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Thread: Coldy's DC2 Restoration

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    Default Coldy's DC2 Restoration

    Hello All,

    I'll start with a bit about me. I'm new here, I've never had a type R before, I currently have a couple of Renault Clio 182s, including a trophy, which I'm in the process of selling, plus two MX5s. One which is mine and one which is a parts car. The reason I'm here is that for a while I've wanted a DC2. After struggling to get one imported, I managed to convince a lad at work to sell me his. The only issue was that the car hadn't been loved for a long a time, just the sort of motor I like.

    Before and after of the Blue Clio

    My Clio Trophy at the Welsh Weekender

    My MX5

    Whats been made of the donor MX5

    Anyway, on to the Integra.

    After giving up on importing one from Japan I moved on and bought a Renault Clio Trophy which is a lot of fun. The chance came up to buy this Integra and I just had to. It needs a lot of tidying up and I felt bad for it. Unfortunately I wasn't in a position to start work on it straight away, so its been waiting for over a year for me to start work on it. Now that I've started its been an excellent experience and I like it, its a good honest car. The list of jobs gets longer by the day but that's half the fun. I did make it over to Caffeine and Machine on sunday and got the chance to have a look at a couple of EDM DC2s, but I only saw one and that was as we were leaving.

    So currently I need to...

    Replace both doors due to scuffs
    Replace the rear bumper and spoiler as the paint isn't very good
    Service the brakes
    Service the engine
    Paint the lip on the front
    Correct and wax all the paintwork
    Retrim the steering wheel
    Have the drivers seat repaired
    Refit the Stereo
    Camblet change
    Get a new back box
    paint the wiper arms and fit new blades
    Paint the caps for the third brake light
    Paint the rocker cover
    Source Rota slip streams
    Stop being tight and buy a spoon mirror
    Oh, and get the bloody thing MOT'd....

    The car is currently at work so during the evenings I'm going to be doing some of the more straight forward jobs. I'll save the mechanical work for when the car comes back to the workshop. I'm planning on being tight with the budget as I already own all the tools I need and a lot of the materials to bring this car back to scratch. Ive started giving the car a really good clean. I'll be Machine polishing and sealing and then waxing the whole car. There will be some wet sanding and trim restore too. I did a 50/50 of the bonnet to show the difference.

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    Welcome to TRO, this is exactly the kind of threads I like!

    Best of luck with the DC2, I really do miss mine (even if it was a poor UKDM spec)
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    Good luck with it, look forward to what you do with it.

    Any more pics/info of the MX-5? Itís lovely.

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    Cheers, I'll be updating this regularly and hopefully making some time lapse videos of the work going on.

    I've had the black MX5 for three years, it was my second Mk1. I'd worked on quite a few and my ex had nice mk2 which I miss (the car, not the woman). Everything on the car is done properly. I had to make some modifications due to being 6'4 (like the cage). The car came on awful Bilstein suspension which got swapped for brand new Meisters, I completely rebuilt a set of SVT brakes from a later MK2.5 NBFL model which I've found fantastic. The seats are also from a later NBFL model, black leather with the heating elements for which I made a loom so they work on the OE switches mounted next to the Fog light switch.

    The brakes before shotblasting

    After, once painted and fitted with brand new components everywhere.

    The wheels were refinished

    Recently I took the car round Pembrey circuit where it performed brilliantly, with my track wheels sporting AD08 tyres I could go quicker then a turbocharged mk1, it easily pulled away the straights but you can carry so much speed through the turns he just held me up. I actually enjoyed pedalling probably the slowest car there and driving the wheels off the thing to maintain your speed. It was great.

    Recently I've fitted a carbon fibre boot and had the strike plates and door handles coated black.

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    Hope everything goes well with the DC2, I am a really big fan of them

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    Well, we are a long way from home...

    So I got the Integra into the workshop for a closer look at it. Its in need of a fair amount of TLC.

    So here is what I have to work with.

    I took the front end of the car off

    The bumper its self is ok, but the splitter has seen better days.

    So I rubbed it down and started to get it in better shape. Using high build primer which easily shows where the work is needed.

    The headlights have been sanded back and lacquered, I'm going to machine polish them later and see how they've come out.

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    I also finished the engine table I've been working on. I had the glass made specially to be used as furniture and the corners have the same radius as the pistons so it doesn't just look like a random bit of glass has been thrown on. I may look into getting a battery pack rather than having a power lead coming from it. The LEDs fitted give some excellent effects.

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