In 1995 Honda announced the release of the DC2 Integra Type-R that featured enhanced driving performance.
The Integra Type-R is powered by the B18C 1.8-litre DOHC VTEC engine, specifically developed for the Integra Type-R, and for high-revving fun and performance. Standard equipment includes a Helical LSD, performance rods, hard type suspension, a front lip spoiler, a rear spoiler, alloy wheels, a leather-wrapped MOMO steering wheel, RECARO seats, and a titanium gear knob.

In 1998 the JDM DC2 saw some minor changes. To enable higher torque at low and mid rpm levels, exhaust performance was improved by employing the equal length 4-in-1 style exhaust manifold. Suspension and brakes were also improved to maximise performance and handling. Other additions included newly designed 5-hole 16-inch alloy wheels, SRS airbag-compatible steering wheel designed by MOMO, and High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights.

In addition to the 3-door DC2, a 4-door version was available offering similar performance, but with a little more practicality. Known as the DB8, there are only a handful in the UK and they are a rare sight on the roads.

JDM 96 Spec
JDM 98 Spec
 Engine Capacity & Type
1.8-litre (1797cc) 16v DOHC i-VTEC inline 4 (B18C)
 Maximum Power
190ps (187bhp) @ 7900rpm
200ps (197bhp) @ 7900rpm
 Maximum Torque
177Nm @ 7200rpm
181Nm @ 7200rpm
186Nm @ 6200rpm
5-speed manual
Ventilated disc (Larger discs on both UK and 98 Spec cars)
Solid disc (Larger discs on both UK and 98 Spec cars)
 Additional Info
ABS standard on both UK and 98 Spec cars, optional on JDM 96 Spec
 Wheels & Tyres
15-inch 10-spoke 5-lug alloys
15-inch 8-spoke 4-lug alloys
16-inch 10-spoke 5-lug alloys
(195/55 R15)
(195/55 R15)
(215/45 R16)
 Dimensions & Weight
 Length / Width / Height
4400mm / 1705mm / 1320mm
4400mm / 1705mm / 1335mm
 Maximum Speed
145mph (233kph)
Limited to 112mph (180kph)
0-60mph 6.5 seconds
0-60mph 6.2 seconds
* Estimated performance.

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