new address is as follows: First Floor Oakmound House Oakmount Road Eastleigh Hampshire SO53 2LH Don't forget...
  8. AIB Insurance

    Meet The Team at AIB - the Girls....

    I’ve not posted in a while but thought I’d share two news stories with you all. The first is about Ellie joining the team and Laura moving departments. https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/ellie-basi The second is about our brilliant Megan and Jenna’s promotion...
  9. AIB Insurance

    Interesting read about importing American vehicles

    Morning folks, See below our article about importing American Vehicles. https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/americanimport Don't forget, we give up to 15% discount for all forum members and we specialize in performance and imported vehicles so give the our team of specialists a call...
  10. AIB Insurance

    A massive thank you from all at AIB!

    Afternoon, Just a quick thank you to all Type R Owners forum members for all your custom over the last few months, we've insured more Type R's than ever before! Don't forget, we give a healthy discount of up to 15% for any forum members so please contact the team for all your insurance...
  11. AIB Insurance

    Coronavirus Update - We're Still Open!

    Good Afternoon Type R OC Members, During these unprecedented times, we want to let all members know we are very much open and its business as usual here at AIB! Our opening hours remain unaffected and are as follows: Monday – Friday – 9:00am to 5:30pm. Saturday – 9:00am – 12:00pm...
  12. AIB Insurance

    Great news! We are open for business as usual

    Following continued developments and updated guidance from the government and health authorities please see below our company statement: We know that many of you may be experiencing the impact of the Coronavirus already or will be worried about what it could mean over the coming weeks. As...
  13. AIB Insurance

    A Very Merry Christmas from all at AIB!

    Hi Folks, Just a note to thank all of you who have come to us for quotations and arranged insurance through ourselves over the last 12 months. We've had another great year and we owe a massive thank you to all members of Type R Owners. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a...
  14. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance Join BIBA!

    Afternoon Folks, We are delighted to announce we have now joined BIBA, the British Insurance Brokers Association. Read more here: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/airsports-insurance-bureau-join-the-british-insurance-brokers-association-biba​​​​​​​ Many Thanks AIB Insurance...
  15. AIB Insurance

    A Quick Thank You From AIB!

    Afternoon, Just a quick note to thank everyone that has arranged motor insurance via ourselves over the past 12 months. We've enjoyed another record year and have loved catering for all our clients whether they are insuring a performance car, modified car, motorhome, RV, campervan, kit...
  16. AIB Insurance

    Interesting News Articles

    Morning, Just a quick message for all you car lovers, we've posted a few interesting articles about the new Porsche Macan and Lotus becoming official partners with Norwich City. Read more below: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/the-new-macan-turbo-stronger-faster-more-agile...
  17. AIB Insurance

    AIB's blog about importing American Classic Cars.

    Afternoon everyone, We've recently interviewed one of our clients on importing his Classic American Car. We thought this may be of interest to some of you, so read more here: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/americanimport Many Thanks Leah Burt AIB Insurance 02380 268351
  18. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance announce the appointment of Chris Moon!

    Afternoon everyone, AIB are excited to introduce our latest recruit, Chris Moon! Read more here: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/chrismoon Don't forget, we give club membership discount to all forum members, just give our experienced team a call on 02380 268351 for a quote. Many...
  19. AIB Insurance

    Introducing our newest team member - Becca Milles

    Afternoon, AIB are thrilled to announce the appointment of our newest team member, Becca Milles. Read more here: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/beccamilles Many thanks again to all members for your continued support. Leah Burt AIB Insurance 02380 268351
  20. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance - Green Cards post Brexit

    Good Afternoon, Just a quick message to say we are now issuing green cards for our clients travelling into Europe. For more information, read this post on our website: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/greencardbrexit We recommend if you are travelling in Europe you contact us 14...
  21. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance Introduce Byron Cuff!

    Morning Folks, As you know, we do enjoy embarrassing our newest team member so we'd like to introduce Byron Cuff! Byron loves a good Honda Type R and is excited about getting to know our clients including our friends from Type R Owners. https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/byroncuff...
  22. AIB Insurance

    Christmas Opening Hours 2018 - AIB Insurance

    Hi All, Our opening hours over the Christmas period will differ from our normal opening hours. Our Christmas hours are as follows: Monday 24th December - 9AM-12PM Tuesday 25th December - Closed Wednesday 26th December - Closed Thursday 27th December - 9AM-5:30PM Friday 28th December -...
  23. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance send a letter to our local MP.

    Morning, Whilst we don't generally like to post, with rumors of the government increasing Insurance Premium Tax again, we sent an open letter to our MP. We feel passionately that continually increasing the tax on socially positive motor & home insurance acts as a disincentive to buy, hits the...
  24. AIB Insurance

    Thank you from AIB Insurance

    25 years old today! Today we are thrilled to announce it's our birthday and we are a quarter of a century years old. From previously being owned by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding association to long standing relationships with car, van and motorhome clubs, read our story here...
  25. AIB Insurance

    Thank you from AIB Insurance

    Just a quick note to thank all forum members who have taken policies out with us. We've had a really good year with the Type R community and Type-R-Owners club have played a massive part in this so we would like to thank the people involved in the club and it's readership. If you're...
  26. AIB Insurance

    AIB Introduce Daley Grice!

    Afternoon! As you all know, we like to introduce our newest team members! Read more about the interesting Daley Grice below: https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/daley-grice Thanks AIB Insurance
  27. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance Introduce Kerry!

    Afternoon, As you know for a bit of fun we like to introduce our newest members, so here is a small article about our newest recruit, Kerry Scoines! https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/introducing-newest-team-member-kerry-scoines Thanks AIB Insurance 02380 268351
  28. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance

    Hello to all Type R lovers and enthusiasts from AIB Insurance! Most of you will be familiar with us but (AIB) Airsports Insurance Bureau are a specialist UK modified, kit and performance vehicle broker, established for over 20 years and able to cover almost any type of vehicle including Lotus...