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Text Speak

Just to clarify that text speak will NOT be tolerated on this forum. We don't tolerate it and makes the forum a far easier place to find information, and far less stressful in reading posts when proper English is used.

Internet abbreviations are fine such as IMO, IIRC, FFS and so on, but things such as:

kewl (it's the same number of letters FFS!)
/me hugs hes

will not be tolerated.

Hopefully this way we can keep the forum the way it is and not have it fall into the state of many other forums.

We appreciate that new users may be unfamiliar with the forum rules, so the following will be strictly applied:

First offence = warning.
Second offence = message deleted and an infraction.

We'll allow up to 3 deleted messages, after that you'll be banned for a week. When you return, if you still don't learn, you'll be banned for 14 days.

If you then still persist it's a permanent ban.

Signatures & Avatars

The character limit of signatures is 100. Images are allowed, however the following rules apply:

No Animated Images.
Dimensions of image not to exceed 300 x 180 pixels.
Size not to exceed 50 kB.
Keep the image sensible.

Contravention of the above will result in the image being removed by site administration.

Please keep images clean. While the majority of the user base are adults, young people can still browse the forum, so please bear that in mind.

Anything unsuitable will be removed without warning.

Behaviour Towards Other Forum Users

All sorts of topics appear on TRO and in some cases people may disagree with certain views expressed by others. In these cases, we will allow a certain degree of adult discussion, however, if it turns into something that can be constituted by either party as offensive then the Moderators will have no choice but to step in. Personal abuse is simply not tolerated on here, in any way, shape or form.

If you have an issue with a member on the forum then you are to PM a moderator explaining what the problem is. Please be clear and concise with your message and include all details so we can look into it properly.

Street Racing Posts

We all know the capabilities of the Honda R range, so no need to brag about it in public. This behaviour is not endorsed nor condoned on this forum. All post deemed to be of a street racing nature will be deleted and the offender will receive one warning only. If another post appears the member will be banned.

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Posts

Please be aware that is is possible for minors to view this forum. When posting the images or material that could offend under 18's above please identify your thread with NSFW and use common sense when posting.

Pornography, gore and other horrific pictures will be removed immediately as will any other pictures or videos which are deemed by the moderators to be NSFW but not labelled by the thread poster as such.

Forum Traders Rules

First things first, welcome to the Type-R Owners forum.

Registered Traders:

1. There is a dedicated traders section in which each traders, tuners and dealers who are registered with this forum may advertise, post info on new products and contact details.

2. Outside of traders section you may only post advice in the technical sections, for example, Tuning Tips, parts advice etc.

3. If you are specifically asked the price in a tuners thread after offering advice then you can post. But that must NOT be followed with contact details, or anything that can be seen as swaying customers towards your company.

3. NO ADVERTISING of products to be posted in the technical sections, this is what your traders section is for.

4. No contact details to be posted in the technical sections guiding members towards yourselves.

5. No PM'ing members with offers of packages, set-ups, special deals unless contacted first.

6. Any bickering between tuners will not be tolerated.

7. Please feel free to partake in the general activities of the forum as you are part of the community.

8. Registered Traders have the right to open Group Buys without former permission but please try and offer lead times and keep the members informed as much as you can.

9. In order to avoid confusion all traders will be required to show a complete price per item including VAT. You are also to clearly state if delivery is included. You must post a price that the end buyer will pay, with no hidden charges.

10. Tuners may post in the trackday and 1/4mile section with times and advice again.

12. ANY breach of these rules could result in a formal warning, 3 warnings and you have a month ban. Once returned you have no more warnings. One strike and you will receive a permanent ban.

If you want your own section within the traders section, one will be given if you donate to the forum and proactively communicate with members. We have had several cases where members are asking us why traders are not responding to messages. This is not good for your company and is something you should look to avoid. If this case arrises, your status will be removed as will your section if you have one.

Some of these rules might seem harsh but please see them as a way of protecting members' interests.

We reserve the right to change these rules and or add new ones as we see fit. You will be informed of these rule changes as and when. Any new rules added will fall under the same warning status if broken.

The Thanks Feature

The thanks button is intended to thank people for useful information rather than thanking people for kind comments. Please use the button appropriately otherwise your privileges for this function will be removed.

