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My love for performance Honda’s started roughly 13 years ago when my Dad purchased a beautiful deep green pearl 2.2 vtec vti Prelude (4 wheel steering version). Nothing I had ever been a passenger in had ever got my pulse racing and my face grinning in such a fashion. I absolutely loved it!

Fast forward a few years and the passion had only increased; not helped by being able to drive the Prelude on special occasions; the desire to own my very own performance Honda becoming like a recurring dream, waiting for the day I had longed for. Obviously in my younger years, it just wouldn’t happen. Insurance being the defining factor. Carry on a few more years, a string of bad luck and sods law had me with two write-offs and 9 points to my name. Being in the position to purchase but knowing the drawbacks, I had to hold off in the name of common sense and made the decision to wait until my history had cleared before being serious about my next car.

Almost three years passed without driving, until the day I was free from points and history; a fresh start. It was a very exciting time. Queue Type R purchase. By chance I had the opportunity sooner than expected, as I merely mentioned to my then area manager that I was in the market when, low and behold, he piped that he was selling his wife’s, and in my favourite colour; Cosmic Grey! It was her shopping trolley of all things, in great condition, owned from new, an early facelift model, with only 36k on the clock when I was inspecting it. Everything seemed to be falling in to place and three weeks later; in May 09; it was mine.

The very first thing I had planned was to fit a sound system, along with getting the wheels refurbished and the car lowered. I had only owned it two weeks and it was in the audio shop getting the work done, and a month later, she was back under my right foot. It wasn’t long before the spending bug grabbed ahold of me like a strung out junkie demanding his stash from you, and soon an array of parts were turning up on my doorstep. This bug has only really stopped since the beginning of this year, halting due to waiting on some rare parts to find their way to me from Japan that are long overdue, but definitely worth the wait!

Around 3 months or so into my ownership and I started wondering what others did to their cars, and vice versa, what they thought about what I was doing to mine. This is where I came across Type R Owners; yet as I had never been a part of the forum thing before I lurked for a while, reading information about the site and watched how people treated each other. Everybody seemed really pleasant. I really likedhow they strived to keep the site free of text speak and aggressive behaviour. I was sold, so I joined and I haven’t looked back since. A wealth of information, honest opinion, and friendly people, all with the same passion as me. Finally a way to communicate with like-minded individuals, a sigh of happiness as none of my friends have any interest in cars beyond them looking nice.

Now, come May this year I would have had her for two wonderful years. 730 days of blissful grins, only getting bigger by buying performance parts to improve what was already a fantastic car. As can be seen by my spec list, I have spent what some (and everyone I know) would consider as an obscene amount of money. But it makes me happy, and it will not stop any time soon. I plan to keep this car for many years to come, and have plenty of plans for the future. In the (somewhat) immediate future, once my exhaust has arrived from Japan, the plan will be to have them fitted along with other power parts I already have, and have the car mapped accordingly. I have high hopes for the transformation.

Slightly more distant into the future, I have both performance and aesthetical desires. With a carbon fibre bonnet from J’s Racing, along with a Mugen spoiler, and a dash flock in black and purple to finish off the aesthetics. Then, the big plan and ultimate aim, is to chase power. Prior would be stopping duties, with some Project Mu 2 piece rotors, or maybe even adapting a full kit designed for the CL7! The lusting for power will incorporate a set of individual throttle bodies from M&M Honda, including their carbon casing so I can keep my J’s Racing induction kit. Couple these with some Jun stage 2 cams, and various internal engine peripherals and I will see just how close to a relative figure of 280 horse power I can get. Or maybe more if possible. I know it will be a huge outlay, and I could achieve more at a fraction of the cost with forced induction, but I’m an N/A fiend and believe that this is what performance Hondas were designed for. Watch this space, I’m nowhere near finished yet!

