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FK8 Tyres (20" Wheels)

Hi All,

Wonder if anyone can assist? I hit a pot hole a few days ago and its tore a hole in my back tyre. It's been repaired by a garage and appears fine but sooner rather than later i'm going to have to get new tyres.

When i bought the car second hand,it had the Continental Contact Sport 6s on the back and Dynamo tyres on the front.

Thinking of replacing all tyres and getting the Contact Sport 7s but i'm worried about wear rate as I've seen a few reviews saying the wear is not great but a bit better than the Contact Sport 6s. Either that or the Pilot Sport Tyres but I'm not sure.

To be fair, I don't do a lot of miles, maybe 8 or 9 thousand a year and I don't track the car. But with the state of these roads, i'm worried about them getting worn/damaged quicker.

I've got the stock 20"rims in the car also.

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I've done a bit of a price comparison and this is what I have so far...

The Continental Sport Contact 7s are coming in at £977.57 (using discount code) on National Tyres.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4s are coming in at £983.92 from Costco.

The only difference between the two is the Contact 7s have a Rim Protector but it's not a huge deal I guess.

Think I'm leaning towards the Pilot Sport 4s just now but will have a proper think about it :)
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Be aware that the Michelins have a squarer/more traditional shoulder as opposed to the stretched look of say the Sport Contact 6 ;)

Here are the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S on my FK2 (at the time) albeit in 19" form :p

Alternatively these have just come up for sale :cool:

Click on the pics to enlarge...choices,choices :p

They look great on the car, thanks for the pics, much appreciated!

I'm leaning towards getting the Michelins now lol

They are expensive but think they will look good on my FK8 :)

I take it you've had no issues with them? Saw something a while back about the pressure sensor and mileage reading being off with them? Or is that just nonsense lol?
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TBH every Type R I've ever had has been plagued with phantom TPMS warnings ⚠️

To be clear those aftermarket 18" Bola wheels/tyres in the link aren't mine :p

I see the link has been removed now anyway ;)

Only ever had the Michelins on my FK2 :)

With my FK8 I just stuck with the Sport Contact 6 as they were cheaper than the Pilot Sport 4 S a few years back LOL :p

These days the 19" tyres on my BMW are much cheaper at around £170 each :cool:

Good luck with whatever you decide :D
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Have you considered upgrading the tyre size to 255/35/20? works out cheaper and wont have to worry about pot holes as much.
No I was advised by a Honda dealer a while ago not to change the recommended Tyre profile for my car, so I didn't think much about other profile sizes.
The really sensible option is to move to 18" rims & 45 series tyres. I have never had a puncture or damaged wheel in 4.5 years & 31,000 miles. The tyres are much cheaper too.
The really sensible option is to move to 18" rims & 45 series tyres. I have never had a puncture or damaged wheel in 4.5 years & 31,000 miles. The tyres are much cheaper too.
I was thinking of down sizing my alloys eventually yes but not just now. Maybe next year I will do that.