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Thread: K&N performance oil filter

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    Default K&N performance oil filter

    Hi guys, wondering if any can give me some help/or possibly a link to a KN oil filter for a 53 plate EP3 (facelift). I'm going to be servicing my car at the weekend and am looking into getting one of their oil filters. I'm buying all my stuff from opie oils so if a link can be provided on there that'll be more convenient but anything will help! Thanks in advance.

    Bonus points if anyone can provide a discount code related to CTRO

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    I've not heard of many people using k&n filters, most recommended seems to the Hamp filters. Either the standard or shortie version, which is supposed to increase oil pressure but not sure how true that is. I always run Hamp myself, which I'm pretty sure opie sells as well.

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