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    Phil’s ep3 resto

    looks great. will be following future updates, because i always wanted to something like this to mine.
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    EP3 EP3 Headliner in alcantara

    Good day everyone, I was wondering if any of you had done their headliners in alcantara? I have just finished doing all the pillars, but currently im puzzled on how to do the actual headliner. Do i peel of the current one, or do it on top of the existing..? It seems if i peeled the oem...
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    Enzo's Daily 2005 Facelift Civic EP3 Type R Premier Edition - Cosmic Grey

    Love it, keep going. Also, nice video on oil change!
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    EP3 Lift off oversteer

    Thank you, Dan! I figured that you are correct by saying that the main issue is entrance speed being to high or a need for adjusting throttle due to changing conditions. I was also considering an LSD as a next mod (after FRSU and other handling mods).
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    EP3 Lift off oversteer

    Hey everyone, i thought would be worthy to discuss a bit about LOOS in EP3s (since i had some recent experience going sideways and it wasnt as funny as in RWD car :) ). My car is completely stock with Eagle F1 Assy 5. Done a little research about FRSU and thought that would be a great idea in...
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    EP3 Rear of the car doesnt feel tight around corners

    Thats what some of members here say should be your first mod :D
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    EP3 Rear of the car doesnt feel tight around corners

    Those are easy to check up on. However depending how low your car is, you might want to jack it up
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    EP3 Rear of the car doesnt feel tight around corners

    Rear anti-roll bar and its bushes would be the first thing to check for me
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    EP3 EP3 Headlight Washers Don't Work

    https://ibb.co/d74n54M (Please dont be disturbed by the color difference :( )
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    NHB EP3 06 Premier Edition

    Pristine and truly tasteful. Could you please elaborate more on how you fixed rattling window trim? Thanks!