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EP3 EP3 gear advise


I have started to notice at a higher speed shifting from 2nd-3rd that its needs some extra guidance to get into gear. This is the same going down the gears and again, 3rd-2nd but do notice a slightly from 4th-3rd.

I have read that this could be synchro's? Does the above sound right and how much would something
Have the clutch been replaced at anytime? What is the mileage of the car?

If it is a high mileage example and has never had any evidence of the clutch being replaced, I would go down that route first.

Otherwise, yes it could be synchro related but that is an expensive repair, gearbox out job.

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Clutch replacement still isnt cheap though but I do know it hasn't had a new clutch and its the original.

Just wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms.
Sounds like the clutch to me, they go from anywhere between 40-80k depending on how it's been driven. Used to be able to get a new one fitted for £450 from memory, not cheap but not S2000 cost and it will be significantly cheaper than replacing synchros for sure. And it'll be night and day better.
I would get the clutch done, if I remember I replaced mine around 80k as the pedal travel was low and when cold felt not quite right, new clutch and it has been great since, a friend fitted mine though so got a genuine clutch kit and mates rates worked out cheaper for me.

Even though a clutch can be expensive to change as said it's cheaper than getting the box open.

You have to remember these cars are getting on and they all need a bit of tlc now to keep them in good condition.

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When you say "extra guidance" is the gear lever/linkage loose or sloppy so not quite as positive as it should be or does it "snick" i.e crunch between gears ?