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Thread: Keyless relay attack

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowboy573 View Post
    Could it be reprogrammed so that once the key is out of range, or in this case the signal is lost, then the car would cut out?

    I've heard people say it can be done on my swift. That needs a key nearby to open door and start it, but if the key then goes out of range it just keeps running, but some people change it so once key is out of range it cuts out the engine.
    Had this on an audi I had from work. Dropped a mate off and then drove around 10 miles home and was still running, he had the key in his pocket.
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    With any keyless starting vehicle, once started, it will run without the key present until the ignition is switched off. This is so the vehicle doesn’t turn off unexpectedly potentially causing you to be stranded or worse causing an accident.
    Most systems now will put warning messages on the dash/make noises when the key is no longer present.


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