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Hi Guys, this is my first post..... from next Tuesday I’ll be a proud owner of a CTR SPORTLINE with interior carbon fibre pack. I really liked the GT too.... but being 50 and under pressure from the wife i stuck with the former in metallic grey. Really can’t wait...

When I pick up the motor up I’ll be asked if I want the usual high commission extras. Such as gap and wheel / tyre insurance, extended warranty etc Have many of you guys gone for the 5 year dealer servicing package? Any special extras worth getting / requesting?

Out of around 15 cars, 3 being bought brand new, 10 have been either a civic, prelude or accord... this is my first type R.

Thanks for you thoughts..
The dealership threw in the service package, but I would have bought it anyway, purely for the money saved. I invested in wheel/tyre insurance myself.
Definitely get the service pack but do not go for any lifeshine type products as they are a complete rip off! You are better of just getting a professional detailer to put protection on the car.

Personally I'd avoid all other insurance type services from a dealer apart from the service plan as they always query a claim anyway.

Enjoy your lovely new car

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Get the 5 year service package and Gap insurance, but make sure its a return to invoice insurance, the one I got from Honda is 3 years an was £279.

I wasted my money on Lifeshine and have since had it ceramic coated by Alpha detailing, the car looks amazing now compared to how it was when I picked it up.

Well done on your purchase!!
Thank you... think I made a mistake with lifeshine and accepted a £250 ‘deal’. I may have time to cancel it. Two questions re ceramic...
1\ is it easy enough to ceramic over lifeshine (if it’s too late), or does it need to be polished out?
2\ have you experienced any issues with resolving scratches on ceramic coated paintwork?

thanks again...
£250 isn't a terrible price for life shine, I just found that the car wasn't finished to the level I expected... really swirly on the black gloss trim areas (pillars and spoiler/wing). They just slap it on in the dealership and I'm not convinced it lasts very long, they sell it to you as I'm sure the salesman gets a cut.

Yes the life shine had to be removed before the ceramic coating could be applied. But I'd expect that any detailer would do this as they'll usually do a paint correction before ceramic coating.

Scratches... so I bought the car brand new in September 2020, had it ceramic coated in February 2021... the black gloss areas are already swirly because they are so soft even a light touch will mark them. Rory from Alpha detailing in Sevenoaks was keen to PPF the black bits and also other vulnerable parts of the car but I didn't have 2k kicking about to get this done.

I'm a little OCD but haven't spotted any swirls in the actual paint after the ceramic coating and I have washed it a few times since.

I settled on ceramic coating £550 with wheels and arches included for an extra £150. The car looks amazing and the paint is a million times better than it was after life shine... its got a lot of sparkle in it that wasn't there before. If you've got the money I would recommend PPF and ceramic coating but that would be over 2k... I can only dream.

Ceramic coating compared to lifeshine is like comparing a Pigeon to an Eagle, however ceramic coating isn't self cleaning and isn't going to stop stone chips so it had limitations....

I am super happy with the ceramic coating, gives the car and the trims (lower carbon ones included) the wet look.... its literally pornographic now!
now my head is whirring round..... would the detailer typically resolve any deep scratches if it penetrates the coating? I appreciate you probably can’t just run some polish over it...
Any special maintenance? Does your detailer need to check it over say every year?
I read tnat ceramic coating might be more prone to hard water spots... any truth in that? I occasionally work overseas and might not be around with a cloth.... asking the neighbour or missus might be pushing it .

I’ll ring a local detailer tomorrow.
I'm not too sure, you're definitely best asking a professional. From my experience so far I'm properly happy with ceramic coating compared to lifeshine and if I was buying a new car again I would definitely get ceramic done rather than the dealer option. But ideally for maximum protection PPF with ceramic coating is the best option.


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Just to let you know that we offer a 12 month product called Total Loss Protection. Whilst it's not exactly the same as your traditional GAP insurance we feel for some customers it can make a cost effective alternative.

Please feel free to take a look if you wish.