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Thread: Knock Sensor Error after Clutch Replacement - FN2

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    Default Knock Sensor Error after Clutch Replacement - FN2

    My son's brother-in-law and his friend work at a large car sales garage and said they would change my clutch on 2008 FN2 and put on a light weight flywheel (Exedy clutch with Fidanza lightweight Flywheel), he admitted that he had broken the knock sensor when working on it. We have now tried 2 cheaper replacement knock sensors, supposedly were supposed to work but flag up the engine light after a short drive. The oem Honda sensor is 100 so I guess we now need to get that one.

    My other concern is that the oil level warning light also came on whilst test driving even though the level is fine - could this be caused by a dodgy knock sensor or could this guy have messed something else up whilst replacing the clutch and flywheel, he seems to think the knock sensor would be to blame whereas I am getting rather concerned.

    If anyone has experience with this it would be helpful.

    This is the 2nd knock sensor we tried from RHD Performance which I had contacted to check if ok for FN2, but flags up error code....

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