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2020 members cars calendar

so, just a thought
Has there ever been a type r owners members calendar?
Ive seen lots of pics of members cars on here that would make a great calendar
Theres probably enough models now to have a different one every month
Would be even better if we could bribe a young hottie to splatter herself over the bonnet for pics :lol:
Id buy one
Like i said, just a thought, mmmmmmm
hahaha based on the fact that not many men or women over 40 hold umbrellas at bsb or walk round a boxing ring with round boards id have to decline that 1 :)
and the short shorts would make my eyes water :eek:
Get Miss Vengeance on the case!

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Great idea EP3 Newb :D
And she owns a type r and is a member
What could we bribe her with?
Exclusive modelling rights to tro.co.uk to add to her portfolio
And a free calendar :)
All we need now is someone who works in a printer and is handy with photoshop and its on :eek:
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