Gaining Access To The Classifieds Sections

It is now a requirement that a user has been a member of this board for 60 days and made at least 50 posts before they are granted permission to create new threads in this section.
This is an automated process and your account is checked once per hour to see if you meet the necessary requirements so if you've only just fulfilled these requirements and you still cannot post, please try again in 60 minutes.

If anyone experiences any problems having already met the above requirements please contact a member of the admin team.

It doesn't matter who you are, you will not be granted permission to post in the classifieds unless you have the above requirements. The administration team on this board have received many private messages with regards to being allowed to post in here. To save you the time, I will now clearly state that we will allow zero exceptions to the rule regardless of the circumstances.

In addition, we don't want to be spending time removing blatant for sale threads from other sections of the forum created by members who don't have the prerequisite requirements to create classified posts and as such, any offences will be dealt with severely and may lead to a temporary suspension being handed out to offenders.

You have been warned, so don't even bother!

Classified Area Rules

Important note to sellers and buyers - please be sensible and careful about the information you choose to give out either publicly or through private messaging, as there are nasty people out there who want to take your money and for sale items.

We cannot be held responsible for any illegal activity by any users posting in this forum, but we will not hesitate to look into anything suspicious. We will alert and cooperate with the relevant authorities where necessary.

Please contact a moderator if you think something is wrong.

We reserve the right to delete any advert or comment we feel inappropriate, without notice.

In line with what a lot of other forums insist on, please ensure that if you are going to post on someone's For Sale thread that your post is not of a derisory nature about an item/description/its price, or likely to negatively affect the sale of the item in question.

What not to do or say:

* "I can buy this for 100 less from so and so"
* "That looks crap - I've got one in much better condition and I paid half that"
* "You're having a laugh aren't you?"
* "Is your name Del Boy? lol!"
* "I'd buy it myself if I had the money"

You can expect comments like these to potentially be removed if they are spotted by a moderator with persistent offenders given a warning/infraction.

What to say:

* "Please can you give us more pics? Specifically a pic of..."
* "What's the history of the item & has it had a lot of use?"

  1. Remember, prospective buyers should always do their own homework when looking at items for sale and decide for themselves if an item is worth the asking price, if the seller and item for sale is genuine, and whether to give out their details.
  2. A firm price must be stated for each item.
  3. Once the sale has been completed please can sellers amend the title with the word 'SOLD' so that a moderator can move said thread in to the sold section.

Cars For Sale Rules

The rules from the Classified Section apply along with the following:
  • You must state a firm asking price for the car.
  • You must state the correct mileage. Please update it as often as possible.
  • You must state whether the car is HPI clear or not. If not then please give details.
  • It is strongly advised to post pictures - ones without will not generate much interest.
  • No links to advertisements.
  • Please remember that this section, and use of this section is free of charge. Do not abuse it.
In order to help both parties with the sale of vehicles within this section, it is now a requirement to layout thread titles as follows:

Make | Model | Year | Colour | Mileage | Price

For example:

Honda Civic Type-R 2004 Milano Red 28,000 9,400

Group Buy Rules

If you are able to offer permanent group buy prices on certain products then please indicate this in the thread title. E.G. AEM V1 Group Buy permanent offer.

Only registered forum traders are allowed to advertise group buys. If you are not registered as a forum trader your post will be removed. Any other individual such as a forum member who wishes to start a Group Buy must seek prior moderator permission.

If the goods you are selling are in stock then please give an accurate delivery time following financial transactions.

If the goods are not in stock and will be ordered on demand please keep shipping and delivery times updated as often as possible.

Deposits are to be requested in the initial thread/post.

If your company is internet based you must not link directly to your website to enhance the Group Buy.

You must not start a Group Buy selling the same products as another Group Buy at the same time creating a GB "war".

Any questions, problems, queries or issues from any trader or member about either starting a GB or a problem with a GB please contact a moderator or administrator.

Normal forum users who have been granted permission to start a group buy form a moderator are asked that they use the post registration feature in order to track who has put their names down effectively. If you are unsure how to do this please ask a moderator.

Any questions, problems or comments then please get in touch with a member of the moderating team.

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