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Thread: My FK2

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    Quote Originally Posted by dweezle View Post
    The airbox position is fiddly and you're never quite sure whether you have sealed it correctly,
    It makes such a difference though.

    Changed my filters over twice now and the other week I noticed the pipe at the jubilee end is rather loose, so I'm guessing the pipe doesn't like to be wiggled.
    Might be worth checking if you've tinkered as mine had moved quite far up, I have to check it fortnightly for piece of mind
    Iíll give it a check.
    Iíve felt down the sides of the box and it seems to be sealed.
    I was more worried that the filter had bent in the box.

    I think the k&n filter looks a better fit.

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    nice in grey
    when you get bored with the lack of exhaust note id highly recommend a tegiwa b pipe
    i got mine on yesterday and the sound is fantastic, a cheaper option than a full system
    it gives a nice deep throb at low revs and a growling (get the f@*k out my way) rasp when you floor it
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