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  1. bishop

    Give your profile an Avatar!

    finally got round to doing mine
  2. bishop

    Partyvan's 270bhp N/A track slut

    yeh ill agree, iv got front -2.2 camber and zero toe fr & rr and my tyres last well enough, the car handles neutral if anything some oversteer tendancy
  3. bishop

    Matty's Ep3 Turbo... RPF1 reps & AR-1's fitted..

    Nice setup buddy, Do u think the AR-1 is comparable with the AD08r? does the car do much track work?
  4. bishop

    JRSC EP3 Race car build video pg9

    Im thinkin of running brake ducts this year too, but mine is going to be kept road legal so im unsure whether the stone guards behind the discs are needed or can they be cut away to allow the cold air at the disc. have you cut yours away?
  5. bishop

    Out with the old, in with the Cosmic!

    Good thread man, I put a jdm arb on mine which made a big difference but now Im doing more trackdays i may look into the 28mm too.
  6. bishop

    How to clean your engine bay

    good stuff
  7. bishop

    Caliper Overhaul/Service

    top work man
  8. bishop

    teraclean, good or bad

    any k20 owners had this done?
  9. bishop

    Painting Wiper Arms

    yes this makes a big difference if theyre faded, good work
  10. bishop

    Ep3 rear bumper parachute effect ?

    iv seen boys putting the holes quite low, i would think more in the middle would have good effect. or just cut the bottom half off, time attack style
  11. bishop

    which coilovers

    If you have already got springs, you could look into some dampers. Bilstein or koni etc.
  12. bishop

    FRSU noob

    how do you find that geo setup?
  13. bishop

    Roll centre adjusters quality/lifespan

    iv put the buddy clubs in mine, only been 6 months. but good so far
  14. bishop

    The New HR-V concept

    looks well
  15. bishop

    JRSC EP3 Race car build video pg9

    good project, I like the flocked dash. Did you do that yourself while it was out for the cage?
  16. bishop

    Partyvan's 270bhp N/A track slut

    nice job man, does the roll cage interfere with the dash much other than going through the vents?
  17. bishop

    Cage for ep3?

    Ill be looking to get a bolt in cage in the next few months, mainly for trackdays. Does anyone know if the basic omp 6 point bolt in cage needs feet welded in or can it be bolted through the floor? Any links to photos or build thresds would be good to see how well they fit
  18. bishop

    My b pipe hangs low; do you have issues with yours?

    Yeh my spoon n1 rep b pipe scrapes, pita
  19. bishop

    S2000 & NSX New Honda NSX supercar spied at the 'Ring

    Be good to see one in the flesh
  20. bishop

    Tom8a's Cosmic Grey EP3

    good man, what sort of power is the Cosmic making with the k100? the headunit power problem may well be a simple loose connection, esp if someone had butchered the surround the contacts may have been damaged too.
  21. bishop

    Ball joint replacement

    I just replace mine, hammered the old ones out. Had the new ones cooled and then pressed in with a vice. Went in no bother with a sleeve over.
  22. bishop

    NHB Premier EP3 - StopTech BBK/5.86 FD/TDI Cams 270BHP&181LB/FT

    lovely ep there, im sure you've surprised a few out on track
  23. bishop

    Steering arm angle

    I think they are slightly angled down to the centre iirc
  24. bishop

    Ball joint refresh, poss extended rca's

    aye the buddyclubs do look to be a good job, i thought the same that its good they sell replacement boots but i think that if the boot was split id probably want to replace the joint as theres always the possibly that dirt has got in so the joint would fail prematurely. Only reason im leaning...
  25. bishop

    Ball joint refresh, poss extended rca's

    Im also looking at fresh ball joints and im looking at the hardrace rca's but most people tend to go for the buddyclub. I've heard that in general hardrace components outlast buddyclub items. anyone had any experience with any rca?
  26. bishop

    BC Coilovers

    Iv got them on my daily ep3, theyve been on there for at least 4 years. they are more firm than the meisters i had on my dc2. Iv never heard of any leaking or any major issues. i think as long as the threads are treated to some quality lube should be grand for daily driving