In 2003 Honda launched the Type-R version of the successful Accord Sedan.
Named the Euro-R and available only in Japan, the CL7 offers an unusual (for Honda) combination of power and handling in a more discreet package than other Type-R models.

With 220PS and 206NM of torque coming from its K20A engine, Limited Slip Differential, upgraded suspension and and aggressive setup, the Euro-R allows razor sharp handling on demand, but is just as happy to cruise around town or on longer journeys keeping its true potential quiet.

Aggressive styling is less visually obvious than other Type-R models, however the vehicle remains performance focussed at heart. Understated looks and excellent performance that will challenge most Type-R models in a car as exclusive in the UK as the CL7 Euro-R make this an excellent contender for those wishing to obtain a true rarity on UK roads.

 Engine Capacity & Type
2.0-litre (1998cc) 16v DOHC i-VTEC inline 4 (K20A)
 Maximum Power
220ps (217bhp) @ 8000rpm
 Maximum Torque
206Nm @ 7000rpm
6-speed manual
Ventilated disc
Solid disc
 Additional Info
 Wheels & Tyres
17-inch 5-twin-spoke 5-lug alloys
(215/45 R17)
 Dimensions & Weight
 Length / Width / Height
4665mm x 1760mm x 1450mm
 Maximum Speed
Limited to 180kph (112mph)
0-60mph 6.8 seconds*
* Estimated performance.

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