What did you do to your Type R today?


Not really 'today' but recently.. new wheels, Bola B2R with semi-slick tyres, Mugen front inserts and re-fitted my Forge intercooler
I like those Mugen inserts but read they interfere with the sensors that sit in that area on the one side. Did you have that issue or is it a GT model specific problem?
Well apart from they're copies so had to use my own fixing bolts as the ones supplied where a little short but otherwise had no issues at all.
They sit above the sensor area so can't see how they would interfere with anything?
Just found it again here: https://tdi-north.store/collections/mugen/products/mugen-front-bumper-garnish-honda-civic-type-r-fk8

Something to do with the crash sensor? Do you mind me asking where you got yours? Were they prepainted like the genuine ones are?
They fit over the fake mesh and not the flat part that has 'do not paint' on it. I've had zero issues since fitting :)
Yeah the Mugen ones have painted options too but these don't. The ones I bought are unpainted so I just painted them myself with rattle cans. Easy enough to do tbh considering the cost,
I paid about £110 ish and about £25 for primer / paint
Here's a link of the ones I have:-


Brand new Civic sport + same as the wife's car and cash my way, deal was a no brainer when you factor in the cheaper running / maintenance plus the fact the poor quality seat fabric in the R that I had booked in to be redone in real leather and the simple fact all I use the car for is to drive to work, work purposes and then back home and never use it at weekends.
So the main reason for off loading the FK8 was the poor quality of the seat fabric and Honda's refusal to take ownership of this. I did have it booked in to have both front seats done in Italian leather but when I noticed the usual Brembo lacquer peal enough was enough the love was lost and I got the Sport +.

Well fast forward 2 and half years and the ombudsman has finally ruled on my complaint against Honda Finance that the car was supplied faulty / unsatisfactory quality under the consumer goods act 2015, the ombudsman upheld both complaint for parking sensor fault which when I traded the car there was no fix and drivers seat fault for excessive and premature wear and awarded me my deposit for the car back £10549 + 8% interest back dated to Dec 17 and £50 for the error in the letter they sent.

More information here and this was basically a group I set up in response to Honda UK telling me to do one and if it helps one owner get their car put right then the group is worth it but for sure on my own experience I knew I was right and Honda should sort it but they refused and basically told me if not happy contact the ombudsman. Well I did and I won, its long winded and takes a long time but when I only put in a claim for £2k and come out with £13,699.54 then it proves I was right and Honda has paid the price of fobbing me off. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HONDAWarrantyClaims