PRL intake and Miltek exhaust for a 2020 FK8.

Hi all,

Cant do a search on PRL as the search term is too short and I can see no mention of PRL in the 1st few pages of this sub forum, so just wondering if anybody on here as a PRL high volume intake?

Im not after power gains and am not looking at a remap, I just want the car to sound better. On YouTube the PRL intake seems good, I like the sound and price doesn’t seem to bad, TDI North also stock and fit it so I can buy from a UK company who can also fit it. Anybody on here got one, thoughts, opinions ETC.

Secondly (but similar to my 1st point) I would like to get a cat back exhaus, again, not looking for power gains just after a better sound. I would also like it to look as stock like as possible, so had found a Miltek Road+ part resonated exhaust ( I hate the rasp of the non resonated version, and the full resonated sounds too quiet), they also do 3 exit pipes in black or polish so almost identical to the stock FK8.

Anybody got an opinion on that, or offer an alternative?

I don’t want super quiet (like stock) but I don’t want super rasp or loud either, just a low down deep tone.

Cheers all.