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    OEM or Tegiwa?

    Oem CAT is a 400 cel, so the tegiwa one will be very close to the oem one so no EML or changes in the car behaviour. Weld it in a professional shop and you are good to go.
  2. K

    DC5 Failed Cat

    this will safely get you through the MOT, otherwise if you want to go a little bit of power look for some 200 cell cat which when is hot usually is passing MOT. check the threads there is info about this. https://www.tegiwaimports.com/tegiwa-universal-400-cel-catalytic-converter.html
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    FN2 Rattle at 3,000rpm+

    maybe some cat/shaft protection or similar... put it on an elevator and run it to see where it comes from, should be easy to identify like this.
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    Vitka's left hand drive NHB EP3

    @Vitka - you know the saying: Honda doesn't burn the oil, it is using it! :D ... i wouldn't worry about this if it is in marginal quantities, mine is getting like 1l in 10k km, which is even better because along the year period i'm refilling with fresh oil keeping the oil quality always good ;)
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    Is my Ep3 dead? Help needed

    i had something similar, it turned out to be the crank pulley, the rubber in the middle got dislocated. ugly sounds when happened, the belt was also slipping over the pulley since it got somehow stuck, but i don't remember having issues giving it a quick start.
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    Civic Type R FK2 Tyre Choice - ContiSport 7s?

    it seems the new conti7s are great so i would go for it:
  7. K

    Noob needing gearbox help/suggestions

    @Dangibernau - you could always use youtube for videos, just post the link.
  8. K

    Ep3 xenon headlights

    hi damir, sorry about that, i don't know why i understood you were after xenon headlight bulbs. Anyway, you can try send an email to these guys (tell them you need for a LHD) maybe they still have some on stock Coxmotor
  9. K

    Ep3 xenon headlights

    Any D2S xenon bulb will work. I recommend best value for price being osram original. You can see a nice review
  10. K

    Vitka's left hand drive NHB EP3

    it seems the car age start to come in place, i also received from honda dealer an answer that a cable from the heater matrix is not produced anymore. Maybe you can try find it in the US if you really need a new one, otherwise a used one should work just fine.
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    EP3 Dampers

    oem or known suspension companies like bilstein, kw etc. i know some guys went for kabaya (kyb) and in half a year they were leaking
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    EP3 - Replacing front lower suspension arms

    Lemforder and TRW are reliable parts regarding the bushes. you can try also what japserviceparts offer, japan quality at affordable prices.
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    Oem complete bushing kit for ep3

    i don't think you will find one, only part by part from honda. Maybe in US you would have some chance. Still, the Hardrace ones are also made from rubber, only being more hardened.
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    My 2005 Vivid Blue Pearl EP3 Type R

    mine has also the mechanic controls and they are ****, the cable from temperature button keeps (bending) due to design of the system and it is not working anymore. replacing it is not cheap or easy job.
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    EP3 Steering rack slider advice

    it is possible, there is a how to on h-tune website but it is currently down (https://h-tune.co.uk/club/guides/replacing-the-steering-rack-slider-with-the-rack-in-the-car.1859/) because of this kind of situations i have also saved the text, if you need it soon i can put it here or send you some...
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    Back in a K20 after 6 years away

    it cannot be worse than stock, i think for sure the engine will breath more easily, at least from the difference between the cats, where oem is a 400 cell and the sport one is a 200.
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    Back in a K20 after 6 years away

    glad to see the brake kit is appreciated because i went for the same kit (didn't mount it yet), but with some extra options like the floating kit, rs29 pads and curved vanes. what pads did you choose? i don't know what michelin you have on the car but i think you should go with semislicks for...
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    Fitting a new ecu - HELP

    Yes Honda can recode the immobilizer, but only if this is active in Hondata (ecu) software. If the green key is flashing then it means the imob is not active and they can't recode the immob and also they can't enable the immobiliser through HDS, as far as i know, this can be done only in hondata...
  19. K

    My Type-R #4 - Champ White FD2

    looks great, one of the best looking honda models and most probably the best fwd they ever made! too bad it is only RHD!!!!
  20. K

    EP3 droplinks, preferred manufacturers?

    there is not left or right mount, they are the same on each side. front and back are different. I think the size is not calculated correctly, but let's see, maybe they are ok even in that position. The system with the plastic studs is used in other brands and seems to be very resilient.
  21. K

    EP3 droplinks, preferred manufacturers?

    i also got the same, but after mounting i don't find them to fit quite correctly, the joints seem to have a position at the limit. I got them due to good price, but now i think i would go for hardrace or oem event they are more expensive. Let's see how long Meyle will last, the oem had over 10...
  22. K

    My Type-R #4 - Champ White FD2

    great looking cars! too bad nowadays the typers look so ricers, hate them to bits.
  23. K

    Brake Disc Options

    @hazz - well, whatever suits each person :p i am on the second set of a t3 4000 and they are great on street and track. https://www.dbabrakes.eu/t3-features
  24. K

    Brake Disc Options

    DBA discs are also very good