FK2 FK2 general discussion

I'm thinking of moving my Fk2 on as its pretty much wasted on me. I only do a 15 minute drive to work each day and nobody else really goes in the car as we have another family car. Its in great condition with 58k on the clock but its a non GT model in Brilliant Sporty Blue.

Do you think these cars are worth holding on to, prices seem to be going up. Its also hard to work out a value as only GT models are for sale. Anyone got any thoughts?
Car collected yesterday, 2 issues tyre repair out of date, clutch fluid moisture level was above the required level,
Fluid replaced, Ac regassed whilst they had it, £405 all in,
I also had the video service for the first time, Surprised me the amount of rust starting to show, the chap even commented on surface rust on the rear springs.

Rust issue under rubber, Paint depth recorded, report passed over to HUK,
I checked it Sunday and noticed if you press the rubber near the rust line it pushes right in and leaves a void, to me it looks like the rubber isn't located correctly,
We will see what happens