The UK Accord Type-R (CH1) is very much the 'sensible' option with respect to the Type-R range, whereas the rare JDM Euro-R (CL1) offers a more focussed and raw experience.
It's well worth a look if you're considering buying a performance car (without losing out on practicality) and don't fancy being hit with crushingly expensive, and regular, servicing intervals and running costs.

As with the rest of the Type-R range (the NSX being the exception) it’s front wheel drive. Thanks to a rigid body, and an improved steering system, it provides a good level of feedback for the driver along with a consistent and responsive drive.

The increased torque of the 2.2 Accord Type-R gives sufficient pull from 2000rpm onwards, resulting in a very smooth ride. Power climbs nicely up to 5,500 rpm, then the high speed cams cut-in with the VTEC. From here on the engine goes wild until the rev-limiter intervenes at 7500rpm.

UK (CH1)
JDM (Euro-R CL1)
 Engine Capacity & Type
2.2-litre (2157cc) 16v DOHC i-VTEC inline 4 (H22A)
 Maximum Power
212ps (209bhp) @ 7200rpm
220ps (217bhp) @ 7200rpm
 Maximum Torque
215Nm @ 6700rpm
222Nm @ 6700rpm
5-speed manual
Helical LSD
Ventilated disc
Ventilated disc
 Additional Info
 Wheels & Tyres
17-inch twin-5-spoke 5-lug alloys
(215/45 R17)
 Dimensions & Weight
 Length / Width / Height
4595mm / 1750mm / 1430mm
 Maximum Speed
142mph (229kph)
Limited to 112mph (180kph)
0-60mph 7.5 seconds
0-60mph 6.9 seconds*
* Estimated performance.

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