Fn2 Servicing and Modification - Hertfordshire

Got back into Type R ownership with a Black FN2 a couple weeks back. Previously had EP3 30th Anniversary so great to get the VTEC magic again. After years of diesel company cars good to have the wail again.

Looking at couple changes an updates to FN2:
- HKS induction kit
- Bulbs, seems prior owner fitted one halogen in place of the HID bulb, so that'll get changed.
- Brakes, likely going down the 'YellowStuff' route as current the lack a bit of feel and it'll be used for autotests.
- Suspension update, just as refresh mainly for the autotests - any recommendations
- ECU update
- Exterior, tempted with seeker spoiler as quite subtle but decent.
- Clutch pedal squeak, done the forum minor fix of greasing it but what actual part needs changing here?

Any recommendations of performance garages in Hertfordshire for Type R modifications? Looking at up North at TDI North as near family but bit of hassle so wondered if any known decent ones to look at? Being a newbie back into type R ownership I'm learning all again.
welcome back to the light
unless you want to go coil over route I'd suggest replacing all the shocks with OEM replacements from Sachs.
I've done that recently and it has made it feel better on the road, did do top mounts, spring bearings, drop links and ARB bushes at the same time though.

Midland Car spares (autopartstechnik.co.uk) are UK Sachs distributors so their prices are good.
TGM in Fleet have always been fantastic on my cars. A 4 hour round trip for me but always found Tom to be excellent.
he replaced my shocks for me and can source all the parts at good rates usually too. Pedal squeak, good luck with that! I never did manage to resolve mine properly. From memory it’s something to do with some sort of plastic shim that breaks away or something like that but you can’t source one in its own if I remember rightly.
Thanks DavidPingu, I'll keep spraying it with grease then - lasts about 6weeks or so. I'll google TGM as well, though the M25 past heathrow may veto that idea for me!
Sorry that I can't put in any specific advice, but changing the brakes is definitely something I can agree with. Mine have always been stock and always feel lifeless, even when all the discs/pads have been replaced. You are also better off without the OEM calipers as they are prone to seizing. I replaced my front ones with OEMs but only because I was always anal about keeping the car original, but prior to that I had one side seize and warp a disc, then the other seize a year later and the excessive heat from it cracked all the lacquer on the wheel. I may be wrong (I often am!) but I think the originals were aluminium and replacements were actually cast-iron so maybe the issue was recognised by Honda or Nissin and the metal changed accordingly.