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Thread: Repair the rear lamp

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    Default Repair the rear lamp

    Hi bro

    I just noticed my middle right rear lamp FN2 type R is fault.
    Do you know how much is it to replace a new one?
    Or could I buy it from website and replace it by myself?

    Thank you so much.

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    By middle I'm guessing you mean the stop across the middle of the bootlid?

    Also do you mean the bulb or the unit?

    Bulbs you just pop off the cover from inside the bootlid access them that way.

    From Honda the part number is 33701-SMT-E01 and the current rrp in it is 353.72. You could try Hendy, Cox and Tegiwa in the traders section as they often do it cheaper, or have a look on eBay for "FN2 centre rear" and there are quite a couple listed. Just make sure it's the CTR one you're looking at though and not the normal mk8 one as they are different.


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