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    Where are you based mate? Let me no your thoughts and what you willing to pay if you want this...

    Where are you based mate? Let me no your thoughts and what you willing to pay if you want this and well hopefully take it from there cheers Rob
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    What cat back for ep3

    ive got a dc sports for sale mate, ive seen good gains from this set up!!!
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    Cosmic Grey CTR EP3

    cheers for the free advert C4doc!! my car is still available!!! some parts are off now. Must stress it has NOT been abused.
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    Tegiwa? Gruppe m replica

    I have the REAL thing for sale!!! Gruppe m-£420!!! and only 2months old at most and this does give gooooooood gains its proven
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    What's your age? Do you drive a Type R?

    Im 28, this is my 3rd Type R which is a premier i finally got how i wanted. Its now running 253bhp massive difference over standard but im having to sell up. GUTTED.
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    JUM FN2 Type R from Turkey

    nice looking car bud!
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    what exhaust for ep3

    Try using the search button mate!! I have a full DC Sports mani and cat back, I find it really loud but am gettting use to it a bit more now. Looks wise i like it. Try looking on youtube.com also lot of vids to compare sound etc!! Hope that help
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    my satin

    can i ask how loud do you find the dc at the moment just being the catback? I have the dc mani also just waiting till i get RBC then going to take for mapping. I find with the dc mani too is very loud? just wondered how it sounds just with cat back?
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    Gruppe M fitted

    looks great bud, I fitted mine a week ago. Also got mine from xposed and also got stopped at customs!!!! Great service though
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    spoon cat back

    That sounds cheap, thought its was more than that. That good price id say
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    GROUP BUY - GruppeM

    That does not sound like a great bargain price if im honest. Can buy one from xposed for around £665 delivered i think. I may be incorrect but that was the cost last time i looked. thanks
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    GROUP BUY - GruppeM

    Id probably be interested but would have to be after xmas, as baby due early december and stuff to buy for that 1st!!!
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    Split Hose!

    Thanks for the assistance, Ive just ordered one fron honda to replace for now. £28
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    Split Hose!

    Weve hit upon hard times goosey!! If you dont ask ull never know!!!
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    Split Hose!

    £82? thought these where about £60ish? Has there been a sudden price hike? Is there anywhere that does a better price? or a group buy etc?
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    Split Hose!

    Hi all, Ive just noticed tonight that my rubber hose that goes to my air filter has two dirty BIG splits in it!!Just wondering if anyone may have an old one they dont want or need??? Or on the other hand if any one nows where the cheapest place to get a SFS hose to replace would be? Ideally...
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    A few pics

    Whats car lowered by? just springs or shocks? sits well. And are they 18" alloys. looks sweet :p
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    Pics of low white ep3

    I had my ep3 lowered on eibachs few weeks ago, sits well at the front but still looks bit high at the back, not as twitchy round the corners and holds the road bit better
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    Just Been Lowered On APEX but....

    Got my car lowerered a week tuesday ago and mine doesnt sit as low at the rear. I have noticed a difference to the handling i also got the fast road set up with the camber arms and bolts.
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    My Satin Silver Facelift EP3

    I had the eibach pro springs fitted today with camber adjusters/bolts and a fast road set up. Thought car would sit lower than it does but its a nice suttle drop. The car doesnt seem to twitch as much when taking the corners at speed, over all im happy with the results.:cool:
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    My Satin Silver Facelift EP3

    Taking my car in tomorrow to tdi-north for lowering. Ive gone for the eibach pro kit and camber adjusters and bolts, getting it fast road set up also will let you know how i get on :cool:
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    My Past Civic

    This is my new ctr illl get some more pics soon
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    My Past Civic

    What do you mean by No.? Do you not like?:confused:
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    My Past Civic

    :confused: sorry guys never posted pics before hoping this is correct now?
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    My Past Civic

    Thought i would put some pics of my old type R up for you all too see, sold this about 4years ago to fund a house! But never managed to get one!!!:( Had Blitz sonic power filter,Toda manifold,Full s/s exhaust,Tien superstreet suspension, tints and good speaker system. So bought...