  • J's Racing "Tsuchinoko" carbon fibre forced air intake system
  • K100 ecu with full re-map (to be conducted by Romain at Eurospec once bits have arrived)
  • RBC intake manifold (ceramic coated in metallic black) (to be fitted)
  • Tracy Sports 65mm throttle body (to be fitted)
  • Skunk2 fuel rail (to be fitted)
  • TGM Motorsport baffled sump
  • Energy Suspension engine mount inserts
  • HKS "Circle Earth" earthing kit (to be fitted)
  • J's Racing SPL low temp thermo fan switch
  • J's Racing magnetic engine drain bolt
  • Pitwork racing oil filter
  • HKS M35i spark plugs
  • Fuchs Titan Race Pro S 5W40 engine oil (formerly Silkolene Pro S)


  • Purple rocker cover
  • J's Racing oil cap (bronze)
  • J's Racing rad cap
  • Vision-R carbon fibre plug cover
  • SSR carbon fibre slam panel
  • SFS induction hose (purple)
  • Do-Luck coolant hoses (purple)
  • Do-Luck replacement wiper hoses (purple) (to be fitted)
  • JMR battery tie (powdercoated purple to match strut ends)
  • Dirty Habit grey sweatbands posing as res. socks


  • J's Racing 4-2 manifold (awaiting arrival)
  • J's Racing 2-1 downpipe (awaiting arrival)
  • J's Racing 70RR exhaust (steel version, single silencer) (awaiting arrival)
  • J's Racing 70RR exhaust bung (awaiting arrival)
  • J's Racing exhaust mounts (awaiting arrival)


  • Spoon 5.026 final drive
  • Wavetrac LSD
  • Exedy stage 1 clutch
  • Powerflex gearbox mount insert
  • J's Racing magnetic transmission bolt (awaiting arrival)
  • Buddy Club short shifter
  • Aluminium gearbox and shifter bushes


  • Full FRSU by ARTech/Eurospec
  • All struts/ braces ect powdercoated in purple
  • J's Racing engine strut with ETD
  • J's Racing rear tie bar
  • J's Racing C-pillar brace
  • J's Racing floor bar
  • J’s Racing upper rear brace
  • DG Industries harness bar
  • Buddy Club N+ coilovers (to be fitted)
  • J's Racing rear camber arms
  • J's Racing front roll centre adjusters
  • Eibach front camber bolts
  • D2 lower control arms
  • JDM front and rear ARB's
  • Tanabe front under chassis brace
  • Tein S.Tech lowering springs (to be removed once coilovers fitted)


  • Spoon Monoblock calipers (with 3mm spacers all round)
  • Project Mu Hyper Carbon Plus (HC+) front pads
  • EBC Redstuff rear pads
  • Do-Luck braided steel brake lines (purple versions)
  • Castrol Responce Racing Super dot4 brake fluid
  • Tegiwa master cylinder stopper


  • Wheels - Everyday: Refurbed and recoloured OEM, purple metallic fronts, pink pearl rears, with Takata green Honda emblem in centrecaps
  • Tyres - Everyday: Goodyear Eagle F1
  • Wheels - Track: Refurbed and recoloured OEM, dark anthracite metallic with purple Honda emblem in centrecaps
  • Tyres - Track: At present, none.


  • K20 FTW personalised plate
  • Jazz washer jets
  • JMR rear towing eye (Datum1 styled, coated in dark anthracite)
  • Lots of stickers!
  • Civic badge removed from boot, and Type R stickers removed from skirts for sleeker appearance


  • Bride Stradia Japan Special Edition reclining bucket seats
  • Bride RO low position seatrails
  • Takata race harnesses
  • Skunk2 weighted 6 speed gear knob
  • JDM mats (red fronts, dyed black rear)
  • Mugen pedals
  • Carbon fibre Richbrook tax disc holder
  • J's Racing roll bar video bracket (awaiting arrival)
  • Rear of interior completely stripped out


  • Headunit: Pioneer DEH-P88RSii
  • Front speakers: Pioneer TS-C171PRS
  • Amp for F.speakers: Pioneer PRS-D210
  • Rear speakers: Pioneer TS-E1302i
  • MP3 aux cable: Kimber Cable UK
  • Cabling: JL Audio, Audison, and Genesis
  • A large system has just been removed. A smaller installation will be conducted shortly.

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