Steering twitching and eps fault

Hello, new member long time civic owner..

Come from a 2.2 to an 09 type r gt.. however the past 6 months on and off ive had an issue with the steering thats getting worse and more frequent.

It started when it was below 0, start the car no power steering and steering light on, ignition off and on fixed it, happened a few more times then went away, then one day wheelspin in the wet, power steering went and light came on, same thing ignition off and on fixed it.

Fast forward, driving along and completely random the steering would get a little heavier and suddenly twitch to the left..not a massive amount but if I let go of the wheel it will put me across 3 lanes pretty fast.

Doesn't happen all the time but when it does it takes a prolonged period of ignition off to fix it.. also when at a standstill if I turn the wheel it grinds and feels really notchy and you can hear it grinding when its playing up, when its not playing up its light and smooth, sometimes it'll grind feeling notchy then the power steering goes and light comes on..any ideas?

I did purchase a new eps module but ill be damned if I can get the bolts out the old is burried!

Any tips?

Passed mot in October no advisories but was doing this before then.

Tyres were new in October, tracking was also done in October mileage only 63k
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Update: after forever hating it... set about changing eps module today, noticed my battery terminal was barely on but I knew it was loose, got sleeves for it ready to fit.. then I thought back to when it happened first...checked old messages and it started just after I fitted a new sub in the boot, so the terminal must have been tight before and just not making a great connection the entire time! Fitted sleeve and went for a drive for half hour no issues... feel silly now


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I was going to suggest having a look at the battery before I read your follow up post.