The S2000 was launched in April 1999, a purposeful introduction of a high powered roadster to celebrate Honda’s 50th Anniversary.
Compared to other small sports cars on sale from various manufacturers at the same time, the S2000 offered savage power courtesy of the F20C VTEC engine mated to a RWD setup. With the engine mounted behind the front axle to support near perfect 50/50 weight distribution and power ranging (depending on what market the vehicle was sold in) from 237 - 250PS and 207-218NM of torque, the setup of the car was not for the faint hearted with many an unsuspecting new driver finding their first experience of oversteer via the taut chassis and lack of a traction control system. The S2000 was designed to be a true driver’s car from day 1 of its concept.

2004 model revisions included 17” wheels, newly designed tyres and revised suspension to attempt to tame oversteer while retaining the spirit of the original.

Production of the S2000 ceased in June 2009 with the UK enjoying availability of the runout GT Edition, featuring removable hard top, red leather interior and special Grand Prix White paint.

 Engine Capacity & Type
2.0-litre (1997cc) 16v DOHC i-VTEC inline 4 (F20C)
 Maximum Power
240ps (227bhp) @ 8300rpm
250ps (247bhp) @ 8300rpm
 Maximum Torque
207Nm @ 7500rpm
218Nm @ 7500rpm
6-speed manual
Torsen limited slip differential
300mm Ventilated disc
Solid disc
 Additional Info
 Wheels & Tyres
16-inch 5-spoke 5-lug alloys / later models equipped with 17-inch twin-5-spoke 5-lug alloys
Fr. 205/55 R16 Rr. 225/50 R16 / later models equipped with Fr. 215/45 R16 Rr. 245/40 R17
 Dimensions & Weight
 Length / Width / Height
4133mm / 1750mm / 1270mm
1300kg (Varies depending on spec and options)
 Maximum Speed
150mph (241kph)
Limited to 112mph (180kph)
0-60mph 6.2 seconds
0-60mph 6.0 seconds*
* Estimated performance.

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