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    Honda EP3 clutch replacement

    OEM Exedy
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    Honda EP3 clutch replacement

    I'm running an Exedy on my EP3 - 242bhp for 13k miles it's fine...
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    EP3 - Bogging down issue on track

    Tom of TGM (Honda race specialist in Fleet) told me you don't need a baffled sump on clockwise circuits (which most are in the UK) just add and extra 1/2 litre of oil, It has worked for me on my EP3 for 6 years and many track-days. what exactly do you mean "bogging down" ? not revving, no VTEC...
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    Idling Issue with bouncing Revs

    Hi, try clamping the Idle air assist pipe, whilst the engine is running squeeze with pliers, if it fixes it, buy one of these...
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    Ep3 Drop links geo question

    Drop links swap shouldn't affect the geo...
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    EP3 Idle unstable.

    Try this, the air assist idle valve gets a bit lazy and doesn't close properly air leaks extra air in, Take the cover off the injectors (the grey shield with i-VTEC on) on the right side there is a black pipe coming from the air assist idle valve going to the manifold, get a pair of pliers and...
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    Can't help but notice....

    But I notice Chris's FD2 R made it ....;););)
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    Can't help but notice....

    Hi, I can't help but notice, the new site banner at the top is missing something, the best ever TYPE R (IMHO) ;) , so is this an over site by admin ? I refer of course to the EP3 ....
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    K20A2 DIY Rebuild - How Hard Can It Be?

    I think consider the cost, there are many K20 engines around available with a history, most at a price less than it'll cost you to rebuild your engine, your engine will need to be completely stripped, crank regrind, new main & big end bearings, water pump etc, if the cam chain, guides...
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    SNAPPED DRIVESHAFT EP3 - Anyone used www.jandrcvjoints for driveshafts?

    Here's pictures of the snapped driveshaft
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    Tuning - does it make a real difference?

    I've got similar set-up but with a decat running 240 ish, you might need an MFactory diff and the "difference" :D is night and day
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    SNAPPED DRIVESHAFT EP3 - Anyone used www.jandrcvjoints for driveshafts?

    Hi, anyone ... Quality, fitment, durability & price of J & R? I need a left driveshaft as mine has snapped, rusted through on the harmonic balancer (collects water and as a result rusts the shaft), although it is 18yrs old. I would prefer Honda OEM, but they're mega money, Tegiwa do a...
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    4 different bosch batteries to choose from
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    MOT pass, but....

    That is the correct one, although I bought a good secondhand one, It'll take about an hour ish, with no problems, air filter needs to be removed, removing and refixing the heat shield which attaches to the strut, Oh and the correct tools straight cut sockets (hex), heat & penetrating oil maybe...
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    Tie rods and camber

    The tie rods (AKA track rods & track rod ends) don't affect or adjust the camber, although the toe in/out (Steering geometry) will need to be reset if you do indeed apply negative camber to the front of your EP3. To give negative camber you'll need these...