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Thread: 2021 Formula 1 season

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    Default 2021 Formula 1 season

    Perez replacing Albon.

    Mclaren running a merc power unit.

    Alonso back .. & much more.

    Let's hope its as good as it was in 2020!
    M2 Competition.

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    Perez replacing Albon will make Red Bull more competitive which is great.

    Looking forward to seeing Alonso back, he’s sure to boil some **** at some point.

    Looking forward to the Danny Ric and Norris partnership at McLaren

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    Looking forward to Mercedes saying they don't want Hamilton in the next few days, and I hope they replace him with George Russell.

    George showed how good he was in the car the other week.
    Though did anyone else notice on Instagram Bottas removed all his Mercedes stuff, and Russell removed all his Williams stuff?

    It looked then more like Bottas would not be driving for Mercedes next year, and that Russell would be joining Hamilton.

    Excited to see Alonso back - I'm sure he will out-drive the Renault again and be able to get some podiums.
    Norris and Ricciardo is certainly an exciting team to look forward to seeing, especially with the Mercedes Power Plant.

    Leclerc and Sainz.
    Two guys I would love to see do well, but the car is so far behind this year - I'm hoping they've been doing overtime on the 2021 car.

    Verstappen & Perez
    Max is the top man obvs, but i think Perez will be a good team player and revel in the fact that he's in a competitive car.

    I just hope we get a different champion driver and team this year
    I'm getting close to switching off.

    Its just been so evident that the car is the star in Mercedes case.
    Easiest last 7 championships ever.

    Nothing will be much different in the whole
    Mercedes will dominate.
    Max to have a couple of wins and always be up there in the top 3 (when he finishes)
    Alonso to get a surprise win.
    McLaren to be frequent podium places and gunning for a win.

    I actually think McLaren will be keeping Red Bull on their toes in 2021.
    Ferrari - I'm making no predictions.
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    You’re mad if you think Mercedes won’t renew Lewis’ contract

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