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EP3 Alarm Problems

So ive been using this post to repair thekeyless entry system on my 05 plate ep3 type r and i had the same problem as Shoonk the alarm will program by turning the car on 4 times and press the fob to get into the programming mode but when i turn the car off get out and lock the car via the fob still the alarms not locking or dont anything at all.

So i replaced the keyless entry module but still the same thing!

So i got the service manual and was looking at the modules for the alarm, I saw theres a module to look for the key inserted into the ignition barrel, its easy to test unplug the module on the ignition column its got two wires in a 6 wire plug disconnect the plug and test the alarms function and bingo the alarms fully fuctional.

thanks for the info.

Below is a photo of the module that ive replaced

View attachment 11943
Hi just about the module you replaced did you need to get it coded or anything or did you just fit it and it worked . I'm having a similar problem with my 05 ep3 the alarm keeps going off if I lock my car and go to open it den a short time after alarm starts again. Thanks