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Thread: finding a decent EP3

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    Quote Originally Posted by iooal3xooi View Post
    That is why I posted here, to get a better idea. The more I view it the more im tempted

    Love your build thread btw
    I'd go and view it, it should help make your mind up

    And thank you mate.
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    Unless your spending £5-6k or importing one there are no mint ones left and if there are they are not being given away because these cars are the ones that have been looked after by people who can afford to maintain them and have been garaged ect .
    Seems harsh but itís very true met a lady the other day who has serious cars plenty of money a 911 GT3 RS and a prem ed stashed away in her double garage on 75k she paid 6500 for it last year and spent a year looking for the right car. I was shocked myself they are being noticed by people you never would have thought would have one she was re living her youth.


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