Fk2 type r gear shifter creak

Hi everyone

wonder if you can help, I noticed the other day that when the car is warm and been driving for let’s say an hour out and about. Changing from 1st gear to second and second to first you feel and hear a slight creak. Only way I can describe it is it feels like if It’s under the gaiter the part that stops it going to the left endlessly , it’s as if it goes over too far to the left and is rubbing on something. When the cars doing small journeys you feel nothing and it’s fine. I’m wondering if anyone can help or has any ideas. The cars only done 40k miles and I’vehad new gearbox oil 5 months ago before it needed it and there was no excess swarf on the sump plug.

thank you to anyone that helps I’ve only had the car 6 months and love it
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