windscreen cleaning

hi 1 do all you guys clean the inside of the fn2 windscreen, drivers side? I obviously have fat hands cos I cant get them down between the top of the dash and the screen to reach the bottom is there a top tip?
Haltamer, thank you for linking to this device. I've never seen anything like it in Ukraine!
All you need is a long plastic or even better a wooden ruler and a fine microfibre cloth,wrap the microfibre around the ruler,make sure to wrap it a good way up the ruler and either put some sticky tape around the cloth and you should have one side of the microfibre to wipe the windscreen all the way to the bottom of the windscreen and you can then carefully wipe with some pressure horizontally and vertically. I've seen the Halfords tool above but the ruler with the microfibre wrapped around a few times will be thinner. The angle between the dash and screen is very tight. But that's what I used to do when I had a civic type s. Once wiped you'll find that the condensation will not appear as it has been.
Ideally the ruler needs to be around 46cm the longer and stiffer the better. Regards Fred.
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